Our God of Supply

In the 4thCorner of the Trust Room we encounter our God of Supply.

Our God of Supply, Who always gives us every good perfect gift from above! (James 1:17)

He supplies us with clear Visions and Values.

The Moses Value

God supplies us with the Moses Value & intimacy. 

His Face is near to us like when God showed Moses His Face (Exodus 15:13)

We discover and adore His Face as the Near God in the marketplace and every arena of Life.

The Job Value

God supplies us with the Job Value & mentoring.  He gives us vision to see the next generation of leaders raised up, who know God and carry His Presence into all of Life.  He supplies us with His Face (as the Psalm 32:8 Mentoring God). He instructs and teaches us in the way that we should go and enables us to impart His Wisdom to the next generation of leaders in all of Life.

The Issacharian Value

God supplies us with the Issacharian Value (1 Chronicles 12:32) We know the times and seasons in which we live, and how to order our lives accordingly.  He supplies us with His Wise Face. He gives us Wisdom for the decisions we are to make everyday according to the times and seasons that we live in.

The Jacob Value

He supplies us with the Jacob Value. This Jacob Value causes us to love what we do and the people we get to do it with.  God supplies us with His Face as the “Psalm 86:15” God, Who abounds in LOVE!

Inside The Yellow House TRUST ROOM you see everything from the hopeful & childlike expectation perspective of God's Goodness showing up in every area of Life! You will receive “Strong-Single-Mind-of Christ Vision” that lines up in Unity with God's Love and Hope and Vision for your family, loved ones, workplace, city, nation, and the entire world!

Bob Hartley: from my Communications Director: Teri Johnson

“I'm having a wonderful time this month inside the Yellow House, going through the “Trust Room”. Sometimes it's so very bright in this special place with Jesus that I have to put on my “Holy Ghost-Son-Glasses!”
Inside the Trust Room, Jesus will lead you on the New Encounter Pathways that He has for you in this new season!
” . . . the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until the full day” (Proverbs 4:18)

Happy Thanksgiving with the Brightest of Blessings that Light up your Life with His Love!
” . . . Jesus is the Light of the world” (John 8:12)
” . . . the brightness of His coming” (2 Thes 2:8)
” . . . the brightness of His Glory” (Heb 1:3)

In these days full of extreme challenges, we need to put our trust in God more than we ever have before. Here is Bob Hartley’s Dream titled: “Unconditional Trust”


Bob:“There is not only unconditional love, but unconditional trust. The Lord had that as a first door and there was…  God took me through my life and showed me the sovereign God and reminded me of when he told me I was such a little man for such big questions.”

The Lord:“It’s easy to trust when things are going good”

Jesus took me through the situations of my life

Jesus:“I know what I am doing and I have your best interests at heart. It is not random. Do you want to trust me?”You have had many losses and challenges, but look at what I brought out of it! I have another plan and a better way for you!”

Bob:“I thought I was to be in the background from now on?”

Jesus:“No, I am opening the door to bigger audiences and wider audiences”

God’s Plan for me was big and He showed me a road, and it went sideways, and backyards!

Jesus:“If you don’t have unconditional trust, you will think you are going the wrong way. I am directing your steps. You have had unconditional love for me, but you haven’t had unconditional trust.”

 I was somewhere in a basement and it felt like it was my darkest hour

Jesus:“This is your brightest hour!”

Then I saw so much gold behind me in the basement.

Jesus:“You were not happy in the basement because it wasn’t happening fast enough, and you  were not trusting me. Anything in the basement that you have to be happy about can be used against you by the enemy. There is nothing that you can depend on for your happiness but Me. Trusting Me is so very important, and you just must be mature enough to trust Me”

The Idols

Jesus showed me how I had been consumed with my family, my health; they had become idols in my life. I was focusing on these idols instead of God. These idols were taking me away from the beauty of the day.

Jesus:“I have given you the beauty, knowledge and grace to be happy today. Look at me through hope, confidence, and unconditional trust.”

The Thorns in my fleshI had about 4-5 thorns in my flesh that were hurting me. I asked a few times for them to be removed. I was doing my best to follow Jesus, and I thought the thorns should be taken away.

