The Trusting Myself Corner by Bob Hartley

Bob: “I saw His eyes, soft and brown and perfectly set.”

Jesus: “It was a joy to die for my Bobby. He has the biggest heart I have ever made.”

Bob: “It felt like Jesus was bragging about me in front of the angels and most of heaven.”

Jesus: “He will be singing the Trust Song soon, about who I am in Him, and the Trust Poem”

Bob: “Then Jesus gave me a  Trust Poem.”

Trust Poem

See how trust grows in the sweet alone; without picking up the telephone.

It is the trust in you and in myself; that turns my life into a life care.

Trust in Myself turns life into joy from fear; turns life into kisses from tears.”

Jesus: “To trust Me, keeps you from defining yourself by your struggle.

Trust Myself Corner

Bob: “Ramon was in the corner and was saying how he trusted Bob, but did Bob trust himself? I saw the compassion in Ramon’s eyes and I saw that he knew me and saw my heart and gift.I couldn’t think of myself in the capacity I was called to. I couldn’t trust or honor myself and my gift; and that was when Ramon was looking into my eyes and desiring to discern, not decide, but discern. We can only think according to the capacity of trust that we are willing to accept. When we relate to others, we don’t decide how we relate to them based on outward evidence; that’s behavior modification. It does not necessarily discern, discernment is different for determining where they are at in their lives. The Lord told me that I had been through significant, life altering changes.”

Jesus: “You are not hearing or seeing straight. That is ok, because I am not in a rush. You will have people who will attach their futures to you. You will never move forward, based on necessity. You will  move forward based on relationship. Don’t be around religious people, be around people who think you are ten feet tall on your worst day.”