2 Friends on The Yellow House Journey with Bob Hartley & Teri Johnson


6.3.2019 Update from inside the I love You Room

Bob: “We go from being hard-headed into coming near to listen… (Proverbs 4:20) Incline your ear! Listen! Pay attention! Jesus told me, “Are you ready to quit fighting with Me and My Love, and let Me fight for you?”

Teri: “I can’t describe Him!”

5.1.2019 Update from the Be You Room ~ Corner # 1 Mirrors

Bob: The first 5 mirrors God showed me,  Mirror #1 is where we see the reflection of Romans 6 “the wages of sin are dead”

Teri: So when people look at others through this mirror they are dead because of their sins?

Bob: Yes. Then God showed me Mirror #2; the Romans 7 mirror: like when Paul said: “I do the things, I don't want to .  .   .   I hate  .  .  . I wrestle .  .  .”  The # 3 Mirror ~ Romans 8 ~ “nothing can separate us from the Love of God” mirror.

Teri: So in this mirror we view people with the Eyes of God?

Bob: Yes.  But then we go to Mirror #4 ~ The Ezekial 16:3 mirror where someone is abandoned to die, they are polluted with their own blood. And God cleans them and the naked are clothed in God’s Righteousness, not to reveal their nakedness.

Teri: So in this mirror, we see people as when they come into the love of God and progress in Him?

Bob: Yes, there are more mirrors but the last one I’ll tell you about today is the #5 Mirror. This is the Ezekial 37 mirror. This is the mirror when the dust of the dead bones, the ashes turn into beauty.

Teri: Wow! This month is going to be special, spending time with Jesus in the Be You Room, where we find to “Be You” is Be-you-ti-ful!

Bob: Beautiful! I like that!

4.11.2019 Update from The Joy Room

Teri: “Hi Bob, How are you doing today?”

Bob: “I have been exercising my spiritual muscles. I am listening and your healing words have been powerful. The Lord said to tell you not to settle. He said to tell you that negative things that have happened in the past are a sign for You to see that your on His course. Now is the time for you to see fulfillment and you are to remember the promise. You are to remind us all to ask big for the gifts from Him.”

Teri: “Bob, that is a such a good reminder from the Lord for ALL of us! We are to release powerful words of healing to a hurting world! We are to remember and believe His Promises and never ever settle for less than the more that He has for us! The negatives that have happened to us are signs, letting us know that we are on the right track with our Engineer of the Glory Train! He wants us and even more than that, He is exhorting us to believe Him that; It is not the time not to shrink back, NOW is the time to ask BIG of Him!”

Bob: “This week on our Journey of the Yellow House, we are in the third room, the Joy Room, and my devotional time this morning was spent adoring Him with Joy! He told me that He wants to show His Face to us as the Benevolent One! We are to adore our God as our Benevolent One. He’s giving us a real authentic love and friendship for Him and each other. It is time to remember and believe Him for all His benefits. Everything else is temporary. Jesus told me, (and this is for everyone): “Don't lose sleep over grass that has died, that comes back alive!”

Bob: “I kept asking the Lord, Please tell me; How do you want me to love You?”

Jesus: “See and adore Me as the Benevolent One!

Bob: “God loves us as the Benevolent One. We get to love Him back and adore Him with our thanksgiving within the tender friendship that we have with the Lord. I asked Jesus; “How can I give to You?” And Teri, Do you know how He answered me?”

Teri: “No, what did He say?”

Bob: “He said, we give to Him, by receiving from Him!” God absolutely loves it when we behold and adore His Face as our Benevolent One! It’s so very simple and beautiful! As we love and adore Him as our Benevolent One, with a thankful heart, we are able to see His benevolent Hand and receive from Him. He told me to do something personally, but I know it’s for all of us to do .  . . and it is so simple .  .  . He said: “Make decrees that agree with Me!”

Teri: “Please share what it is that He wants you to decree.”

Bob: “Ok, here’s some .  . .  ”

I decree, Who God is!

 I decree, His Nature that He has put inside of me!