Jesus:“My Grace is sufficient for you .  .  .  My Hope, Trust  .  .  .  If you are not changing it, don’t use it as an excuse to be sour. See who I am and enjoy Me and the life I have given you. Lose the wrong perspective that; ‘It isn’t working out’. I always work things out in the right time and I have something better for you. I am using this difficulty to produce a stronger opening of TRUST”God wanted me to trust Him; for God is God and I am not! It’s ok that it hurts and its uncomfortable because Jesus is leading me down the best path for my life and for everyone involved.

Sour Grapes versus Gold in the Basement

Jesus showed me a sour grape and the idols and how the idols were like sour grapes. I was eating the sour grapes. Then, Jesus showed me Lumps of Gold.

Jesus:“Learn how to be content whether you are bound or base; because you know Me and you know what I am going to do in your life. Trust the thorns and know that they won’t produce an infection of negativity, but an infection of beauty.”

God is God – He knows it is going to turn out better and that it will turn to gold. Stop looking at the sour grapes and the idols down in the basement.

Jesus: “Trouble, loneliness, life’s situations, these fears and idols will be destroyed with praise, praise, praise!”

In the Fire

Jesus then shifted the scene. He showed me Shadraq, Meshaq, and Abendego. They were not going to bow down to idols. Jesus had me stand by them, and even if I was a thorn in the fire, I was to be in there with them. Jesus was right next to me in the fire.

Bob:“I believe the right person is here, I am not going to get bitter or sour as things settle down; the work situations, the living situations, the relationships, etc. I will not bow down to the idol of the manipulation! (of people trying to manipulate my circumstance’s)”

I always need to bow down to Unconditional Trust in Him. Even if the fire comes, He is going to be standing next to me with the angels. In the basement were all the demons that had tried to come against me, but I wasn’t going to go into those fires alone. God was greater and the angels were greater. They would be with me!

Next in the Dream

I saw myself being pushed down a river.  The only thing that I could see was the force pushing me down the river. I couldn’t see God holding me up or the angels pushing me along. All the obstacles seemed insurmountable! But God was lifting me up and directing my steps and even directing me across the river to the right shore to land on. Unconditional trust allowed me to fly high and praise God in the process. It was amazing!

Next Scene

I’m thrown into a furnace in the basement. I see the guards and others who were killed by the fire. And I see the ones who didn’t get burned in the fire; Jesus, Myself, Shadraq, Meshaq, Abendogo, and others. If I had unconditional trust I wouldn’t get burned in the fire, but if I would get negative and complain, the furnace would be the end of me. God wanted me to get His attention through my trust in Him; to trust God in the most difficult situations and say: “God, you will deliver me from that fire, but even if you don’t, I am still going to honor you and give you my best.” Trusting in God takes away all of the enemies power.If I had unconditional trust, I could not be defeated. The forces that were for me were stronger than the ones against me. I will not be harvested before my time. I may have gotten thrown into the fire, but if it is not my time, then even if I get thrown in the fire, I know God will deliver me.”

In the dream I read a scroll and it said: “Are you going to trust Him?”

 God’s Timetable is better than our timetable.

I told God how I wanted things to work out, and He looked and me just nodded His head, but He did not take my advice. He has a better plan, and even with things that don’t make sense to me in the past (the discouraging things that didn’t work out in the way I that wanted I wanted them to work out). In time I will be glad things happened in the direction that God wants my life to go.

I wasn’t getting frustrated with any of the things not working out the way I think they should. God was taking me further the more I trusted. I kept believing for big things and trusting that God will do it as He desires. I must hold onto to God’s Promises and trust Him for the big things, not needing to know how it is going to happen. God is working it out His plan on my behalf, my part is to simply have unconditional trust in Him.


The 5 Way the Lord comes to you:

1. The Lord comes as The Central Commander / The Leader of Christianity

2. The Lord comes as The Wise Counselor & Faciltator at the Counsel Table of the Lord

3. The Lord comes as the Comforter and your Friend

4. The Lord comes as The Narrator of Stories

5. The Lord comes as your Guide You can trust Him!

Bob Hartley’s ‘Wonderful and Enlightening Thanksgiving Story’  “When I was a young man, I left home and was on drugs. I went from being an outstanding athlete and leader to a really very ‘fractured’ and broken place. I had not seen my parents for 3 years. I went to a college course and my dad was the professor! He invited me home for Thanksgiving. So as I sat at the Thanksgiving Table, my dad speaks to me in the midst of my fractured condition and tells me that I will become quite a man and touch many lives. What my dad displayed was ‘Hope in God in a person’.  He reached inside of me and mined out the gold and the dignity versus the depravity; the “Seed of Hope’ from my dad and Who God was in me!  You can put a lot of mud on the seed but it will not stop the sprouting from coming forth. That ‘Seed of Hope’ planted in me that Thanksgiving Day continued to work on my heart day and night, and it brought a healed and expanded view of me. Happy Thanksgiving Blessings from my Thankful Hartley Heart! Love, Bob

