Magnify & Trust Your God, to Supply All Your Needs!

We are pressing in for the fullness of what the Lord wants to pour out in this season by the equipping of His body to reach cities and nations. We believe our Yellow House Journey is very a key component!

We Magnify & Trust God, Our Supplier!

We are continuing to dive deep into the knowledge of our great God, Who is our Redeemer, Supplier, Builder and Wise God in the midst of every area in our everyday life. As we continue in the Trust Room, in our prayer times, we are celebrating and magnifying God as our Supplier, giving thanks for all the ways we have seen Him supply for us.

Practical Application

  • Take time in your family, business or ministry setting, to magnify the Lord for supplying all your needs in all of your everyday life.

  • Give thanks to Him for His many unique gifting’s and calling’s.

  • Ask the Lord to reveal the dreams that He has for you & others, this week, and for the upcoming year of our Lord 2020!

  • Take time to recount all of the blessings of supply the Lord has provided for you and yours this year.

He is so good to His children, we are continually amazed at how He comes through over and over again!

Have you seen a miracle of supply this year?

Please send us your story / testimony to Teri Johnson @ (We will be posting a few of your testimonies on our social media!)