The Yellow House is a Place Where…



This is a place where:

  • healing, wholeness and development for reformers will happen.
  • we get a healed and expanded of view of Him, ourselves and one another.
  • our dreams and royal plans are healed and they advance in hope.
  • our thinking is transformed and our minds become palaces of golden thoughts.
  • people's pains are healed and past pains and traumas melt off.
  • we know God loves us and we become free from fear and shame.
  • Jesus is our wonderful counselor and comforter.
  • rivers of living water flow out from our hearts (John7:38)
  • you will see there is nothing wrong with you.
  • you realize how delighted God is in you, in the midst of the process, not just when you produce an end result.

 Friendship & Marvelous Comrades

This is a place where

  • friends can be with each other and be themselves.
  • Jesus will be seen as the God of Hope.
  • the Joyful God dwells, an unpretentious place where growth occurs.
  • genuine friendship with God and where we experience the Playful God.
  • we will know God who looks at us and says “I am kind and I am enough.”
  • we become to allergic to any counsel that doesn't come from Jesus.
  • your feet will be oiled by Jesus and by one another.
  • we love to break bread together.

 Destiny & Design

This is a place where

  • the master plan comes forth and you receive His blue print for your life. 
  • true development of people's original design comes forth.
  • we never give into to dank emotions, but where hope and joy guide the way.
  • you are safe and where you become more than you could ever imagine.
  • you hear His voice in hope.
  • you meet the face of Jesus in comfort and you learn how to sorrow with hope.
  • the young get a future and the old get a hope (Jeremiah 29:11).
  • the sweetest of friendships are experienced
  • sweet communion and counsel.

Hearts & Minds Renewed

  • we get bigger hearts.
  • wild celebrations come forth and we bubble up with joy.
  • He holds your face and delights in you because of who you are to Him.
  • we become overflowing wells of His presence.
  • your worst day will be turned into your best day.
  • appreciative memories fill our minds like golden thoughts.
  • you walk the path of love and appreciation.


The Rooms of the Yellow House