The Hezekiah Prayer for Kings


Isaiah 35

“And He would make the wilderness a joy”.  There’s a Word of the Lord to understand and bring forth.

Isaiah 36-39

I believe it's a message really about how it looks bad, but in the Hezekiah prayer, there is a teaching to kings, & how they were to pray with Four Different Areas of Emphasis, and this holds true today, for us as kings of our God, the King of kings!


Isaiah received the letter. (Isaiah 37:14-20)

Isaiah took it and he named who God was. He named the exalted place that God had over the heavens and the earth.  Then, he asked the Lord to hear and see.  He did that because he had been turning to other sources.

In his sincerity, Isaiah said:

“Now I am re-recognizing You, as God of the heavens and earth and God in this situation. You, God are the One over the Cherubim, the One over the kingdoms of the earth, and in every situation, I am recognizing You as Supreme.”



“Now hear and see” because he had been looking to other sources, I believe. With that statement, he was saying, “I’m looking completely to you.”

Ezekiel 36:21

“You have been insulted; Vindicate the greatness of Your Holy Name”.


“He’s talking about the level of insult that had come to God’s name.  This is really identification with God’s heart and that Hezekiah is going a greater route here by saying, “We might be destroyed, but there’s a greater issue here and it’s You and Your Name. This is an amazing truth!”

God to Bob:

“Do you know why Isaiah 62 is not happening in this situation you are in?”




“Because it’s not the desire of YOUR heart.”


“If it was really the desire of my heart, then He would give me the desire of my heart”.

“If I really loved the city . . .  .:

“I used to drive in 16 areas of my city, and I had just fallen in love with the city. It was really my chief desire.

King David:

“Jerusalem, my chief joy!” and God redeemed Jerusalem”



“Does our desire match God’s desire?  This is the chief issue of a king. What do you want in your heart?  Then he said, “Now hear and see” because he had been looking to other sources, I believe with that statement, he was saying “I’m looking completely to You, my God. God loves me enough to give me the desire of my heart. But God looks at those desires and says: “Okay, I’ll marginally answer those, but if I do, it might destroy you.  Is this really the desire of your heart?”

Then the Lord asked me to consider my motivation behind these places that I was contending for, like Cuba, Kansas City, Melbourne, Wellington, Canberra, Roseville, Macon, ect.

God asked me these questions:

“Is this really the desire of your heart”?

“Are you really saying Cuba, KC, Melbourne, Wellington, Canberra, Roseville, Macon has been overthrown like these guys that came and overthrew these different cities”?

“Is your chief joy in these places  that they be delivered or is it ministry?”

“Is it some friendships there, or is this really the desire of your heart”?

“If it happened, how would you respond”?

“Would you be ready to die and go to heaven if Kansas City came to the Name of the Lord and He was loved well in these places or is it just an ‘achievement’ for you?”

Bob: I believe this is what Hezekiah was really saying:

“This is really everything to me, and this is the desire of my heart, that this place would not be delivered over.”

And then Hezekiah says something even greater:

“Because of Your name, You’ve been insulted and the desire of my heart is You and You being loved in this city.  You being loved by these people.”


“This is an unbelievable place that Hezekiah’s Prayer brings us to .  .  .”

“Oh God, All I live for is Your name, to see Your Face, to see Your Eyes, and to see You loved well in a place.” (Cuba and all of these other places for God.)

Then Hezekiah reminds God .  .  .

“You have promises that the kingdoms of the earth will be Yours.”

Then the city is delivered, the area is delivered. 

But there’s another question God asks us;



“We are to pray according to the real desire of our hearts ask ourselves these important questions:

“Is this really the desire of my heart?”

“What do I live for?”

“What do I dream for?”

“What do I think about day and night?”

“Hezekiah’s Prayer is really a call for places to “Arise and Shine” for His Glory and for God to be loved and valued in cities and nations.”


God asks us these important questions:

“Do you love Me enough?”

“Does the Love of God really fulfill you, really, would this fulfill you?” 


“I thought, I don’t know!  If God [is] simply loved in a city, would that really, truly fulfill me and the desires of my heart?”

Colossians 1:9 has some questions for us:

Do you really want Wisdom, the Face of God in Wisdom?

Do you really want the Face of God nobility?

Do you want really the Face of God in strength?


“If you can answer “Yes!” and it is truly the desire of your heart, then God will give it to you! But if it’s not your “Chief Joy”, then you really won’t get it, or get to see His Face in this way because God is listening for the desires of your heart.


May the desires of our hearts be sincere with pure motives!

May we decree like King David did:

“Oh my God, You are my Chief JOY, above all!” (Psalm 132)