Face of God: God of the Little & the Big Things by Teri Johnson

Last year (2018), I was in the Yellow House ~Trust Room with our “God of the Little and the Big Things”, reflecting with Jesus & He spoke to me.

Jesus: “The things that you think are so small and too tiny to bug Me with . . . . I tremendously care about. Your little things are big and important to me and I absolutely love to take care of them for you. “And guess what? The things that you magnify to where they are so big and seem larger that life to you, are teenie-tiny-small things for Me to take care of! Remember when I talked about the sparrow and counting the hairs on a head? Remember when I told My apostles to do not forbid the children to come to me? Each and every single time that you come to Me with your concerns no matter how big or small, you never bug Me. When you come to me I’m always blessed, for I created you to be with Me!”

Teri: “Oh my God, You blow my mind!”

“God has proven to me that He cares about the little things and the BIG things in every aspect of my life over and over again. One example of a little thing is when I pray for a “good parking spot” and guess what? He always gives one to me .  . . and yet I’m still surprised by that one!

And one example of a Big thing is: last year, my husband was hospitalized and transported by ambulance from the Heart Hospital in Bakersfield, CA (where we live) to Cedar Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, CA. There he had multiple tests. resulting in a 5 hr heart operation.  It was very scary and “touch and go” at times. I had multiple opportunities to put to practice the Golden Hope Tools that I have received from Jesus on my Journey through The Yellow House. I cannot count the number of times, I had to constantly shift and align my thinking from the lies of the enemy bombarding me, to Papa’s Heart for Gary. I had to trust God and not only believe for the best, but expect the best. And at night after night in the Hotel near the hospital Holy Spirit would flood me with so much “peace in the midst of the storm” that sometimes my concerns lifted to such a great degree that actually felt guilty! Day after day I have seen our God of the Small and Big Things take care of Gary, and today, he is doing so very much better and his health is constantly moving in the right direction. We can trust Him, He cares, He really does care for reals!”

Love, Teri Johnson