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The Yellow House (Part 1) with Bob Hartley

Hope Healing Journey

The Yellow House (Part 2) with Bob Hartley

Hope Healing Journey

The Yellow House (Part 3) with Bob Hartley

Hope Healing Journey

The Yellow House (Part 3) with Bob Hartley

Reformation into Healing

I want my life to be all about knowing the heart of God. That I’d see God’s heart and His face, and that I’d love His ways. His benevolence would reign in my life. I wanted to build out reformation, but I believe He has called me into healing first. I really want to go through this wholeness process with Him and get these upgrades, and to get healing from the present pressures.

It Takes Great Courage to Go Through the Process

I asked God, “Is there that much wrong with me?” He said, “No, there’s that much right with you. It takes great courage and stamina to go through the process of growing into the man I’ve called you to be.”  Many have drawn back versus facing the challenges and growing into God’s strength in the area of their weakness

Not Having the I-Don’t Care Spirit

I’ve been in like a wrestler mode – in situations where I didn’t feel loved, I’d have the I-don’t-care spirit. God said I can’t have the I-don’t-care spirit. I got to love well when I’m not loved well, and to hope in people even when they don’t hope in me.

He told me: “I won’t just be a caretaker of you – I’ll be a carer of you.  I won’t just look after you – I’ll look at you. I won’t just fix you – I’ll celebrate you.  If you are okay with Me, then you are okay.”

It Takes a Heart of Innocence to Believe You are Perfect in My Sight

Just knowing that He wants to celebrate my weakness, looking at my gift of imperfections, and just love my uniqueness. He told me I’d go from the Romans 7 man, where I’m always wrestling with the rights and wrong, to the Romans 8 man, where nothing can separate me from His love. He said, “It takes a heart of innocence to believe you are perfect in My sight. Then, you can face anything and grow because you are already secure in My arms.”    Psalm 73 – First, I comfort you. Then, I counsel you, and guide you into glory.

Knowing I’m Loved, Celebrated, and Cared for

“It will never come through modification model of the outcome of Bob Hartley / Holden Castanza. It will come through knowing that you’re celebrated, knowing that you’re loved, knowing that you’re cared for. Then, when you know I’m holding your hand, then you can walk with Me into these upgrades. It won’t be misery; it will be play therapy. It will be a joyful growth.”

I have looked at the healing process and said I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to rehash traumas, rehash my weaknesses.  There’s been this hide because I’m hurt, and I feel like harshness is going to come, where God is the exact opposite. He said that kindness comes and care comes.

Overcoming Negation

I’ve had negation – I don’t celebrate the day-to-day victories. I’m just looking for the ultimate reality..

Major changes happen sometimes, but if I don’t see God’s goodness in the land of the living and celebrate it, then the enemy begins to negate it. It’s always the “more spirit.” More, more, more.. Proverbs 30:15 says, “A leech has two daughters: “More, More!”

Grieving with Hope

I asked, “Is there something wrong with me? Is there a reason why I have to go through the process?” I didn’t want to grieve.  There’s things I didn’t want to face. Grieving with hope, He said, is one of the greatest forms of love to identify with the pains of another and the pain that I caused another, as long as God is holding my hand. Grieving is also one of the greatest ways to identify with His heart and the way He feels.

He said, “I’m really happy we are going to go on this journey together.”

Sometimes I Have to Leave to Find Hope

Found out that – sometimes I have to leave to find hope, to change my present circumstances to find hope, to get out of the old operating system I was in…

He said, “You picked up brooms I never told you to pick up. I just want to bring you the joy, bring you into play therapy,  and talk to you about your heart.  You’re going to see Me and hear Me in ways you’ve never had.”

From the Revelatory Side into the Relational Side

I couldn’t tune to people in the present, couldn’t listen to them or hear them… My analytical side kicked in. My visionary side kicked in. My revelatory side kicked into such a level that it shuts down my relational circuits. It’s impossible to be in that zone for me to always be strategic, thinking ahead, and for me to also be present and relational.

God said, “You stared into My revelatory side. I told you to cover and protect your eyes and peer into My relational side. You got to know the sympathetic Man Christ Jesus and the covenant of mercy first. Revelation will blow the circuits of your mind if you just become a machine and not a man.”

I want to love people and be present with people. I thought it was my assignment. I was moving out of assignment versus relationship. He wanted to change that. God will give me friends who won’t distant themselves but connect and walk with me through life with understanding and me with them.

John 12 – Jesus just wanted to be with His friends. Just wanted to enjoy their company.

God will be a friend through adversity. He says, “I’m gonna show you how I’m there and I care”

Upgraded Love for Life

Upgrade for love for life – I will appreciate life. So that I’m not so focused trying to get through my own pain, but there’s great grace in this time.

Miracles in the mundane – I will see God in what people call the mundane. It will become marvelous as God opens up to me the beauty of the day. I won’t get into that tunnel vision, but I’ll celebrate life because life is a gift.

Change will be private. I’m in a cocoon, and I’ll come out as a butterfly.

A House of Empowerment

It’s a house of empowerment, friendship, healing, playful house. It’s not a house of heaviness, shame, humiliation, condemnation, cynicism, judgment, but great mercy and encouragement and tools to build out a reformer’s heart in life.  The door is clothed in myrrh to this house. Myrrh identifies death: death to things that hurt me. Inside of the room is a garden of great beauty and great growth.

Proverbs 14:14 – A man is satisfied from within. I will not be moved by circumstances but I’ll keep advancing from this secure attachment in God and this confidence in Him.

A Fun Type of Healing

He said, “You would have gone there a long time ago if you knew healing was this fun.”

I always thought it was heavy, depressive, brokenness, shame, guilt. But, He said, “You’re gonna love to repent, love to turn to My ways. I’m a Comforter.” It’s the  kindness of God that leads to change.

There’s a house of joy, forgiveness, and friendship. It’s a place where I’ll grow, like a garden where I’ll come alive. God said, “I’m very excited about this journey that we’re about to go on.”

Upgrade of Love for Life

He said, “You don’t really know how to stop the momentum, and I really want to help you.“

Sometimes I have to change, stop, get new operating system, and get distance. To see and hear Him is to become more relational. It will help my listening.

Upgrade for Love for Life – just had purpose/couldn’t see life. I didn’t have peripheral vision.. Just had mandates. This season I’d see life.