The Trust Room – God Stories by Hartley the Heart – Bobby Bell & Toothless Ed

You will be Awesome in Love

Jesus: “You will be much more powerful after your fifties in your love.”

Bob: “Our love will become awesome! Our love will become so awesome, we will bring down the barriers between nations!”

The New Leadership of Hope, Love & Trust

Bob: “What are our biggest rocks to trust Jesus with, & what is the opposite reality? Bitterness. What does bitterness do? It puts a lid on our experiences of the joy & the fullness of life. Even more than that, there is a lid put on our being supernatural in Jesus & our love in being ourselves. When I really love people, I am truly me!”

Jesus: “There is a different type of love in leadership where I just believe in you so much. I know who you are & I just want to nurture you back to health.”

Bob: “The purpose is fantastic, but I must trust Jesus with the purpose & with my heart. I saw a big beautiful box that looked and smelled like LOVE. I also saw those who had loved no matter what, for they had made the choice to never take on offense.”

The Bobby Bell & Toothless Ed Story

Bob: “I took on a job at 3am. My friend Bobby Bell was smart & he did floor work. Inside the floor had two inches of yucky build-up on it.”

Bobby Bell: “Don’t do this job, you don’t have the right equipment. The amount of pneumonia is 29% & the mix of chemicals could kill you or burn your lungs!”

Bob Hartley: “I didn't take Bobby's advice, instead I took the job. I tried getting this stuff off, it was so gooey & very slippery. I got one spin with the black pad, and then I would have to throw the pad out. Each pad is $5.00 & I had a good 90 pads. I did not tie up the cord well enough. I had three to four inches of hot water that was scolding hot on the floor, it was the only way I could begin to break this old wax down. 


Toothless Ed: “I am out of here, this is not going to get done! Bob Hartley, you have gotten us into so many messes! And this one, you are on your own!” 

Bob: I thought Toothless Ed was kidding, but He was gone! I turned the machine on & said; “I don’t need you anyhow! I am going to do it better with you gone!”  I thought; Oh man. I am dead!  It was a weird feeling, I felt so alone & like a failure.”


Bob: “There was a small gap where I had plugged the machine in and hot water had gotten in there. I saw it happen, where it sparked! All of a sudden, there was a transformer, or a circuit breaker traveling up the wire and it hit me! I was about six feet from where it sparked. It hit me & it should have killed me! It sent me straight up in the air! I hit the back of my head & my back on this burning stripper & it started to eat through my skin. I couldn't get up, but I could kind of slide. It was like having some kind of man-eating creature on you that you can’t get off your back!

Then Guess What? I hear Bobby Bell!

Bobby Bell: “Are you in there, Bobby?”

Bob Hartley: “Bobby Bell had just sensed that I wasn’t doing well, so He called Ed. However, Ed didn't answer his phone. So, Bobby Bell drove over to the apartment I had provided  for Ed. (Ed refused to live insde the apartment, instead he lived & slept on the porch in thirty degree weather! Toothless Ed was so used to being homeless, he hated being trapped inside an apartment!) Bobby Bell pulled all 6ft 6″ & 180 lb  of Toothless Ed on his sleeping bag, picked him up and put him in the car. He drove him over to where I was. 

Bobby Bell: “What happened with Bob?”

Toothless Ed: “He’s just dumb & I left him there do to it himself!”

Bobby Bell: “How can you do that to our friend?

Bob Hartley: “I could not slide to the door to let Bobby Bell in. The door was unlocked, but I had put a lot of stuff in the way. Somehow, Bobby Bell pushed the door open & they came in. They put me on the carpet, and tried to help me deal with the pain. Bobby Bell had a first-aid kit and started to minister to me. I CRIED! I couldn’t believe that they both had jumped a barbed wire fence & had got cut to get in there to help me!”


Bob: “If anybody should trust that God could work through people, I should!”