The Yellow House Trust Room / “A Royal Crown vs. A Crown of Thorns” by Bob Hartley


“Sometimes through the years, we may take our hands off our crowns slowly through life’s challenges, mistakes and circumstances. Either you slide off your crown yourself, or the enemy takes your crown off and replaces it with a crown of thorns.”

  • The devil harasses your mind, & causes you to be driven.

  • You try to get free, get out of confusion, to break the isolation and the loss.

  • The enemy does something really horrible and gives you another name.

  • Then he tries to kill and destroy you.

The Solution is Childlike Hope

“Childlike Hope helps you to stop focusing on your pain. Then you are able to focus on your exceedingly great reward, & put on your super-natural capes.”

In the Trust Room you learn:

  • God knows what He is doing.

  • God has our best interests at heart.

  • Nothing is random!

Jesus: “Do you want to trust Me? I have a better plan & better way for your life.”

Bob: “We come out of trials with “Inexplicable Joy” and you proclaim “I Trust God!”
We can love God through pain, by understanding that God is on our side. God is able to answer the deepest of our hearts questions.”