 I decree, that He restores everything and makes it better than it has ever been before!

 I decree, the Benevolent One is concerned about everything in our lives, our health, family, friends, and finances. He is going to bless our finances, so that we can in return bless many!

 Teri: “This reminds me  . .  .   We are filled .  .  .to spill, filled to spill!”

Bob: “Yes! And we are to prophesy victory over the mountain that looks so big to us, and tell it to come down! I’m to know who I am and what my birth certificate says! I’m to see my relationship with Him as His closest son!”

Teri: “The Benevolent One’s Goodness & Kindness towards us causes us to repent, turn around and really behold, adore and see Him for who He really is! Bob please make some more decrees!”

 Bob: “Yes!”

I decree, my children will be mighty in the land for Him!

 I decree my friends will know my heart and respect and trust me!

  • I decree, I will be trustworthy always!
  • I decree, I am looking better and more energetic, vibrant!

Teri: “Yes! It is NOT Glory to gory! It’s Glory to GLORY!”

 Bob: “Yes!”

 I decree, my mind will be at peace! My mind is not confused having gaps, but connected by His Healing & Restorative Grace!

 I decree, my priority will be loving God and to trust Him!

 I decree, I will not pick up wrong traits in reaction to life’s circumstances!

 I decree I am whole and I live in a NEW day with God!

Teri: “Yes! The Lord told me one time; “Teri, Do you really want to do My New Thing?”  I said “Yes Lord!”

Jesus: “Teri, in order for you to do the NEW thing,  you must stop doing the OLD thing!”

 Teri: “I’m hearing Bob, The New Day has New Ways!

Come on! Keep declaring Bob!”

 Bob: “YES!”

 I decree, I have been birthed to another higher and deeper level of love.

 I decree, I’m Tender-Hearted-Hartley!

 I decree, the enemies cords that have tied me up will snap off! (Like the cords that bound Samson, it was his own friend that tied him up. There might have been a real reason but not a reason for the ultimate sacrifice of His dream)!

I decree, I was born to break the chains!

 I decree I have been chosen to be empowered not to continue in lesser loves, but I have been chosen to know God’s Heart and to explode with His heart!

I decree, God has called me to break the wrong patterns! ( I am a heavenly son, with limitless patterns and the right mindset)

I decree, I will not beat myself up for the past or indulge in self-pity. (Self-pity is a stink that sours my life and the lives of those around me. I will not let the stink of self-pity to spread)

 I decree, God’s Truth and Love is really so much larger!

 I decree, the Truth is . ..   the buck stops now with me!

 I decree, Negative is not what is normal, HOPE in God and the Blessings of the Benevolent One is normal!

 I decree, healing and wholesome words!

I decree, Oh God, I will partner with You in the Kingdom by adoring You for Your generous & benevolent nature today!

Bob: “Teri, one more thing that Jesus told me today and it made me cry .  .  . 

God said: “I’m a jealous God, I’m jealous that people are happy without Me”

4.1.2019 – Update from The Joy Room

Bob: “I dreamed that God took me into the “Joy Room” (My Office) inside “The Yellow House of Wholeness”

Jesus: “This is a place where I give you back your sense of humor, which is the greatest character attribute you gain during the “valley seasons” where I set a table right in the valley of My Abundant Presence. Where you get to eat off of it and be like Joseph, fruitful in the place of affliction: The tree that bears fruit in all seasons. You’ll never have enough character or integrity or backbone to brag about. People think that is the chief gold from trials but what did they come out of the upper room of trial with? Inexplicable JOY which testifies that, You will trust me. What I want you to boast in is that you know Me, and My Loving Kindness. I want you to come into a childlike joy, sense of humor, and fun that says you trust Me in ALL things”. When this happens, righteous behaviors will manifest.”