The Trust Room – The 2nd Corner: Trusting God as a Friend  

This is where we learn how to trust God as a friend. This where we learn to be vulnerable in opening up our hearts to Him. Jesus is our closest and best friend is more trustworthy than any other. 

“Since we were restored to friendship with God by the death of his Son while we were still his enemies, we will certainly be delivered from eternal punishment by his life.”
(Romans 5:10)

“And the Scripture was fulfilled that says, “Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness — and he was called a friend of God”
(James 2:23) 

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”
(John 15:13)   

“I saw a city that that had such a Beautiful, Great and Substantial Invitation to be able to commune with the very feelings and thoughts of God’s Heart. This needed to be clearly understood because they had put many external expectations on God to perform in a certain way.  His Promise was that they were going to be able to feel and commune with the very thoughts and feelings of His heart.  It was much greater than any external change in their children, families, marriages. These things are important to God, but He wanted the “Sprout” to come forth from the desert to where a good man or woman is satisfied from within.”
Love, Bob Hartley

Praying without trust and hope will only frustrate and magnify worry. Prayer should be about magnifying Him and His work in the present moment. One of the strongest things God ever said to me is that; the enemies number one thing to attack is ‘trust’.
God to Bob: “There is a disease that is worse than cancer and it is doubt. There is an addiction that is more destructive than heroine, and it is doubt. Doubt has closed more businesses, broken up more families, and caused more wars . . . brought forth more serial killers . . . . Do you know who the number one fuel to doubt is? My people are. It is the most commonly accepted drug in the Body of Christ and it is worse than crack cocaine!

Then He showed me people who were addicted to doubt and they were ones that I knew. He showed me how their outside looked good but their insides were so deteriorated. Trust takes us into the bathroom, or ‘REST-ROOM’. In the Rest-Room, we take a bath in TRUST; trusts lead to rest and gets rid of the constipation of worry. Trust enables us to have a bowel movement and that is the ‘Compassion’ movement.

Contemplative Scriptures

Jeremiah 17:7-8:

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord

And whose trust is the Lord.

For he will be like a tree planted by the water,

That extends its roots by a stream

And will not fear when the heat comes;

But its leaves will be green,

And it will not be anxious in a year of drought

Nor cease to yield fruit.”

Proverbs 3:5-6:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart

And do not lean on your own understanding.

6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He will make your paths straight”

Psalm 56:3:

“When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.”

Isaiah 43:2:

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;

And through the rivers, they will not overflow you.

When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched,

Nor will the flame burn you.”

Psalm 91:1-2:

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High

Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,

My God, in whom I trust!”

Psalm 143:8:

“Let me hear Your Loving-kindness in the morning;

for I trust in You.

Teach me the way in which I should walk;

For to You I lift up my soul.”

James 1:6:

“But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind.”

Matthew 6:8:

“So do not be like them; for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.”

Philippians 4:19:

“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

Hebrews 13:6:

“The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid. What will man do to me?”

“Hope positions you into the Heart of the Man of Hope, Jesus. Hope brings you forth in a steadfast place of moving forward in the most the most difficult situations like when Moses said to God: “If Your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.”(Exodus 33:15) Let’s be like Mary when she said “Be it unto me Lord, according to Your Word.” (Luke 1:38) Let's embrace what we do not understand and simply trust God!” 
Love, Bob

“A few years ago I had this encounter with Jesus: “I was at a river with wide canals and He walked up to me. He had me put my worries in these boats and then they sailed away. I waited a long time until . . . the boats came back to me. The boats were FULL of Gifts and Answers and Solutions! Trusting God has wonderful rewards and literally; ‘BOATS-FULL-OF-BLESSINGS' for you and me!”
Love, Bob

