God Stories by Hartley the Heart: “Mr. Familiarity”

“There is such a contrast between, being a ‘mere acquaintance’ with Jesus versus being a deep friend. I saw Jesus rocking on a porch, swaying, just ready for us to rock with Him. He wanted to explain not only what happened in the past, but the ‘New Encounter Pathway’ that He has for us. He is always “The Move Forward and Lift your head God”!”

If you do not know that, then you'll give yourself in to:

  • “The God of Regrets”

  • “The God of Our Past Mistakes”

  • “The God of Other People's Opinions”

  • “The God of Cultural Expectations”.

In 2016 Jesus told me as of that date:

  • We only know 1% of what He wants us to know of Him in this lifetime.

  • We only know 1% of what He wants us to know about ourselves.

  • He wants us to know about ourselves in this lifetime.

  • We have defined ourselves so much, that even with a working knowledge of Him that was growing; it had nothing to do with really influencing us.

  • We must receive it as an impartation of His nature in us.

  • Now is the time to exponentially choose Him, & His Identity in us.

  • “Mr. Familiarity”, is just being familiar with Him, others and yourself in the wrong way. (the Bible speaks of a ‘familiar spirit’)

  • When you're familiar with the Lord, you can't receive the new dimensions and new realities of Who He is in your life.

The Problem Defined

Many believe that:

  • God is only this big

  • It's all this much to Him

  • He is going to be just an experience, like being born again.

After Jesus died, they thought, “Well that's the limits to Him.”

But God! Jesus resurrects!

The Solution is Adoration

I had a dream where I kept reaching for my ‘Warfarin pills', but instead of my Warfarin pills, every bottle I looked at was labeled with had a different kind of ‘Adoration of God’! Jesus told me; we think life and death is in this ‘Warfarin pill’, but instead we need to take our daily ‘Adoration’ pill. We need to Adore God every single day!

Together on our Yellow House Journey:

  • We ‘Marvel at Jesus’!

  • We adore His Face every single day!

  • We do not accept accusations against Him.

  • We defend His Nature & our True Identity in Him.

  • We Trust our God, Who is Trustworthy!

In the Yellow House Trust Room, we learn how to really trust Him!”

Bob Hartley