The Trust Room & Bob’s Dream: God’s Commanded Blessings

Jesus: “I am the God you can trust and I have promised you Commanded Blessings.”

Bob: “I started in a place of feeling pain, self-pity, sadness, aloneness, and I was about to act out of that pain. I felt like there was no empathy towards me.”

Jesus: “How did you get here? Why are you here?”

Bob: “It was the same question that He asked Cain and Hagar. I saw Hagar there alone in the wilderness, sitting under a tree. She had been thrown out of the camp by Abraham. She had been intimate with Abraham and had a son with him, and now she was out in the wilderness, alone with a son and she sat under the tree to die.”

Jesus: “Why are you in these emotions?”

Bob: “I guess I don’t trust you.” 

Jesus: “I am the God that you can trust in the wilderness.”In the wilderness, God was kind and fed me.”-Is 2:14-15

Bob: “I was still under the tree with Hagar and the scene turned completely dark, there was no light. It was before time began. It was a total visionary experience and I could feel the swirl of the universe, but I couldn’t see anything, it was pitch black. I could hear the voices of a million scientists saying: “There is no way you can create light out of this void. God was beyond unmoved and just said: “Let there be Light!”. .  . and there was Light! It exploded in my mind, body, and soul… I was consumed! And the inner torment and sickness of mistrust was ripped off my soul! Then God said: “Let there be dirt”and the scientists said: “Fantasy!”. And God didn’t consider their challenges, He didn’t even think about it .  .  . Then there was dirt!”

“Empowerment and Joy started to fill my soul. I found myself going from a ‘Spiritual Bankruptcy in Trust’ to where the experience of life’s limits in trust began to shatter and a healed and expanded view of Him became my new state of consciousness! Then God scooped up some of the dirt up and said: “Watch this… My Greatest Miracles!”and then He created man! God began to show me go the biblical miracles. I felt the rushing of the Red Sea and Moses as he came to trust God.  It was so incredible and authentic! God took me through the Old Testament, the New Testament, and then my life’s prophetic story. Whether I realized it or not, I had no option but to trust Him – just like ‘breathing’ has no option. Every single time I took a breath; I was trusting Him. From the little to the big experiences of trust – He defined them as Commanded Blessings. Not just blessings, but Commanded Blessings that override all. I felt like I was looking into a mirror dimly and that I wasn’t really known and I have always been known. Now even close friends and people who have known me for years are distant. Who knows your life? Who understands you? Who do you believe that you can let in to know the secrets of your heart without shame or fear of being left alone? Not that you even have to say that much, but with someone who knows your deepest dreams and believes in your intentions to do good. Someone who knows your cries for this time and in eternity. His promise to have an intimacy without shame and that there would be those who know my inward struggles with Him, my most painful struggles with sin, my shameful deeds… but treats me with honor and sees my heart when I think it is unknown, unnoticed and not understood by others. Oh, to be fully known without shame… it was exhilarating and it was His Promise of a Commanded Blessings!”

God’s Yellow House Commanded Blessings

  • Commanded Blessing for land, houses and prosperity (Deut. 28).

  • Commanded Blessing for the Grace to be a Patriarch and to move on from lesser things.

  • Commanded blessing to be known as a man of hope, the hope man, across the world.

  • Commanded Blessing for this Yellow House to help heal 50 million people, getting them out from ‘being stuck in the narrow gate’ to come into the Hopeful View.

  • Commanded Blessing for the furniture that is so ornate – the design of this house, and the porch swing – it was ridiculously beautiful!

  • Commanded Blessing in the Yellow House ‘His Hearts Desire Room' – where you knew God would always fight for you and win. You knew you would never cry alone, laugh alone, love alone; you would never be alone.

  • Commanded Blessing in the Yellow House  ‘Joy Room' – where the sparkle never left a person’s eye.

  • Commanded Blessing in the Yellow House ‘I Love You Room' – where there is total restoration in the violations of love. People came out and were empowered daily to write a love letter to themselves.

  • Commanded Blessing in the ‘Grief Room' – so beautiful where people are completely healed of trauma.

  • Commanded Blessing in the Yellow House ‘Hope Room' – where there was not one disappointment that could stick to a person and stay lodge inside of them. They were all given hope magnets when they left the room and the magnet attracted hope. They were given new glasses and they put on lenses of Hope.

  • Commanded Blessing in The Yellow House ‘Trust Room' – also called the ‘Dream Room’ because you were able to dream again and all your dreams would come true!

Jesus pointed right into my face with the same power that He had commanded light to come forth.


  • “Breathe!”

  • “Bob Hartley”    –Bob: “Somehow I knew that Jesus saying my name was an awesome commanded blessing!

  • “Be enjoyed by me.”

  •  “Be fascinated at life! Marvel and be awestruck and build with wonder!”

  •  “I command the blessing of divine entertainment in your life.”

  •  “I command the blessing that when your heart hurts, it will be healed.

  •  “I command the blessing for you to have a beautiful woman that adores you and that you adore.”

  •  “I command the blessing of children that will be leaders in my name and you will see the light in their eyes.”

  •  “I command the blessing for you to have a partner with the unwavering commitment to each another, and you will pass through the struggles of love and always have love re-awakened greater.”

  • “I command the blessing that you will be a wise scribe and you will write the prophetic story of your family, that you have a place where you see all the ground die, but they will come back alive. The prophetic promises and inheritances for the Hartley’s will come and be seen in your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.”

  •  “I command the blessing that you will be whole hearted and passionate all your days towards Me, My Promises, My Work, and My labor of Love. “

  •  “I command the blessing of designer cravings that they are not toxic cravings that will lead your heart to be dead, but will lead your heart to be happy and full of emotional health and hope and intimacy without shame.”

  •  “In the end, the enemy does NOT have the power to steal the commanded blessings.”

The Conclusion

Bob: “Then, I saw the sun setting behind Jesus and the Fire in His Eyes. I saw Him through a stained glass window, and the ocean waves of ‘Beauty and Trust’ were coming over me. We were on a mountain with dew and leaders were coming up to accuse me and it didn’t matter… I could not get discredited because God had the final say and had numbered all of my days. I saw number 22:12 – I saw Balaam. The King came and told Him to curse Israel, and Balaam said “I can’t curse what God has blessed”… and Balaam was me! There were 3 times that these leaders wanted me to curse like with Balaam. Three times they tried and offered more money, and still Balaam wouldn’t curse. So they bring the whole army, and they have a whole bunch of money, and they asked him again to curse Israel. Then Balaam says again: “Israel will be known forever, and you cannot curse what God has blessed. I had all these leaders who were doing the same to me, and Balaam was saying these things about me.”

“On the Mountain with the dew, surrounded by all these leaders, the Lord turned to me and said: “Now will you Trust? You have My Commanded Blessings and I have the final say.”

 Bob: “I knew I had just began to understand the commanded blessings that He had given me; not just the blessings, but the Commanded Blessings). There was no one and nothing that could change these commanded blessings! The only way it could get de- railed for a while is if I was deceived and started to give my power to the enemy.”

Finally, Jesus put His Arms around me, and for the first time I felt Matthew 11:30: I laid my head on His Chest and RESTED. His Yoke is easy and His Burden is light. It was the first time I felt like there was nothing to fix about me. I felt that I could trust Him will all my needs and that it was ok to trust Him with all my needs.