“Through the years slowly, we can take our hands off our crowns. Through life challenges and mistakes, the enemy then takes this beautiful crown off your head or you slide it off through the circumstances and the challenges. Then the enemy puts a crown of thorns on your head and starts to harass your mind. Then enemy causes you to be driven, where you’re just driving to get free, get out of confusion, to break the isolation and the loss. Then the enemy does something really horrible and gives you another name. Then tries to kill and destroy you. The answer is this childlike hope. Not focusing on pain, but on exceedingly great reward, putting on our capes.”
“In the Trust Room, God said, “I know what I am doing and I have your best interests at heart. Nothing is random. Do you want to trust Me? I have a better plan and a better way.” We leave trials with an inexplicable joy that says “I trust in God.”
We can love God through pain and understand He is on our side, and He is able to answer the deepest of our heart's questions.”
Love, Bob


Bob: “I’m in the Trust Room’s first corner, where you trust your God, who is All Powerful. I’m resting in peace because of the One Who was defending me. I saw Joshua and then I saw God come on the scene as the Captain of the Hosts. And God said: “You are either for or against me; Take off your shoes, this is Holy Ground.” And I fell face down on the ground and hid my face with Joshua.

During the past few years of my life,  my belief in the power of God was challenged and had diminished. I did always believe that God was all-powerful, and in His Promises,  but were they for me?

God then took me into the second corner of the Trust Room and this is where He showed Himself to me as God who was my friend. God took me with Bob Jones, where the baby had died, and He showed Himself as my God who cares. He shows me the baby in heaven. The baby’s name is Allison in heaven and the baby was grown-up. The baby had become a mighty warrior who defended the weak. In the inner-city, through the intercession of this baby, and the heavenly witnesses. This was all about the righteous being taken early from earth and then having a real purpose in heaven, to be able to speak into the waters above the heavens. The whole earth was in a cataclysmic war and we had to have this passion and discipline in us, where we say; We choose God and WE TRUST GOD!

I’m seeing God as a friend who cares, and also I’m seeing the ‘Walls of Jericho' fall down, I’m seeing the God Who is All-Powerful! He showed me that Midianites killing each other off. He showed me the angel they killed one hundred and 185,000. Then God said to me: “Do you realize how powerful I am in the earth now, not just back then?” The second corner of the trust room is where I’m with God as my friend, He is showing me His acts of friendship and kindness for me. He is so involved with me as my friend and He’s changing my paradigms. He’s getting my accusations of God, from where I did not trust Him, far away from me. And God asked me: “Do you always turn on your friends and this affection, loyalty and belief?” I had turned on God, and I turned on some of my friends. I didn’t know who was for me or who was against me. So last night I asked God: “Where was He for me in the present as my friend and as my deliver?” I’m feeling like a victim because of my health, how much I can get around, and how much I can do. I’m wondering am I depressed or is it emotional?  My doctor says: “You are so full of inflammation and degenerative stuff, that I don’t even know how you get up! how you’re making at all!” So I know that it is physical. I can identify that; If I can get over it, then I’m off to the races. And I am off to the races and now I can do it, because this physical condition had made me get simple and focused.”

In the ‘YELLOW HOUSE TRUST ROOM' you get New Glasses to see with Faith versus Doubt!


Presently, it was normal and accepted to live in doubt.

This put them in ‘Haggai Prisons of Self Concern’ It was the most destructive disease!  It was just as wrong, if not more, than an alcoholic bringing destruction to a family. To have a Doubt Addict in the room was disastrous for children, extended family, businesses, etc.

The enemy was excited about keeping Doubt Addicts alive in their prison of Doubts so that they would spread their doubt to all that were around them and into the city.  I saw some (faces and names) that were living in the “Woe is me – business is going down”, and not understanding that a better business would come or that the Lord wanted them to have a little less and not be so concerned about their stuff.

However, He did have Kings that He did want to prosper mightily in these seasons, but the had to become Issacharians that could hit ‘curve balls’ and take the Desert and make it Bloom. How were these ones to do this?  These ones would have to get proper Eyeglasses and go through the Recovery Program for a Doubt Addict.  They would need corrective vision and be able to see in faith vs. seeing in doubt.

The 4 Step Recovery Program for Doubt Addicts

  1. Adore Him
  2. Proclaim who He is
  3. Give thanks and magnify what God has done vs. what the enemy says He hasn’t done.
  4. Supplicate with such confidence and faith in the competent God.

