The 3 Distinctions of The Wisdom Room


  • You belong before we believe 

  • We need to experience loyal love because that establishes the foundation to be able to believe together. (Otherwise it will be hard for you to believe that people appreciate you and what you are about.)

  • A place where the sweetest of friendships could be experienced

  • A place where we see one another and discern original design in others and ourselves.

  • A place where you have Marvelous Comrades who cause you to belong and then you believe.

  • (1 Samuel 18) – David couldn’t even dream about being King because Jonathan was a big King, but then Jonathan made David belong in royalty and gave up his own throne for David

  • Sweet Communion and Counsel

  • Solomon’s Porch is a place where you enjoy friendships of beauty, joy, hope, depth and substance where wisdom comes forth.

  • This is a place to become wise in relationship and learn how to build healthy relationships.   You build relationships on a higher different level of friendship that causes you to feel protected and secured. This level is rarely given on earth but it is given to you on Solomon’s Porch.

  • On Solomon’s porch there is a Porch Swing where you share with others deep communion and counsel. Sometimes, it is just you and God on the porch and you learn how to have that level of relationship with God alone.

  • (Genesis 18:17) – The reality where we walk with God as a friend and He hides nothing from us. – “And the Lord said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing”

  • You know God as the “Relational God” vs. the “Revelatory God”.

  • Seeing the Relational aspect of God is so very important because we so often skip the Solomon’s Porch of Relationship in order to receive revelation from God; but if we skip relationships, our revelation of God will be incomplete.

  • (Exodus 33:15) (Moses) – “Then he said to Him, “If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here”.

  • (Malachi 1)  “You despise the offering of the Lord” because they would run past the table of sweet communion because all they wanted was to get the answer or the gift, but they missed the greatest thing: relationship. The Lord said they defiled the offering and He was very upset with him. They missed the sweet communion by rushing through.


  • A Healed and Expanded View of:  “The God in All of Life”.

This a Place where:

  • You will experience the biggest change in your entire Life.

  • Everyone tends to live under the clouds unless they have this experience.

  • You will behold and adore God’s Face of Hopeful Wisdom.

  • You will be given revelation of His face as a husband to the bride.

  • You will behold and adore Him as the Lord & King of the cities and nations.

  • You not only see that He is the God of Salvation and Redemption (like they did in the 1st Upper Room) but you also see Him as the “God of John 11” where He is the Resurrection and Life today.

  • He is everywhere and He is not just redeeming a man’s soul, but He is also redeeming entire societies.

  • When you see His Eyes of Hope, you are empowered to look at every situation in Life and realize that God is Bigger and that He is always doing something wonderful!

  • (Psalm 67) A place where you see His New Faces and where He gives you a Hopeful Understanding of what He wants to do on the planet of “Thy Kingdom Come”.

  • (Hebrews 11:10) He is the “Wise Maker”- God fashions cities and nations

  • A Healed and Expanded View of : “The Hopeful God of Wisdom & The God of the 5th Scene”.

This is a Place where:

  • You see the challenges, and the deeper levels of challenges, but you receive a greater view of God and the ability that He has to bring “Hope Solutions” today and everyday.

  • You are free of your adversaries.

  • There are no adversaries in that level of Wisdom with God.

  • You receive the your Inheritance and the gift to receive “His Eyes of the Now”.

  • The Key is that when you have His Eyes for Now, You are above the clouds and you fear nothing.

  • When they came out of the Second Upper Room of Hope, their hope was contagious. Even in the midst of challenges or heaviness of others around us. If we give up the Hope of God from the Upper Room in the midst of the challenges, we will not being true to who we really are destined to be.

  • 1st Kings Reality ~ There are no adversaries that can stand up to that kind of Knowledge of God, they are just a dot on the radar of your life and they are gone

  • (Romans 5:17) For if by the one man’s offense, death reigned through the one, how much more for those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.

  • A Healed and Expanded View of:  “The God of the Day”.

This is a Place where:

  • Your very breath is taken away and the whole earth takes on this glorious tint and you see God and His different faces working throughout All of Life.

  • 40 days in the Upper Room changed them. They saw the face of God as their Redeemer for the first time. They had never understood God as the Redeemer. Then in the New Testament, He shows His face as the God of Grace and Redemption. It released a freedom and a new view of the World, as they no longer had to live by their own works, but by His Grace

  • Your Adoration is the treasuring of your Inheritance.

  • This changes your life from a level of misery to a level of Hope. It is like coming into a sun lit room for the first time in your life.

  • The way you view Life becomes completely different.

  • You are enabled to see how God is trumping things, and see the blessings that we miss that always surround us.

  • David and the Army; had many demons by them, but David wasn’t going to give himself to those demons. David stepped out as the little shepherd boy and killed Goliath because David saw the “Bigger than God”. David didn’t leave God behind for the sake of others who could not see God over their demons.

  • We also must learn to see past the demonic things: that try to pull us away from our callings in God and try to convince us of a reality that is less than what we are destined to experience.

  • We must be hopeful and not be influenced by those who are hopeless and want us to see things as they do.

  • We are to honor who God made and destined us to be.

  •  To be triggered by demons, versus being triggered by God is a statement that we are giving the demons a higher place of worship. It is our choice to either be empowered by the demons or be empowered by God!


  • God’s Loving & Royal Plans come forth

This is a Place where:

  • You moved into a place where you are firmly settled established and in Hope.

  • You receive God’s Blueprint for your life and for cities and nations.

  • You see His Ways and study why does God have these things or people come into our lives during certain times and seasons.

  • (Proverbs 9) “Wisdom mingles its wine”

  • (Acts 2:42) “Life where wisdom mingled as one and becomes ten thousand”

  • In the Wisdom Room, you gather with those who have the same perspective in hope and then you are able to go to “Shiloh’s” and hear God’s Redemptive Plan for all the earth.

  • God’s Noble Plans come forth

This is Place where:

  • The God of Wonder and the Greatest Show on earth and the Plans of God come forth.

  • The plans of God cannot be thwarted in this place of Shiloh, because you are secure and certain and curveballs don’t throw you off

  • (Jeremiah 29:11) “Reality – Plans of Welfare of Hope”

  • Jeremiah received this reality in Jeremiah 31, but then in chapter 32, the city is going to go into captivity, but Jeremiah says “once again fertile fields will come forth from this” because he had already seen the plan… then it happens in Jeremiah 32:10 where the city becomes God’s Joy!

  • (Isaiah 32:8) “Noble men make noble plans and by noble plans they stand”

  • God’s Master Plan comes forth

  • God’s Masterful Blueprints and Plans are rolled out for a city, a nation, or an individual God’s Blueprints that wow people! It such a blueprint of Hope and Wonder that you just marvel at it and can’t believe it could be that good!