Yellow Houses

    “I am so happy that you are going to go on this journey with me… we are going to have more fun than you could ever imagine!! So come on, what are we waiting for?”

The Yellow Houses are located in St. Catherine's Garden, in South Kansas City. Located in a neighborhood, where Bob Hartley and his four siblings grew up. As a child, Bob remembers the neighbors and going to some of the homes in the neighborhood and asking God to make them places where His glory would dwell. They are now located just a mile or two away from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

The Yellow House is not just a beautiful Spiritual Journey with the Lord. The Yellow House is also a series of vacation rentals managed through Airbnb. You must visit them all.

This Summer of 2018 you're invited to come be restored, refreshed, rejuvenated & recapture your vision! Why not try something new & be re-newed? Spend your next vacation @ One of our Yellow Houses! They’re more than just a beautiful place to lay your head down  . . .

They’re Restoration & Wellness Resorts  & A Place for you to call Home!

Michael Hagerty, our Voice of Hope Team’s Director of Operations & High Performance Coach has designed a plan to install infrared saunas, workout equipment, and much more inside the Yellow Houses for you to enjoy. Come & take in the views from our Porch-swings & just relax & breathe in the fresh air.

View ALL 4 Yellow Houses:

1. The Spacious & Beautiful Yellow House of Peace

2. Bob Hartley’s Yellow House of Joy

3. Hartley’s Yellow House of Wisdom

4. Hartley’s Yellow House of Trust

Below is a brief description of our Yellow Houses. For more information on a specific home, please click on the title of the home.

The Yellow House of Joy – KCMO 

Experience comfort and rest in our clean, inviting home! We are 1.5 miles from IHOPKC and 10-20 minutes from Popular Restaurants, Plaza Shopping, Downtown Kansas City, The Stadium, Overland Park, and more!


The Yellow House of Peace – KCMO

Enjoy a peaceful stay at our spacious, beautiful, newly remodeled home. It is the perfect place for friends, families, church groups, and business gatherings. We can accommodate up to 20 guests with 7 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2 laundry rooms! Conveniently located by 3 interstate highways – I435, I470, and I49 – minutes from major shopping, the stadiums, the plaza, and less than 5 minutes from IHOPKC, YWAM headquarters, and the new Cerner Complex. Amazing Value!

The Yellow House of Trust – KC

This cute two story bungalow has humble outward appearances, but inside its stunning and beautiful for all to see. Recently renovated with hardwood floors throughout, the kitchen.


previewThe Yellow House of Wisdom  – KCMO

Kick back and relax in this beautiful farm style house. Our house of Wisdom has been completely remodeled and furnished with style and comfort. Additionally this home offers top of the line exercise equipment with an infrared sauna (coming soon!)