Bob: “Wow Wow! God took me into the Joy Room & He told that He would always take me there when I needed to change my face. I remembered that when I was a kid; and my sister would be angry. Mom would tell her to go to her room & change her face. The Lord told me that this was my sister’s “Joy Room” where He would always meet her & help her change her face. Then God showed me the greater body of Christ. He showed me the “Door of Joy” is swinging wide open for them to walk into. And it is time for no more of this “Misery Christianity.” We are to remember the God of the “Fifth Scene”, God is laughing! (Lamentations 3:17-18) While sitting at my desk in my office, I was stressing and in fear over finances, business, etc.

Jesus: “You’ll make more money if you call everybody sweetie & honey when you’re stressed out.”

Bob: “What are You talking about?”

Jesus: ‘You’ll make more money with humor!”

Bob: “God was revealing to me the great value in a sense of humor. Jesus then began to tell me about a new kind of leadership with the right kind of tenderness. Tell the body of Christ that I want a different kind of leadership to come forth. Even if they are wounded at their core, they will be able to see it as a momentary light affliction and be happy and joyful. It's just right considering all and for the sake of the people. Time to walk away from being sour puss's and misery Christianity and be hopeful ( the confident expectation in the Goodness of God), considering all I've done. It is better for you to be joyful than tender right now, because joyful was will release the right kind of tenderness.”

Bob: “Then I saw the Lord crowning many people with JOY!”

Teri: “As I read Bob’s dream/encounter with the Lord, I immediately saw a very sweet & joyous vision of Jesus with a beautiful big smile on His Face. Jesus was the “Good Humor Ice Cream Man” and He was giving out ice cream bars to the children & they were very very happy! Oh Taste & See the Lord is Good! Then I looked up “sour puss” in Webster’s Dictionary: Sour Puss = A Kill Joy! The enemy is out to kill our joy, let’s not let our countenance agree with the devil. We cannot reflect the Glorious Goodness of God inside of us with a Sour Puss Face! God wants the facial expression of the body of Christ; to be a beautiful Jesus reflection so that we can make an everlasting impression to lift souls out of demonic depression. I'm recalling 2 Cor 11: 3 that tells us to stay in the simplicity of Christ and also that sweet scripture: Romans 16:16 thats tells us to greet one another with a Holy Kiss. Kiss is spelled K.I.S.S. to me those letters stand for “Keep It Simple Saints” HE is calling you & I to simply believe & expect for God’s Goodness to show up in the land we live in. He is the God of All Life and wants to invade every area of our life with His Goodness. He wants us to be overwhelmed, over loaded, & distracted . . . by HIM. In 2019 the Year of Choice; Let's choose to be overwhelmed by His Goodness, loaded down by His Weighty & Glorious Presence, & distracted by Jesus! God has told me that He is extremely serious about of all things . . . JOY! Serious Joy! I cannot find in the list of the Fruits of the Spirit, Seriousness however I do find in the list . . . JOY! (Gal 5:22) Joy is very essential for us to be able to ENJOY this abundant life that God has blessed us with. What Mary Poppins sang is so true! “A Spoonful of Sugar does help the medicine go down!” You know if we are to be the Light of the world, we really need to Lighten UP! Let's walk in the Wholeness He has for us on this Yellow House Journey for Hope Reformers.”

• Receive His Good Medicine of Laughter (Proverbs 17:22)
• Be strengthened by His Joy (Neh. 8:10)
• Hear His songs of Joy over us (Zeph 3:17)
• Refuse the crown of thorns the enemy attempts to put on you.
• Receive the beautiful crown of Joy God has for us. (1Th 2:19)
• Wear the Crown of His Loving Kindness & Tender Mercies (Ps 103:4)
• Stand tall & wear His Crown (Is 35:10)

“Let’s hold on to the Hand of Jesus and walk forward,
with a smile on our face,
running the good race,
filled with JOY and His Grace!”

3.30.2019 – Update from The Love & Forgiveness Room

Bob Hartley: “Yesterday I shared on the phone with Teri what God has been doing with me this month in the Love & Forgiveness Room. He really increased my love and appreciation for people and situations in this season of my walk with Jesus. With all that I had gone through the past few years, I would ask myself questions like; “Was this Yellow House just something I dreamed or made up? Honestly, I felt that I was just going through the motions. However this month the Lord of Breakthrough came and breathed new Life and Hope into me. My Yellow House Journey became more real and authentic than ever before, causing me also to be more real and authentic with myself, my God, and my family and friends. I have been blessed this month with a deeper love and appreciation for my rest time, my adoration and alone time with God, my exercise and work out time, my time spent working on downsizing my business, my time spent with my employees, my children and family and my friends.”

