Rooms of the Yellow House

1 – His Heart's Desire Room

In the first room of the Yellow House our hearts are positioned rightly for the journey ahead. The purpose of this room is to love, value, appreciate and adore the heart of Jesus. In this room, we learn how to love God well and listen to what is on His Heart. We spend time with Him as a friend and begin to love what He loves by taking the time to draw near and listen. Listening to someone's heart is one of the greatest acts of love, and this is what we get to do with God in this room.

Corners of the Room:

  • Corner #1: His heart's desire is… me

  • Corner #2: Hope for Cities & Nations

  • Corner #3: Listening to God's Heart

  • Corner #4: Friendship with God

  • Corner #5: Hope in People

  • Corner #6: Partner with God

  • Corner #7: Hope for His Divine Plan

2 – The Love and Forgiveness Room

The main goal of this room is the ability to appreciate the people and experiences that have hurt us the most. This is the room where God recovers all and we become free from the chains that have held us captive and receive a new heart in Him. We learn how to love well even when we aren't loved well.

Corners of the Room:

  • Corner #1: Flipping the Table

  • Corner #2: Appreciation and Blessing

  • Corner #3: Love Hopes All Things

  • Corner #4: Forgive ourselves

  • Corner #5: Forgive God

  • Corner #6: Build a Wall

3 – The Joy Room

In this room, Jesus gives us the invitation to enter into the Joy of His presence where He teaches us how to lift our heads and see the Face of the God of Joy. He holds our face in His hands, looks into our eyes, and tells us who we are to Him and how much He delights in us.

4 – The “Be You” Room

Where God holds up the right mirror and we gain His perspective for ourselves and for others. The number one question God will ask us is ?Did you become you?? In the Be You room, Jesus recovers adn reveals our original design. He tells us who we are to Him and releases freedom and playfulness in relationship with Him. In this room, we know that we know that Jesus delights in us exactly the way we are and desires to bring our hearts into wholeness.

5 – The I Love You Room

Where we become secured in His love for us and spend time soaking in His love for us. We were designed for love and we all need and long to be loved. In this room, we know that we know that we know we are loved by Him and we become unshakeable

6 – The Mixing Board Room

Where we learn to attune to God, to ourselves, to the moment, and to God's feelings about other people. (Jesus was comfortable with every class of people, and He always meets us exactly where we are at). In this Room, Jesus teaches us fundamental social/emotional skills that we may not have learned as children. In order to have healthy relationships with God, ourselves, and others, we first must experience someone attuning to us, which is what Jesus does with us in the mixing board room. He adjusts our wavelengths and fine tunes us to play, sing and live in perfect harmony with Him.

7 – The Hope Hearing Room

Where we learn how to Hear His Voice in Hope and how to Speak the Truth in Love.

8 – The Grief Room

In this room the most painful emotions will come out but they will turn into the sweetest places of hope because we will meet the God of Comfort and learn how to grieve with Him in healthy ways. We don't deny or suppress, and we don't get stuck in pain; we learn how to sorrow with Hope and how to keep our eyes on Him even in the hard times. Dealing with grief is the key to being resilient, having post traumatic growth, being anti-fragile, and growing in our passion and empathy for others.

9 – The Hope Room

Where we learn how to have hope against hope and walk in childlike hope and wonder for all the promises and the goodness of God to come forth in the land of the living.

10 – The Trust Room

Where we learn how to live a life of trusting Him in All Things. As I walked into the trust room, the Lord gave me new eyeglasses, and these new eye glasses gave me the right ‘trust' perspective.

11 – The Courage Room

Where we are equipped through His spirit to have courage in all areas of our life. We have the foundation of trust, and in this room we are given tools to develop our courage. It takes great courage to pursue dreams, speak your truth, to love others, and especially to become who God made you to be. In this room, God becomes our source of strength and courage.

12 – The Wisdom Room

This is the room where we receive His Blueprint for our lives and receive His wisdom on how to walk it out in our lives.

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