Yellow House of Wholeness


Bob Hartley's Encounter:

I had a dream where I saw myself in a hole building the foundation pillar of hope reformation. Jesus came up and told me that before I could build the hope reformation pillar, I needed to build the hope healing pillar. Jesus said, “I am inviting you to go on a journey of intimacy with me where you will not only be healed, but made whole as you experience more of me than you ever have before.” We began walking together up a path and in the distance I saw a big yellow house.

Jesus said, “That is the Yellow House of Hope Wholeness where the journey of healing will take place. Within the walls of its many rooms await encounters with me that will equip you with the upgraded tools you need to bring hope reformation to cities and nations across the earth.”

I was overwhelmed by His invitation, but when I thought of the personal healing processes I had experienced, I didn't want to go there. The only experiences I had with healing were more damaging than helpful. They seemed to focus on rehashing the traumas and weaknesses with a sense of shame, guilt, and depressing heaviness. I wasn't ready to face certain things and didn't want to rehash the traumas.

Jesus, as if reading my thoughts, said

“This isn't going to be heavy, it is going to be like gliding on butter. I am not going to make you feel shameful and guilty, I will comfort you, counsel you, and guide into glory. This healing process isn't going to come by focusing on the past traumas and weaknesses, it will come through knowing you are celebrated, loved, and cared for. You have picked up burdens I never called you to pick up and now is the time for play therapy I want to bring you joy… play therapy where you'll experience me in ways you never have before”.

This process of healing and wholeness will never come through hard, external modification models. It will come through knowing that you're celebrated, knowing that you're loved, knowing that you're cared for. When you know I'm holding your hand, you can walk with Me through this process. It won't be misery, it will be play therapy. You're going to see Me and hear Me in ways you've never had.

I asked Him, Is there that much wrong with me?? He said,

No, there's that much right with you. I'm not fixing you, I'm celebrating you. I won't just be a caretaker of you, I will care for you and your heart. I won't just look after you, I'll look at you and tell you how perfect you are… weaknesses, imperfections and all. This is a house of empowerment, friendship, forgiveness, playfulness, and joy. I am celebrating you through every step of the process, not just when you produce an end result. You need to know that you are OK with me, and if you are OK with me, then you are OK! This is not a spanking, it's an upgrade.


The Yellow House is a place where…