“We are force of men and women inspiring and equipping everyday reformers to know and love God well, advancing Hope, Wholeness and Partnership with God in All of Life.”

Bob Hartley & The Voice of Hope Team are contending for a generation of Hope Reformers who will stand on a confident expectation in the Goodness of God, who won’t back down in the face of Challenge. We equip reformers from all walks of life with a new understanding of hoping in God, utilizing seminars, online training, media communications, resources & Hope Gatherings & Retreats.

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We carry the Vision of The Yellow House of Wellness & Wholeness ~ Join us on the Journey through The Yellow House with Jesus & each other.

Bob Hartley /  Chairman

Caitlin Dubon / AirBNB & Business Manager / Assistant to Bob Hartley

 Michael Hagerty  / High Performance Coach

Teri Johnson / Communications & Social Media Director