“God has shown me the great life, really world changing power of this Yellow House Journey of Healing and Wholeness for His Hope Reformers and has given me new inspiration to share my stories. The desire of my heart that God gave me as a young child is still the same, to put other peoples hand into the hand of Jesus.”

Teri listened to me share my heart and then she shared with me about her time this month with Jesus in the Love and Forgiveness Room.  I encouraged her to please share it”

Teri Johnson: “This year is my second Journey through The Yellow House with Jesus for Hope Reformers. I really love going on this Journey and doing the daily posts on our Social Media,  because everyday I encounter Jesus in fresh new ways that are perfect for this NOW Season in my Life. All month long in the Love & Forgiveness Room the Holy Spirit worked on me. He would have me cross paths or simply bring someone’s face across my mind’s screen that I still carried some unforgiveness towards or just did not love or appreciate them enough. He did this time and time again. One day this month I was just “minding my own business” in a local coffee shop and the waitress sat me in a booth right next to someone who I spent a great deal of time with years ago. As I said hello to this person, I was instantly flooded with memories of  hurtful times that we had not been kind to each other. I thought I had really forgiven this person, but no I was still triggered in my heart by just looking in this person’s eyes. I sat down and enjoyed my coffee, the drink that wakes me up, lol. Do you know the kingdom principal, first in the natural then in the supernatural? As I drank my wake-up coffee drink, Holy Spirit began to help me awaken to the un-forgiveness that had been sleeping deep inside my heart. He had me look at this person with “new eyes” .  .  .  His Eyes of Love. Wow, oh how very precious this person is. When this person got up to leave, we chatted a little and I cannot tell you how great I felt to genuinely love and appreciate this person and how good that felt. I felt so “light” not realizing before the unnecessary burden that this unforgiveness had weighed me down. When I got up to pay my check, I was surprised, she told me: “Your friend paid the bill!”  I was blessed, and Jesus reminded me that He also had “paid the bill” a huge ransom He paid to set me free way back on the cross at Calvary. Honestly, if I knew how good that I would feel after really letting go of all of that junk, I assure you I would have done it a LONG time ago.”

Practical Application for You:

Sit with and ask the Lord to awaken you to any areas where He wants to set you free and enable you to see people or situations with fresh eyes .  .  .  .  His Eyes.

If you have not embarked on the Journey of the Yellow House for God’s Hope Reformers, start today! God is launching Hope Reformers all across the world to bring transformation that will bring lasting change, bringing Hope to all, in every area of Life!

3.30.2019 – Update from The Love & Forgiveness Room                                                  Corner #6 Build the Wall with Jesus;

Bob: “Jesus covers you with royal garments of protection and also keeps you behind His Robe. In 2019 The Year of Choice we get to choose to look up and run into Him our Strong Tower, where He surrounds us by His Wall of Love. We can choose not to fall for the enemies’ tactics to isolate, when he tempts us to try to stand alone in our own strength.”

Teri: “As you are talking about the Lord’s Robe, I’m reminded of Isaiah 6:1 ..  .  I saw the Lord and He was High & Lifted Up & His Train fills the Temple. And I’m reminded Bob of that incredible vision and encounter with the Lord  you had. You looked and saw the Lord so VERY high in the sky, higher than skyscrapers! You said He was shining in His Glory, and He was HUGE! And then you noticed a teeny tiny black dot. And you asked the Lord what was that dot. And He told you, “That dot is all the evil that has ever or will ever exist, compared to me!”

Teri: “WOW Bob, what on earth could we ever be concerned about with a Papa like this?!”

Bob: “YES!”

