The Joy Room

In the Joy Room we make the Psalm 100:3-4 decision and enter His Gates with joyful praise. This was the only room the Lord did not lead Bob into; Jesus was waiting at the door where He gave Bob the choice to enter and experience the God of Joy.

Bob: “My breath was taken away when I shifted my focus from the clouds to His eyes. As I entered this room, the gift that was awaiting me was beyond description. The atmosphere was saturated with His joyful presence and it permeated every part of my being. Pain and challenge's vanished in the midst of His abundant joy and delight.”

Jesus: “I have made known to you the path of life. In my presence awaits the fullness of joy and eternal pleasures that will never run dry. This is the promise and the invitation I have given to you and to everyone, yet there are few who have understood the active role they play in accepting this invitation. Joy is a decision that must be made on a daily basis. It is the active turning of your attention from the circumstances to My face as the God of Joy, Who is above it all. In this room of the Yellow House I am going to give you your sense of humor back, and you will experience encounters of Joy that will forever change and equip you as a Hope Reformer.”

The Yellow House Joy Room & the Apostle Paul

Paul is the perfect biblical example of the character traits of a person, who has spent time with Jesus in the Yellow House Joy Room. He found delight and joy in all circumstances as Paul “counted it all joy”. While Paul was imprisoned he sang songs of praise to God. He endured many hardships in his life and the Joy of the Lord was truly his strength. In the Joy Room Jesus teaches us to walk steadfastly in Joy and to choose the Joy of the Lord always.

“Joy in the Moment” Bible Scriptures:

Isaiah 61:10 – I will greatly rejoice in the
LORD, My soul shall be joyful in my God;
– Isaiah 24:14 – They raise their voices, they
shout for joy; from the west they acclaim the
LORD's majesty
– Psalm 100:2 – Worship the LORD with
gladness; come before him with joyful songs.
– Psalm 92:4 – For you make me glad by your
deeds, O LORD; I sing for joy at the works of
your hands.
– Psalm 43:4 – Then will I go to the altar of
God, to God, my joy and my delight. I will
praise you with the harp, O God, my God.
– Psalm 71:23 – My lips will shout for joy when I
sing praise to you, I whom you have
– Ecc. 8:15 – So I commend the enjoyment of
life, because nothing is better for a man
under the sun than to eat and drink and be
glad. Then joy will accompany him in his
work all the days of the life God has given
him under the sun.
– Ecc. 9:7 – Go, eat your food with gladness,
and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for it
is now that God favors what you do.
– Psalm 90:14 – Satisfy us in the morning with
your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy
and be glad all our days.
– Isaiah 12:6 – Shout aloud and sing for joy,
people of Zion, for great is the Holy One of
Israel among you.
– John 17:13 – “I am coming to you now, but I
say these things while I am still in the world,
so that they may have the full measure of my
joy within them!

Bob's “Elijah Dream” in the Joy Room

Bob: “I saw Elijah and I saw his victory in 1 Kings 18. Then I saw him fall before the woman Jezebel because he had an orphan spirit of rejection and he felt he was alone. There was a demon spirit of negation and it was covering Elijah and speaking in his ear. The demon was trying to keep him from his “son-ship” and calling. It was intense; this demon did not want him to experience the God of Delight, who hoped in him. Elijah did not know how to gain access, but there was one thing that would solve a thousand problems; He needed to turn his eyes to God and magnify God. Elijah was having a dramatic, personal and painful experience and God wanted to Hold His face and tell him “Your beliefs are wrong. You & I are going to overcome these ‘joy stealers’ together. There’s no power in focusing on the wrong, only one thing matters, that is your devotion to Me and nothing else.”

Bob: This was a marvelous invitation Jesus was giving Elijah, he could defeat this tormenting spirit by taking every thought captive that stands against the knowledge of God and cast it down! Jesus was there in His Passionate Pursuing Love / His Fiery Hot Love (1Peter 10) Jesus told Elijah that Elijah’s problem was that he had never tasted joy. Joy was a taste, a smell, a feel, really all your 5 senses become golden. And the only way they do is through joy. Elijah had never listened to the Lord for the Lord’s long-term view, He had only listened to the present battle he was engaged in. Then the Lord told Elijah how he felt about him, Elijah was the apple of Gods eye. (Psalm 17:8) God has such a great and caring personality. God had a crown He wanted to put on Elijah. It was the Luke 9 Crown filled with the Authority of the Joy of His Presence.”