#1 Adoration 

This was to be Adoration on a whole different level from 2 Samuel 6-7. There are those who are in love with being in love, but have not identified the specific face of God they are to discern in their life, in their unique season to be able to magnify God and Adore Him in the place of their deepest groan.

This unlocking of the Adoration Pillars Room is the place of 2 Chronicles 20, where worship and magnifying God came at their greatest pain and destroyed the enemy. This is a whole different level of  Identification Prayer w/God’s heart and sensitivity to His specific person, than just adoring a general distant force. They would have to do the spiritual work to cultivate this discernment of God’s heart – it’s like a marriage.  It is work to understand your wife’s or your husband’s heart. This is the next step in Adoration – Understanding His heart, the times and the seasons & being able to hit the ‘curve balls’ – running to God when it doesn’t make sense and Adoring Him through it until it does.

#2 Proclamations / Confessions

Proclaim God’s and their Position vs their perceived condition. In Psalm 66, it says to ‘shout out loud’! There is a place of mighty proclamation (warring) for your love for someone and your love for their perspective when the enemy comes and accuses them.

I’ve been many years with Mike Bickle and seen many friends accuse him. It has made me like a tiger to rise up and shout all the louder about the reality of this human being and the heart that he has. I could have been swept into their perceptions of who he was and the mistakes he had made in the past. But it was all a lie. I had a dream where the Lord walked up to me and said, ‘You can’t go wrong with him in the long run.” This has been my proclamation in power and has absolutely right! (the enemy always love to pull down leaders…our God included. We are not going to let this happen. This is what proclamation does).

#3 Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving is power. It is life and death. Without remembrance of God’s Goodness, the enemy gets to pound on what we perceive that we lack (i.e. relationships). Thanksgiving gives us that place where our ‘foolish hearts do not get darkened’ because we quit giving thanks (Romans 1:20). One of the greatest sins is ‘forgetting’, not having cultivated ‘spiritual memory’ in our lifestyles. Our lifestyles are creating this GAP, because we do not have the time to stop and give thanks.

#4 Supplication 

Supplication is the ‘remedy of all wrongs’. It is the place where we get to cast our burden on Him and He really moves on our behalf. There is such power before His Throne when we get the place of True Supplication. Seeing the Needs of others would be the remedy for wrongs. (The Mahalel View of 1 Kings 18).


This morning, I’m in the Yellow House~Trust Room with our “God of the Little and the Big Things”.  I’m reflecting with Jesus and He is talking to me .  .  .

Jesus to Teri: “The things that you think are so small and too tiny to bug Me with . . . . I tremendously care about. Your little things are big and important to me and I absolutely love to take care of them for you. “And guess what? The things that you magnify to where they are so big and seem larger that life to you, are teenie-tiny-small things for Me to take care of! Remember when I talked about the sparrow and counting the hairs on a head? Remember when I told My apostles to do not forbid the children to come to me? Each and every single time that you come to Me with your concerns no matter how big or small, you never bug Me. When you come to me I’m always blessed, for I created you to be with Me!”

Teri to Jesus: “Oh my God, You blow my mind!”

God has proven to me that He cares about the little things and the BIG things in every aspect of my life over and over again. One example of a little thing is when I pray for a “good parking spot” and guess what? He always gives one to me .  . . and yet I’m still surprised by that one! And one example of a Big thing is: a couple of months ago, my husband was hospitalized and transported by ambulance from the Heart Hospital in Bakersfield, CA (where we live) to Cedar Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, CA. There he had multiple tests. resulting in a 5 hr heart operation.  It was very scary and “touch and go” at times. I had multiple opportunities to put to practice the Golden Hope Tools that I have received from Jesus on my Journey through The Yellow House. I cannot count the number of times, I had to constantly shift and align my thinking from the lies of the enemy bombarding me, to Papa’s Heart for Gary. I had to trust God and not only believe for the best, but expect the best. And at night after night in the Hotel near the hospital Holy Spirit would flood me with so much “peace in the midst of the storm” that sometimes my concerns lifted to such a great degree that actually felt guilty! Day after day I have seen our God of the Small and Big Things take care of Gary, and today, he is doing so very much better and his health is constantly moving in the right direction. We can trust Him, He cares, He really does care for reals!


