Grief enables you to have a beautiful 360 view where you gain the ability to stay focused on your dreams. Your dreams are then able to go even deeper, sweeter and become even more substantial. The prophetic value is that God gives you an understanding of grief so that you understand the true value of grief. Grief is not identifying with how others feel about you or about others, it is identifying with how God feels for you and others. God said to never take on anyone else's sadness or grief in a wrong way. Asking God how He is feeling towards people in their pain, enables you to identify with God in the right way towards people. You really get set free when you really have the right perspective on grief. The Grief Room is a Place of strength because there is no false mercy.

In this room the most painful emotions will come out but they will turn into the sweetest places of hope because you will meet the God of Comfort and learn how to grieve with Him in healthy ways. Here in the Grief Room you will not deny or suppress, or get stuck in pain; You will learn how to sorrow with Hope and how to keep our eyes on God even in the hardest of times. In the Grief Room you learn to hear with ears of Hope in the midst of adversity.

There is important value in learning how to “Sorrow in Hope” and to not get stuck in dank emotions or grief. Dealing with grief is the key to being resilient, and having post-traumatic GROWTH not stress. Dealing with grief makes you anti-fragile, and compassionate. In the Grief Room you learn how to empathize with others emotions and not wrongly take on the burdens of their pain.

Bob Hartley: “I could not move into Hope and be a Hope Reformer, if I did not deal with my grief. I needed to deal with grief in a healthy way. This is not an option, grief must be dealt with.”