Jesus: “Do you know who is Elijah is?”

Bob: “Who?”

Jesus: “Bob, You are!” 

Bob: “Then God put gold all over me. Blood flowed out of His eyes all over me and there was a supernatural encounter with Him to heal me of this negation and to bring me into His delight and enjoyment of my calling. I cried. Jesus gave me a picture of Deborah and told me to rebuke the spirit of negation, and then I would see God’s delight.” 

I saw 3 groups of people standing by me:

Group #1

Those that were waiting for me to just be myself, be Bob, just like Elisha was to be himself.

Group #2:

Those that would never understand, and that was ok. I had to be ok with that.

Group #3

The “Proverbs 17:17 People” They would love me well, even when I couldn’t love myself. 

Jesus: “Cut off the doors of access (earlier by the joy stealers).

Bob: “As I saw some of the “Joy-Stealers in my life Jesus said “I could care less what they think, as long as you are adoring me. This was very powerful and so freeing. Jesus said there was a way to care for their hearts well without drawing back from my discovery of Him and my calling. “

Practical Lesson & Dream Application:

Adore God as the one who never leaves us or forsakes us. The One who delights in us and becomes stronger when we renounce the spirit of negation. Align with those who know how to fight for you and for themselves; and nothing else matters.

The Yellow House Joy Room is a place where you . .  .

1) Choose to Look Up into Jesus' Face of Joy and delight over who you are to Him. The goal is to shift your perspective away from the clouds and into His eyes.

2) Delight in Jesus and see the truth of who He is as the Joyful King. When you marvel at the One who is most merry, you receive joy un-containable!

3 Identify and Overcome the “Joy Stealers” that keep you fixated on the negative vs. seeing and enjoying the joyous gift of Jesus in your life. He is more than enough reason to celebrate every moment of the day.

4) Learn to have Joy over yourself and love who Jesus made you to be. Jesus will help you to celebrate yourself and have you come out of the upper room of trials with the greatest attributes of all, humor and joy

5) Take Joy in partnering with others and releasing Joy and Celebration across cities and nations together. Celebrate with marvelous comradres who partner together and celebrate one another!

The Corners

Corner # 1 ~ God Delights in You

The first thing that you will realize in the 1st Corner of The Joy Room ~ “God Delights in You”, is that “you belong”. Everyone longs to belong and belonging comes before you believe. You will flourish when you are planted in His Yellow House of Hope. As you choose to look up and behold His Beautiful Face, the lessor “Truth of Challenge’ shrinks and is completely overshadowed by the brilliance of the higher “Truth of Uncontrollable JOY & Blessing’.  This comes from belonging to your God as He delights in you! We are on this Yellow House Journey together, to see the reality of His Hopeful Joyful Culture come forth! Psalm 84:1-12

Jesus came to reveal himself as the father and not a lawgiver; He said: You can’t save yourself in this situation. You are to be on the offense because of the authority I have given you. Anytime shame comes or the enemy comes to destroy, Jesus gives us His joy – our authority is in His joy. Jesus said to Bob: I am inside of you; I come running after you and I have given you an identity in me that goes beyond any situation. I came running after you with the ring on the robe when you are on the prodigal road and I will always come running after you when you are on the prodigal road. Don’t you realize this is who I am to you? I am the one who came to bear your sorrows; I delight over who you are to me. Joy always stares at the beautiful. You are a poem to me. You feel all alone, but through this time, you’ll mumble a truth that all will hear. (At times, Bob felt like he was in weakness when he was speaking; like he was mumbling, but Jesus was telling Bob that he didn't realize what power God was going to release through him.)