“The God of the Little and Big Things; shows me His Face over the little and the big things in my life. God cares about every little thing – He even knows the number of hairs on our heads. He knows how to love you & provide for you in every way. He is the Good Shepherd, Who sees and cares for you. God is ALL-Powerful and provides for all of our needs, no matter how great they are or seem to be. He is your source of Strength in all things. Today I’m more thankful than ever as I adore His Face as my God of Little and BIG things.

I see His Caring Shepherding Eyes as He shows me His Face as the King with the Heart.
“He tends His flock like a shepherd, He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to his heart  . .  .” (Is. 40:11)
I’m in the Yellow House with God in the Trust Room, and I’m trusting Him with all my childlike faith, expectation and hope. Jesus is  carrying me close to His Heart as I walk with Him. He has opened up new enlightened encounter pathways for us to walk on! And We can really trust Him with the little and the big things, wherever this path of Life leads us!”
Love, Bob 


The Promise Keeper Face of God is that of a Patriarchal Father who sees the promises for us a long ways out and gives everything to see them fulfilled in our lives so that we may receive the inheritance, He has for us.

“One time, I had an encounter with God and He told me that He is again revealing His Face as the Promise Keeper to us, as He did to Abraham and Isaac, who learned to look at the Promise Keeper even when their promises got challenged.   They looked as we should look with: God at “an above the clouds” view of what is to come.  They also remembered, as we should also remember to hope, believe and and call forth the promises that are yet to come for us. In this season God, the Promise Keeper is specifically speaking the Promises of Isaiah 58:12 to us. “

“Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins; You will raise up the age-old foundations; And you will be called the repairer of the breach, The restorer of the streets in which to dwell.” Isaiah 59:12

“God will partner with us in the Promises of Isaiah 58:12 to rebuild the ancient ruins of the knowledge of God. On the Yellow Hope Journey, we can really trust Him to give us a healed and expanded view of Himself and to repair the breach in the Hope of our Calling in Him. We can really trust God with every situation, circumstance and relationship in our lives. He is Our Trusted Friend and Promise Keeper!”

Love, Bob


Jesus said to me, “I am the God you can trust and I have promised you Commanded Blessings.”

I started in a place of feeling pain, self-pity, sadness, aloneness, and I was about to act out of that pain. I felt like there was no empathy towards me.

Jesus asked me, “How did you get here? Why are you here?” It was the same question that He asked Cain and Hagar.

I saw Hagar there alone in the wilderness, sitting under a tree. She had been thrown out of the camp by Abraham. She had been intimate with Abraham and had a son with him, and now she was out in the wilderness, alone with a son and she sat under the tree to die.


“Why are you in these emotions?” Bob: “I guess I don’t trust you.”

 “I am the God that you can trust in the wilderness.”In the wilderness, God was kind and fed me . . . ( Isaiah 2:14-15 )

I was still under the tree with Hagar and the scene turned completely dark, there was no light. It was before time began. It was a total visionary experience and I could feel the swirl of the universe, but I couldn’t see anything, it was pitch black. I could hear the voices of a million scientists saying: “There is no way you can create light out of this void.”

God was beyond unmoved and just said: “Let there be Light!”. .  . and there was Light! It exploded in my mind, body, and soul… I was consumed! And the inner torment and sickness of mistrust was ripped off my soul!

Then God said: “Let there be dirt”and the scientists said: “Fantasy!”.
And God didn’t consider their challenges, He didn’t even think about it .  .  . Then there was dirt!

 Empowerment and Joy started to fill my soul. I found myself going from a ‘Spiritual Bankruptcy in Trust’ to where the experience of life’s limits in trust began to shatter and a healed and expanded view of Him became my new state of consciousness! Then God scooped up some of the dirt up and said: “Watch this… My Greatest Miracles!”and then He created man!

God began to show me go the biblical miracles. I felt the rushing of the Red Sea and Moses as he came to trust God.  It was so incredible and authentic! God took me through the Old Testament, the New Testament, and then my life’s prophetic story. Whether I realized it or not, I had no option but to trust Him – just like ‘breathing’ has no option. Every single time I took a breath; I was trusting Him. From the little to the big experiences of trust – He defined them as Commanded Blessings. Not just blessings, but Commanded Blessings that override all.

