The Story of the “God-You-Can-Trust” Box by Bob Hartley

The Trust Box

We are going to have beyond-hopes for people. The first trust was this box. The Lord showed me it started with how I felt kind of dull when I thought about people or starting a movement. Whereas before, I felt adventure, or that sense of excitement, because I thought love was going to happen.

Here’s what the Lord showed me in that dream of trust. It was going to be the hardest room I entered into. He said, “Because more than totally let go, you have to understand how evil your perspective was before.” That was so tough. I always thought I was Bobby that loved. He showed me everything. It was difficult to see.

The Story of LeBron James

He took me from a place where I was on the wrestling team. When you wrestle, mainly you want to win. You want your team to win. He took me to LeBron James this year. I don’t know anything. He is scoring about eleven points a game. He can score more than that and he has. He said, “Watch this.” I watched. His pure delight was getting other players involved. He would go under the basket with a lay up and got his points. Then, he would hand it to the next guy, who is coming in the other way, so he can get the points. He let them shine. He helped them to shine. He was so excited about them shining.

How does this unique flavor cause these ones to become something they never thought they could become? Your whole goal is to see them become the magnificent ones they are called to become. It would take patience, nurturing their gifts, and lying to them. By that, I mean being positive about stuff when you wanted to tell them how much they are missing it and doing it wrong. He showed me that business started out first because it was concrete for me.

Story of the 16 Year Old & the Kibbutz

He showed me this young man. I came up with this idea on how to breed the grass to give the cows a third more milk to save the kibbutz. I let this sixteen year old believe he was finding the ideas. I would just bring over a little more of this, or a little more of that. He would put it together. I would say, “How much did you do there?” He said, “Three fifths of a cup.” It wasn’t just pronounced enough to where he saw it as my idea. He saw it as his idea. I have never seen someone so happy to see he had worth. He did. He was on to it. He just wasn’t developed in it. The whole dream was how I went from enjoying.

The Story about Todd

Todd, I threatened to tie him to his bed because he was partying. He went down to Egypt. He was just a worldwide hobo, but he made Hells Angels guys look nice. He stabbed cats and people all the time. He would try to stab people in their shoulder blades. He got in a fight with two women and beat the tar out of these Swedish girls. He was six four, lanky muscles. He asked me, “Why don’t you party?” I said, “I hate your partying.” He said, “What about our drinking? Don’t you like that?” I said, “Nope, don’t like your drinking.” “What about girls?” They would lay out there naked, sunbathing. I said, “I don’t like that.”

I got real tender, “Look, this is what happened to me in my life.” After I got done, a few of them were weeping. They would leave “Stairway to Heaven” on at full blast. We were away from the kibbutz. Our quarters made the inner-city look like it was beautiful. The bathrooms stunk. There were flies everywhere. A hundred and ten degrees out.

He was keeping everybody up until late in the morning. We had to start working at 4:00 or 5:00am. Everybody was going to get kicked out. They had nowhere to go. They were hobos. He said, “I am going to keep my partying up. This is what we all came for. Keep your religious thing to yourself.” I said, “Okay, this is what I am going to do.” I said, “For human decency, these guys are tired. They have to make it here. They have nowhere to go.” He looked at them all, “Yeah, they can do it. We are going to keep our partying.” I said, “Okay, at 10:30 tonight, I am going to smile at you. I want you to be blessed in your partying. At 10:45 I am going to come, look at my watch, and let you know. Five until 11:00, I am going to come out. I am going to tie you to your bed and preach to you hellfire and brimstone for an hour. You will feel the flames burning around your body. You will feel your soul dropping into hell. You will feel the torment of the enemy wanting to crush you. I don’t know if you will make it through it.” He said, “No, you wouldn’t do it.”

First, he thought I was a little guy compared to him. He stood up like he was getting in my face, like a fighter. I said, “That’s it. That is all I am telling you. I am going to tie you down there hard. You will be down there the rest of the day until I come back that night. Then, I am going to start over.” Everybody is looking at me. He is looking at me like, “Who do you think you are?” I hear them out there at 10:30pm partying like crazy. I come out, smile, and wave at them. I come out at 10:45, look at my watch, smile and wave. I come out at five till 11:00. He runs in his door. “Stairway to Heaven” is off. Everyone is in their rooms.

