The Journey of the Yellow House of Wholeness

The Journey of The Yellow House of Hope, Healing & Wholeness

One of the forgotten faces of God, that the Lord deeply desires to reveal to us, is His nature as the God of Hope–in all of life. This has been my personal life-long journey of discovery. I grew up in a great family of love; however tragedies happened. My faith and biblical roots were not deep enough, which made it difficult for me to pour my love on God and live in hope and joy on a practical level. This began to change as the Lord began to speak to me about focusing on true hope in Him.

True hope takes us on a journey of seeing God’s goodness in all of life. True hope embraces us in a hug of hope and never lets us go. True hope changes all things in the most practical ways. Most importantly, true hope develops our relationship with the Man of Hope, Christ Jesus. This journey of hope is a prophetic call to discover Jesus.

Through my personal journey of hope, the Lord has begun to reveal to me that He is bringing forth hope reformers and champions of life all across the world.

Hope Reformers

The Lord has shown me an army of believers who He is developing into hope reformers. These reformers are being called forth as champions of life to champion hope and faith in their cities and nations. They are each on their own personal journeys of hope, but will impact the world with the force of hope that is stronger than fear, despair and doubt.

These reformers are to help strengthen and solidify fifty million other Christians on the route to rebuilding cities that would love God well. Together these Christians, mentored by the hope reformers, will reclaim homes, churches, and geographical areas with a vision of God’s goodness. Whole cities and nations will be saved through this vision of hope.

Hope beyond Circumstances

The hope reformers saw beyond the present circumstances. They wore “hope looking glasses” and perceived life through lenses of God’s eternal goodness. They would experience the “good God” and they would cherish and delight in Him in all of life. They would have hope in hopeless situations. They would overcome the giants of hopelessness with the God of Hope. They also brought others on a journey of hope versus letting them walk down the road of despair. They would walk out the reality of Romans 5:5 with a hope that does not disappoint, even in the midst of the discouragement because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts.

Types of Hope

Many years ago I had a dream of young people diving into shallow waters and it was killing them. I believe it was a picture of how devastating it is to dive into shallow waters in God and I have made it my life goal to help people dive into “deeper waters” in the knowledge of Him. I have had continual dreams about different types of hope that are deep wells of God. There is an invitation to dive deep into hope in God in these arenas of life:

  1. Song of Solomon 1:3 – Hoping in God
  2. Song of Solomon 1:8 – Hoping in People
  3. Song of Solomon 3:2 – Hoping in God in the City
  4. Song of Solomon 8 – Hoping in God in the Next Generation

A Hope that's Stronger than Death

I believe cultivating these different types of “hope in God” in your life will enable you to have a love and a hope that is a seal set upon your arm that is stronger than death. Song of Solomon 8:6

Introduction to the Yellow House of Wholeness

In 2002, the Lord gave Bob Hartley a series of dreams in which He was holding Bob's hand and there was a beautiful yellow house in front of them. There was an invitation in it – a sense of knowing that if he chose to enter, there would be a great wholeness that would be developed within him. Over the years, the Lord added to the dreams and added different rooms to this yellow house. (There are many rooms within this Yellow House of Wholeness – rooms that have a special healing purpose, but today is just an introduction and overall picture.)

The Lord spoke to Bob and shared that while he was being healed as a reformer and made whole, others would see his process and become healed and whole as well. It's no mistake that the Lord chose the house to be “yellow”.

Yellow is the color of friendship, it's joyful, bright and inviting. Wholeness is our inheritance! It is an empowering process to enable us to be how He originally intended. Hopeful! Joyful! Full of Love for ourselves and others. How He has always intended us to be! (Photo via Pinterest)

Psalm 61:5 in the Passion Translation says, “You have heard my sweet resolutions, to love and serve You, for I am Your beloved. And You have given me an inheritance of rich treasures. Which You give to all Your lovers.”

He bids us in a beautifully tantalizing way to come in and experience this process of wholeness with Him. He beckons us with excited, laughing eyes because He knows that if we will yield to what He is wanting to do, we are becoming all that He designed us to be. In this season of inheritance, the Lord is inviting reformers to go into this “yellow house of wholeness”. It is a place in Him where we will be upgraded in our love and in our face-to-face knowledge of Him.

The yellow house is a place where He will give us a love for people to the point that we hope in them and help them put their crowns on and never take them off. A place where He gives you a love for life, where the toil of the transformation/reformation process turns into sweetness. Where He gives us a fresh love for the planet, where we hope in those unto God like in Jeremiah 32 and 33 – an indomitable hope – a hope that doesn't let go or give up on another.

Beginning the Journey of the Yellow House

As we choose to embark on this journey with the Lord, He is reminding us that He is with us and has our hands tightly in His. Still, as we walk toward the yellow house, He says that we still may feel a slight sense of trepidation – even though it is appealing and enticing, the own fissures in our hearts can skew the view of who He is and how He wants to heal us.

Let Him speak to you about the process. Look into His joyful, tender eyes. Put your childlike, trusting hand into His capable, loving one. Let your heart come into alignment with Heaven. “Walk with Me and work with Me,” as He invites us in Matthew 11:28-30. “Watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with Me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly.”

Key Statements the Lord Shared

The Lord spoke several key statements to Bob as he started walking towards the yellow house, and decided to embrace the process. The Lord said, “I want your change to be out in the open; this is an upgrade. Please know that you are not ‘in trouble'. You are far better than you know!” He continued on to say, “Bobby, I want you to eagerly anticipate this process. There is an excitement in becoming whole; this is play therapy. I will give you a love for repentance and a desire to turn to My ways.” (See 2 Corinthians 7:10-11.) “You will sorrow with hope.”

As We Go through the Journey

The journey of the yellow house is a journey into each of our hearts. There is a significant importance to the posture we have before we choose to enter in. The Lord desires a humility, a childlike trust and willingness for Him to be the Potter and us the clay. He longs for that yielded readiness to let Him take over and touch upon woundedness within us. For us to be open and to have Him look upon all the compartments of our heart.

If we have tremendous love for Jesus, we can grab on tightly and look into His eyes, and He will give us the grace to dance upon the difficult places. The Lord shared with Bob that, “A reformer's pain is a unique pain and must be treated and healed in a novel way.” Some of the most beautiful hearts are closed up and are not able to release the beauty within because of fissures within them.

We are not to feel the pain and then get stuck in it, but we feel it in order to identify it and heal it, and then help others through the process. Correction never leads to change without understanding. He first comforts us, then takes us by the hand and counsels us, then guides us into glory.

The Call

Zechariah 9:12 says, “Return to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope. Even today I declare that I will restore double to you.” We are all called to be “prisoners of hope” – confidently expecting God to move in goodness for us. The journey of the Yellow House of Wholeness beckons each of us. We are all called to be hope reformers in these days, and He desires that we would be complete, lacking in nothing.

In the months to come, I will share on the specific rooms that the Lord has shared within the yellow house, but for now think upon this: One person who goes through this journey of the yellow house and comes out on the other side could reform the earth – as one who knows Him and is whole will shine like the stars and light up the whole planet and put others on their right path (see Daniel 12:3).

— Bob Hartley