I felt like I was looking into a mirror dimly and that I wasn’t really known and I have always been known. Now even close friends and people who have known me for years are distant. Who knows your life? Who understands you? Who do you believe that you can let in to know the secrets of your heart without shame or fear of being left alone? Not that you even have to say that much, but with someone who knows your deepest dreams and believes in your intentions to do good. Someone who knows your cries for this time and in eternity. His promise to have an intimacy without shame and that there would be those who know my inward struggles with Him, my most painful struggles with sin, my shameful deeds… but treats me with honor and sees my heart when I think it is unknown, unnoticed and not understood by others. Oh, to be fully known without shame… it was exhilarating and it was His Promise of a Commanded Blessing!

God’s Yellow HouseCommanded Blessings:

  • Commanded Blessing for land, houses and prosperity (Deut. 28).
  • Commanded Blessing for the Grace to be a Patriarch and to move on from lesser things.
  • Commanded blessing to be known as a man of hope, the hope man, across the world.
  • Commanded Blessing for this Yellow House to help heal 50 million people, getting them out from ‘being stuck in the narrow gate’ to come into the Hopeful View.
  • Commanded Blessing for the furniture that is so ornate – the design of this house, and the porch swing – it was ridiculously beautiful!
  • His Hearts Desire Room – where you knew God would always fight for you and win. You knew you would never cry alone, laugh alone, love alone; you would never be alone.
  • The Joy Room – where the sparkle never left a person’s eye.
  • The I Love You Room – where there was total restoration in the violations of love. People came out and were empowered daily to write a love letter to themselves.
  • The Grief Room – was so beautiful where people were completely healed of trauma.
  • The Hope Room – where there was not one disappointment that could stick to a person and stay lodge inside of them. They were all given hope magnets when they left the room and the magnet attracted hope. They were given new glasses and they put on lenses of Hope.
  • The Trust Room – also called the ‘Dream Room’ because you were able to dream again and all your dreams would come true!

Jesus pointed right into my face and with the same power that he had commanded light to come forth with, and Jesus said:


 “Bob Hartley” (somehow I knew that Jesus saying my name was an awesome commanded blessing.)

 “Be enjoyed by me.”

 “Be fascinated at life! Marvel and be awestruck and build with wonder!”

 “I command the blessing of divine entertainment in your life.”

 “I command the blessing that when your heart hurts, it will be healed.

 “I command the blessing for you to have a beautiful woman that adores you and that you adore.”

 “I command the blessing of children that will be leaders in my name and you will see the light in their eyes.”

 “I command the blessing for you to have a partner with the unwavering commitment to each another, and you will pass through the struggles of love and always have love re-awakened greater.”

“I command the blessing that you will be a wise scribe and you will write the prophetic story of your family, that you have a place where you see all the ground die, but they will come back alive. The prophetic promises and inheritances for the Hartley’s will come and be seen in your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.”

 “I command the blessing that you will be whole hearted and passionate all your days towards Me, My Promises, My Work, and My labor of Love. “

 “I command the blessing of designer cravings that they are not toxic cravings that will lead your heart to be dead, but will lead your heart to be happy and full of emotional health and hope and intimacy without shame.”

 “In the end, the enemy does NOT have the power to steal the commanded blessings.”

 Then, I saw the sun setting behind Jesus and the Fire in His Eyes. I saw Him through a stained glass window, and the ocean waves of ‘Beauty and Trust’ were coming over me. We were on a mountain with dew and leaders were coming up to accuse me and it didn’t matter… I could not get discredited because God had the final say and had numbered all of my days.

I saw number 22:12 – I saw Balaam. The King came and told Him to curse Israel, and Balaam said “I can’t curse what God has blessed”… and Balaam was me! There were 3 times that these leaders wanted me to curse like with Balaam. Three times they tried and offered more money, and still Balaam wouldn’t curse. So they bring the whole army, and they have a whole bunch of money, and they asked him again to curse Israel. Then Balaam says again: “Israel will be known forever, and you cannot curse what God has blessed. I had all these leaders who were doing the same to me, and Balaam was saying these things about me.

On the Mountain with the dew, surrounded by all these leaders, the Lord turned to me and said:

“Now will you Trust? You have My Commanded Blessings and I have the final say.”