Soon after that, you only get a shekel a day. He takes his shekels, thirty-days worth. It’s like 75 cents a shekel. You work all day for that. He takes them down to Egypt. I found these magazines. He had been reading about the poor children on the border. He goes down there with another guy named Gary, who was not mentally altogether. He had been fighting with these girls and beating them up. I said, “You got a great heart in there. You got a great heart for children. There’s something unique in your love for children.” He said, “Nah, man. Not in front of the people.” I said, “You are going to make a difference for them the rest of their lives.” He went down there and bought candy. He spent it all on the children. To this day, Todd has a ministry to the children of Egypt and really cares. He is doing wonderful work. The trust factor: I had such a trust in the confidence of God.

The “Gary” Story

Gary, the night before he left, he imploded and left with shame. He wanted to be a monk. His eyes were crossed from confusion. The night before he leaves, they are saying nice things to him. He couldn’t handle it. He got up, took the knife. These two Swedish girls loved this cat. He took the knife right through the cat and killed it. Then, they jump on him and end up beating on him. He beats them back. They are bloodied up. He is bloodied up. He sneaks out in shame. All these people had been his friends, said nice things, and cared for him. He kills the cat. This self-destruction spirit. I caught him as he started to leave. He is sitting down on his bed in his room. I said, “You wait here. We are not going to do this where you trust the devil to define you. You haven’t been able to leave a place where they’ve seen the true Gary, the true Gary’s heart. You are an honorable, noble man. We are not going to allow it. You apologize to those girls. They might have been wrong, what they called you. What you did was out of the spirit of self destruction, and that is not who you are. You have to trust who God has made you to be. You are to be one of the most honorable men on this planet.” I named three places where he would go. There were difficult places where people had horrible opinions of themselves. I said, “You are to go there. You are going to restore their opinions of themselves through what God saw about them. I will wait right here for you.” He said, “I got to do this on my own.” I said, “Yeah, you got to do this on your own.” He goes out there in front of the whole crew. It was the best apology I have ever heard. The girls were screaming at him. They didn’t accept a word of it. He would pause and listen to them. The remorse. The understanding of a king and the way he had acted. He got the paradox that he promised to restore four times. He didn’t know the Zacheus verse (Lk. 19:8). He said, “I can’t restore the cat being gone. I am a different man now.” He left. He didn’t come back to where we were at. We saluted him, shook his hand, and hugged him.

He started taking off walking. He got half a mile up to the front gate. There’s a farm. He’s sitting on this bench waiting for the bus. There wasn’t anybody who slapped him on the back. I snuck up. I came up from behind the tree and sat down next to him. I was weeping. I said, “You did the most noble act that has been done on the forty-five years on this kibbutz. That will be remembered as that. You are going to do the most noble acts in these places because you are a noble man. That is what is naturally going to come out of you.” He trusted what I said about him. Since then, I’ve heard that he has helped mediate a few disputes, where they were seeing each other with that Romans 6 mirror according to their sins. He brought out the Ezekiel 16 dry bones, wallowing in their own blood.  You can see a human being come out of this unsaved place. Get fully redeemed. Pause. Then, you can see him fully a king and bow down before that in the moment. Then, to see that for yourself. That is trust.

Trusting God for His Opinion of Me

The first rock I had to put in the Trust Box was trusting Him for His opinion of me, trusting His opinion for others. He took me through past seasons of my life how it had ebbed away. He had told me it was my greatest sin and my greatest challenge. The childlike love that just has grace to forgive. He showed me this dead sheep at the bottom of this tube in your soul. It was like we killed sheep. Then, they rotted. Then, all the poisons and toxins from that would come out. The living water would come through. We felt this fever when we dealt with people because we didn’t have that explosive love that just had given them grace in all situations. Love was the best way to set them free, and we really believed what God said about them. It’s like Scrooge. I dreamed of Scrooge’s life. He had much more against him that caused him to turn to self protection. I did with the business.

