Return to Joy

by Bob Hartley

My son Jed and I were doing a “two and a half” off the high dive. I hit my ear and ruptured my eardrum, so I couldn’t get on a plane. So now, I have to drive. My good-hearted, and loving son said, “I’ll drive with you.”

We stayed the night in Garden City, Kansas. We got up in the morning, talking and enjoying one another. I had to lay down in the back, and Jed's driving. After a while, I see a sign that says “Jesus Saves.” I thought “I remember that sign”. We realized then that we had been going the wrong way for an hour and a half! We just returned to joy. We just enjoyed ourselves. Even though we were way off course, it just meant more time together.

If we return to joy, even though it seems like we are going the wrong direction, we still come out better!