The Stairwell in Fort Collins (Part Three)

God Stories with Hartley the Heart

In order for Cities and Nations to be filled with God's Hope, we must “see” from the Right Perspective

4 Hope Reformation Vision Steps

  1. It's time to look upward (from heaven) and outward to God. It's a necessary time to look and see the way He sees, like I saw in the stairwell. We must go outside the ‘Ministry-Emphasis Room’ and go into the ‘Living-Life Room’ (educational room). I saw Hope for the children, Hope for the poor, Hope for all the institutions in life (political, educational, social, financial, etc) to be established on Righteousness and Hope.

  2. It's time to look to God and collaborate with Him. I saw Hope for prayer (the ability to communicate with God everyday in the city) and hear His Heart for the city.

  3. It's time to look for God's Face and His Nature. I was focusing on things that God was not,  but then I saw Hope for a Generosity and Benevolence Movement rising up and Cities and Nations versus what was wrong. We must stay away from fear and greed.

  4. It's time to see & set the “dominoes” in place. This is how cities and nations will be rebuilt in the days to come. It will take some work to understand and believe. I know for me that I desire for this time to be more than a message, but a time where HOPE is imparted into our hearts!