 Bob: I knew I had just began to understand the commanded blessings that He had given me; not just the blessings, but the Commanded Blessings). There was no one and nothing that could change these commanded blessings! The only way it could get de- railed for a while is if I was deceived and started to give my power to the enemy.

The dream ended with Jesus putting His arms around me, and for the first time I felt Matthew 11:30: I laid my head on His Chest and RESTED. His Yoke is easy and His Burden is light. It was the first time I felt like there was nothing to fix about me. I felt that I could trust Him will all my needs and that it was ok to trust Him with all my needs.

The Trust Room & The Face of God as The Good Shepherd

“My Good Shepherd, Who makes me lie down in green pastures and gives me rest. I believe one of my greatest opportunities in the Trust Room is to embrace this posture called Rest and Recovery that the Good Shepherd gives me. In this season of my life, I have entered into a whole new and deeper level in resting and trusting Him.  I’m not going to miss out on what He has for me this season because, it is simply just TOO WONDERFUL!
Love, Bob

Behold & Adore Your Good Shepherd!
As you trust Him, you give Him Blessings, Honor and Glory, for He is Worthy!

Declare in the “Heavenly Places”  where you are seated with Jesus:                                                                           

Oh God! You are my Good Shepherd; and in You I lack nothing;

You lead & guide me with Your Perfect Leadership;

You lead me to green pastures,  filled with abundant life;

You lead me to still waters; You completely restore me; 

My cup is full to overflowing!

(Psalm 23)                                                                                                                                  

The 6 Corners of the Trust Room / 6 Way to Trust 

  1. Trust God
  2. Trust God as a Friend
  3. Trust God to Guide, Protect and Defend
  4. Trust God to Provide All Your Needs
  5. Trust Yourself
  6. Trust Others


“Making the Esther Second Choice” by Bob Hartley

“The invitation that the Lord is issuing to us today, is like the invitation Esther received. Mordecai challenged her to plead for her people before the king, even though it could cost her, her life. In the book of Esther, Queen Vashti is summoned by the king, but refuses him perhaps too busy with their own activities, building her own kingdom or maybe offended at the way the King ran his kingdom (Like many in the marketplace). Esther had a different approach, asking what pleased the king and gained his favor. She chose to love and trust. She had a difficult life as an orphan, only to find herself living the life of a rich princess. When Mordecai alerts her to the plight of her people, the Jews, Esther has a difficult choice to make. She has become comfortable in the palace. Will she like business people, risk at all for their deliverance, or will she off for personal comfort? Esther acknowledges the difficulty of her choice asking for the prayer of others. She had to go before God with her fears, her desire for self protection and self concern, looking instead into the eyes of the One who has cared for her thus far. And there she finds strength to make the choice. I believe everything will change, when we see those eyes. Intimacy with the King of kings will become our priority, above preoccupation with worldly comforts. Her first love was sweet but second love is deep. She made the choice to surrender all and effected deliverance for her people. This story is really about a relationship of deep love and trust for the Lord, whatever storms may be coming to your city. He is after a company of people who will really love Him and start the prayers that will usher in His Kingdom.”

A Call to Prayer

“I believe that there's going to be 3 “C’s” (Cleveland, California and Canberra). Cleveland is being extended this invitation and Cleveland could get its respect back. Canberra and Orange County are other cities with this invitation.”


“Unless 10 cry out; cities will end up like Sodom & Gomorrah (Genesis 18 &19) In these cities the marketplace people are more hardened in their greed and independence. The Lord’s response will be swift and intense but the slate will be wiped clean to have a fresh start. The Lord did not call it judgment but, “starting anew”. There needs to be sincere repentance from the city leaders and earnest desire for the ways of God. Melbourne Australia is one such city.”


“Some cities would go into captivity as in Jeremiah 32. It will seem like the enemy is winning some battles and there is a lack of Holy Spirit activity. In reality God’s promises are true as in Jeremiah (32:42). Small, but mighty groups would seek the Lord in the Word of the Lord would come to them. They would call to God and He would do great and mighty things that they knew not of (Jeremiah 33:3).

I believe Portland is one such city heading into this kind of captivity. We must remember that this stripping is so that the people will be free from distraction and dissipation to call on the Name of the Lord. I saw several cities where prayer & revelation will increase in these small but powerful small groups, Kansas City, MO & Bakersfield, CA were included in these cities.”