Bob’s Dream: “Trusting God with Ourselves” 


Sitting around a Stool

I saw all these church leaders, and they were around a stool. On the stool was a clay pot. It was a beautiful clay pot. It was ornate, like something you see in a Catholic church. It had two handles on it. The people / church leaders in the room, felt one of three ways.

1.) One way – they wanted to preserve that clay pot at all costs. They would lose their lives to preserve it.

2.) The other group wanted to knock that clay pot off the stool.

3.) The third group was 50:50, like the tribe of Reuben who said, “Should we go or should we not?”

First Handle Breaks

I saw my friend Joe. He broke ranks and kicked the stool and it fell. It knocked off one of the handles to the clay pot. Somebody from across the room came and grabbed it by one handle and put it back up.

The Second Handle Breaks

Then, there was discourse and arguing. Then, somebody, while they were arguing, came and kicked it again. The other handle broke off. It all meant something. Somebody kicked it another time. It was almost like they were going to kill each other. There were a few strangling each other.

Jesus: “It’s Not Your Clay Pot”

The bottom of it cracked. Then, somebody came and wiped it off the stool. It shattered on the ground. Nobody moved. It was Jesus. He said, “My house is a House of Prayer. My house is a house of intimacy with you. It’s not your clay pot.” It was the church. He was going to refashion it. It wasn’t like the design wasn’t beautiful. It wasn’t like He was totally anti. There was a new order. We’ve got to smash this. The next scene I saw people I knew. Same thing with the clay pot. There was a round ball of playdough. It was on there. Someone ran up and started fashioning it. They made a leg out of it.

Like a Voodoo Doll

I was much different, I was about the first pot. The first pot I was an observer. The second pot, everything everybody did, it felt almost like a voodoo doll. If they stuck a knife in there or cut off a limb. It kept going on until I am running in there trying to help fashion it. Every time somebody did something to it, like adding an arm, I would go add something different. They added clothes. Then, I would add something different.

Jesus is our Designer

It was like Joshua 5. The room lit up with such brightness I couldn’t see it. I hit the ground. I said, “Who are You? Are you for this, what we are fashioning here?” He said, “Neither. I am the Fashioner of you.” He said, “Take your hands off this.” I was able to see. I watched how He fashioned me. How the clay person turned into a human being. The drama of all of it in the original design. I was peering into Him, His process, and what He had done all of my life. It was my first glimpse of really seeing on an authentic level with depth what He wanted when He fashioned me. He wants to unfold the “God You Can Trust with Yourself.” He wants it to go to nations and other people.

“What is He Designing in Someone? ”

The prophetic is, “What is He designing in someone?” It’s from His heart of love and hope. It is an opening up. The prophetic for a while became a means to an end. It was about getting this Hope Reformation off the ground. It was trying to mass produce it versus really honor the one he was fashioning by taking the time and patience. He said I need to attune to what He says. It takes us so many steps deeper, truer, more alive, hopeful, authentic, and eternal. He is giving us an invitation in 2020 to look again with hopeful eyes and to speak again with hopeful lips. This year is a whole year of questions.

The Father

There is this reality of fashioning me. The Lord showed me that I had prophesied always through the Father. The Father to me is someone who looks twenty, thirty years out, sees how to get there, is always thinking about development, doesn’t really live in the moment. That’s how I had been. My dad would ask me when I was eight, “Bobby, what kind of man do you want to be when you are forty or fifty?” There was something beautiful about that.


Then, he’d prophesy through the Son. Jesus has been a wise Friend and King. I see Solomon walking with Him and asking Him about the decision with the women. It is that processing in the moment with Him that is problem solving. I would prophetically get that.

Mother Wound

Then, He showed me a scene. It was me crawling around the kitchen table. My buddies were there. My mom kicked me in the face about four or five times. I was just playing. Only six years old. She was dealing with her health and gotten bitter. She had this look she wanted to hurt me. She kicked me. I was broken. She told me to leave. For the next few weeks, I felt so unwanted. That is the time I sat on the stoop on the garage and I said, “Come hell or high water, I am going to make it.” I saw my heart in my hand. I went from a tender Bobby to a Rottweiler. What the Lord showed me; I always reacted negatively to  my mother and I was the nurture of the mother. Most of the time I would be pulled out of my flow. I didn’t want anybody to touch me. I didn’t want to be bothered. I couldn’t do anything spontaneous with freedom, relational ease, or beauty. He said that it had come from that reaction from the feminine part of God.

Holy Spirit

Knowing the Holy Spirit is the Comforter. He wants to teach me now that part of me and response to comfort. Not bitterness. The Lord is showing me to stop and enjoy Him in the moment, the living of life now in the present. The Holy Spirit had me in this garden. I didn’t know what we are doing or where it was going. I wanted to know why we were in this garden. The process is frustrating to me. I am not relating to the now. In the end, the Holy Spirit walked me up the stairway. He asked me, “What does this garden represent?” I knew. I said, “My heart.” He said, “The garden is your heart. I am going to take you through this Yellow House. This is what it is going to end up like, after the work.”

Knocking over the Pot

You look through the Scripture. Almost everyone got a new name. It is knocking over the clay pot. It is saying the past could have been beautiful, but it is a new design when He takes you deeper. This is your time capsule when He opens you up.

Trust Box

It is like the ball in the Trust Box. We would reach in and try to get the ball too early. There were angels in the Trust Box. It was like a manufacturing line. They were working on it. I saw people try to pull their ball out. It was something that they had given Him. Like trusting Him in a relationship, or with resources. They would pull that ball out. It would be like the car assembly plant. They would go riding down the road and their wheels would fall off because they didn’t get the nuts on or engine in. It was stunning to understand our hearts when the Lord has begun and finished the process, allowing Him to do this beautiful work. The gift of being able to look at things that would be huge issues. I had this natural gift of indomitable hope. I had this thought of, “It’s no big deal. We are going to win.” There would be life. I was built for this. When you don’t look at Him, and you magnify the problem – it becomes unmanageable.