Hope for Greatest Team on the Earth

The efforts for the greatest team on earth had been short-circuited. They stopped until there was a new operating system. It had to be Deeper Waters 2.0. I had not become me. I had become a blueberry. It was about my reach. I really believed I had this unique gift that others were to serve. As far as I saw across the earth, it was a unique gift. I was totally wrong. There were other gifts that were catalytic that were just as important.

LeBron James & JaVale McGee

Michael Jordan was hard on guys. He understood if he did not know how to involve other guys, he wasn’t going to win. LeBron James does it because he loves it. He loves to see the JaVale McGee who has been the brunt of Shaquille’s jokes. LeBron James treats him like he is an all-star. LeBron James completely can ignore all the opinions of this momentum, of all these experts, see something for a guy and fight for it. Nobody understands it. He had a Lakers team that he had everybody traded away. It was not to be mean. It was guys he believed in. He waited three years for them and brought them together. They are not notable. But, they are now. He feeds them the ball at the right place at the right time. They cannot not succeed. Now, they are making shots they could never make.

Convincing a Holden that He is a Holden

I was to be a patriarch. I took a Holden and I saw in a Holden what nobody would see. My belief in Holden would be a brother born for adversity, would convince a Holden that he was a Holden.


You had grown up with Naomis. Naomis see the world through bitter waters. Naomi had gone through such challenges that she changed her name. Fresh Waters to Bitter Waters. She said, “I left full and I came back empty” (Ruth 1:21). Boaz not only redeemed Ruth but redeemed Naomi.

The people want to hear what the Lord says. It cuts through to their bone because they really want to see the nature of God. People don’t want ice cream and a cherry on top immediately. They want to be able to sorrow.

Pushing the Rocks into the Trust Box

I am to start early on the Trust Room. He showed me the box right in front of me, how full it had become last year. I was surprised that there were age old things, that were two to five hundred years old that nobody in my family had been able to release it into that box. Nobody in my spiritual lineage (I know who they are) was able to release that into the box. I had been able to open the box on five or six of them. The lid was there. I had been able to sit them on the side. I still have to push them in. I was so amazed that I had gotten that close. This month is pushing them in the box. Each time I saw myself doing it, I just became so childlike, so carefree, so able to see love in a different way. I had this weapon that was so powerful that no one could hold back from that kind of life.

The Story of John Wimber

I saw John Wimber. He did nothing but grow with love. He had the eyes that see with love all the time. I believe we are to have bullet-proof lives. Get them in the position of their gift to be honest. God honors love. Everyone has their own Instrument of Love.There is a team coming forth that would just so love what an Aaron is really all about. They will find his part is just as important as anyone else’s part. They will find these ones for December 4-6 who are leaders that have crossed the threshold. There are so many in Kansas City that have crossed the threshold of unbelief. They can’t trust because they have seen too much. They have felt too much. Too much disappointment. They have a grey life versus “O happy day, it’s a new day.” What a happy day that you can love people and nurture them, and we can have the greatest team that ever played. This hope message is the greatest message that has ever been said. We don’t have to build it alone. We are not the unique ones. We are not the only ones who hold the telephone message from Him. Everyone has his own phone. We are to teach them that this is our instrument of love. It is going to be anointed. We are going to see the uniqueness of it from above. We will launch the greatest symphony that has ever been sung. I heard the names of different songs. They stood for themselves. They kept saying to me, “Why wait?”

The Low-Grade Fever

We are here in the Trust Room. If you feel this pollution way down in you that is causing resentment, bitterness, and people’s voices to radiate in their negativity towards you, then you don’t have trust in God for you. You are putting that rock in there that says, “I am going to trust others’ opinions, my own opinions of me, rather than trust Your opinion of me.” That will make you have a low grade fever. All of your life, it will give you that inability to move forward because you are able to be taken out at any point. The flu of hatred will come over you that causes you to grow cold and not worth the battle. Where you are in the sky box. You are so full of love. You are not touched. You are pronouncing the love over and over again. He will draw those kinds of friends to us who are friends at all times who will sing the songs in our hearts. It was about what He was starting to deal with down here. It was a sheep and lambs and all their little family, and how they had died down here in my spirit. It became toxic. Everything was being filtered by that pipe. It would come out of my mouth and my mind. I had this fever towards trusting God for people. I can go to other people that have made it to this point, and didn’t make it over the hump. It caused them to be little people.