March 24, 2019

Update with Bob Hartley & Teri Johnson from The Yellow House Love & Forgiveness Room

Teri: “Last Friday Bob shared with me a powerful on-going dream that he is having. In the dream Bob is with Jesus inside the Yellow House for Hope Reformers in the Love & Forgiveness Room’s 5th Corner that is called: Forgive God. Bob was remembering with regret the many times that he had fallen short by reacting instead of responding to people and the many challenges that he had faced. The Lord said something that really stunned Bob. God said to Bob with such kindness, compassion and love: “WOULD YOU PLEASE FORGIVE ME? Forgive me for the times that I did not explain things to you enough, make you stronger . . . and the Lord continued to point out several things where God was asking Bob to forgive to forgive God.”
Bob: “Let’s begin to share this unfolding dream. I know people will think that’s just crazy, God would never ask me to forgive Him!”
Teri: “Yes that’s pretty far out there, after all He is God and He does not need anyone to forgive Him!”
Bob: “But that is what He said! God asked ME to forgive HIM! Maybe when we share this dream, you could find and substitute the word “forgive” with a different word?
Teri: “So the past few days I have been pondering and trying to find a word to substitute for the word, forgiveness. I was having breakfast with some girlfriends and I shared Bob’s dream with them. Why on earth would God ask Bob or anyone for that matter to forgive God? One of my dear friends Carolyn gave me some insight she said: “Teri, God does not need our forgiveness, but out of His Love, He asks us to forgive Him for our own good. I thought WOW! Of course God loves us so much, that He wants us to release all our un-forgiveness towards Him and be set free! God does not need our forgiveness in any way, however out of His Great Love, Kindness and Tender Mercies towards us He desires us to forgive Him so that we can be free of the poisonous damage that our holding on to un-forgiveness towards God causes.”
Practical Application for You & Question for you to ask God:
In this 2019 Year of the Choice, Choose to look up into those Kind and Loving Eyes of Jesus and Ask Him to show you any unforgiveness that you are holding on to towards Him. Ask Him to help you forgive Him, then Forgive God and be set Free!

“Let me tell you about our Voice of Hope Team Member; Teri Johnson and the friendship that God has blessed us with. She lives in Bakersfield CA with her husband Gary of almost 40 years. She is a mom and grandma and also a “Matriarch- Mama” in the body of Christ. I stay with her and Gary when I’m in Bakersfield, CA and they are such a joy to be with! The “mama” side of Teri makes healthy food and protein shakes for me. She encourages me to exercise, and most important, she makes sure I get my much needed “dial-down-REST” and adoration time with the Lord. (Most of you know my health has been challenged the past few years with the diagnosis of “Addison’s Disease” and Heart, Joint, plus more).
From my home in Kansas City, Teri and I communicate with each other a few times a week. We share what Jesus is telling and showing each other in our special alone time with God and what He has laid upon our hearts. We are both prophetically very “loopy” and so it’s always a fun “ride” and the “sparks” do fly! “

. . . as iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend” (Proverbs 20:17)

“Teri uses our Voice of Hope-Deeper Waters Content that has been developed over many years, she has a vision and then finds and downloads images to match what she saw that conveys our Hope Message that God has given us to share, and sometimes she adds her own unique personal thoughts, a poem, a song, a dream, a God encounter, etc. She also shares my personal and most recent God-given dreams, life experiences, revelations, and encounters from my personal adoration time and my walk with Jesus. Out of all of this, she then creates our Social Media posts. So on a regular basis Teri & I have decided to begin to share and give you a peek “behind the veil” of God's fruit that's coming forth from within this authentic agape gift of friendship, that we have been blessed with! “

Love, Your Friend, Bob Hartley

Here’s a fun excerpt from our morning text earlier today:

Teri: “Thanks Bob, so I will post that with a . . . . 💌

Bob: “before you post that pink heart, a couple things . . .
a pink heart is just too pretty for me, cause I’m “Tender-Hearted-Hartley” but also I'm “Hartley-the- HE-MAN!
So Please! NO PINK HEARTS, twirls or diapers!”

Teri’s response: 💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌 💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌
More to follow . . .