The Joy Room’s First Corner, “God Delights in You” is the place where you will experience the “unspeakable and triumphant joy” and the “unspeakable delight” that the bible speaks of in 1 Peter:24 and Jude 1:24.
Teri Johnson shares what happened to her when she encountered Jesus in this corner.
Teri: “As Jesus lifted my head, and He looked into my eyes delighting in me, I had so much Joy but I could not speak. He literally took my breath away with His Beauty & Goodness!”
“Jesus held my face and delighted in me: I had an experience where someone I loved had lost hope in me and didn't want to be with me anymore. I went out to my car and just sat there, unable to catch my breath. My breathing was shallow and my heart was pounding. All my muscles were tense and my thoughts were racing. I was unable to think clearly and couldn't feel God with me. All that I could think about was how to end and resolve the pain I was feeling. Suddenly I felt hands on my face and I saw The Lord looking at me with eyes so full of joy and delight. He kept saying over and over “I am delighted in you; I desire and I want you”. His words seeped through me like hot honey, covering all the painful cracks and craters in my mind, heart, and spirit. I was finally able to meet His gaze and smile and it became easy to forgive myself and to simply just be Bob (even with all my weaknesses and shortcomings).  I was celebrated and lovely. Jesus said to me “You are going to make it through this because I am your Joy and your Strength! You will find your voice and you have something special to say. Jesus also reminded me of people in his own life who had displayed profound understanding of Joy!” Love, Bob Hartley

Corner # 2 ~ Delight in God

It delights Gods heart when we are delighted in Him and long to give him love. In the 2ndCorner we develop true love and relationship with Jesus. We realize that relationships are two ways – it is not a fulfilling relationship if only one person extends love and delight to the other. Our God has a great personality! This is where we get to know Him and delight in Him. The Joy Room is a place where our lives our filled with more joy than we could ever Imagine!

Bob Hartley encounters Jesus:

“After hours of Jesus dancing, delighting and rejoicing over every part of me, and I longed to give that same love back to Him. This corner is all about giving God the praise and honor He is worthy of! Jesus pursues us with love all the days of our life and He never stops delighting in love for who we are to Him. There is no greater Joy than being able to pour our love and delight back over Him. This is not a requirement, but a wonderful privilege and blessing to have this kind of relationship with Jesus.

The #1 Mandate and Mission in life is to bring our Father love and joy and to make Him happy. It delights Gods heart when we are delighted in Him and long to give him love. We love Him well because He is so special and He has such a great personality! Our purpose is to treat Him like who He is and when we get to know Him and experience relationship with Him, our lives our filled with more joy than we could ever Imagine! It becomes our greatest joy to delight in God bring Him our love and praise.

Development of a true relationship with Jesus is the greatest gift we will ever receive. In this corner, we are so overwhelmed by His love and are consumed with desire to fill His Bottle of Joy by delighting in love for Him. God is most glorified when we are most satisfied and enjoy Him. He is worthy to be praised all the time, and when we enjoy Him, our hearts and flesh sing with joy over loving God.

When we delight in God, there are great results! The Joy of Jesus (WOW!) Shining out of us – There are progressive benefits when our souls are filled with delight. Our heart and flesh sing with joy to the loving God. Our emotional chemistry changes and we are transformed into His nature.

Corner #3 ~ Joy in the Moment

In this corner, Jesus teaches us how to have joy in the moment and to see His face every day. He is our ever present friend and He wants us to know and experience Him in every moment of the day. His Joy always comes in the morning and it energizes us for the day. Each day is a glorious opportunity to walk in Joyous communion with our most joyful God.

In this corner, Jesus teaches us how to have joy in the moment and to see His face every day. He is our ever present friend and He wants us to know and experience Him in every moment of the day. His Joy always comes in the morning and it energizes us for the day. Each day is a glorious opportunity to walk in Joyous communion with our most joyful God. God commanded Joy – He said that they needed to have 7 feasts a year and it was so hard for people to stop and celebrate. Heaven is a celebration and God is a great celebrator. He intends life to be a celebration and we make it hard. When you leave joy out of the equation, every evil thing can come in and attack you.

Jesus said; When you don’t submit your thoughts to my Joy and Celebration in the moment, then it adds poison to the bread and you lose the full reality and celebration of God. You lose the ability to hear, your heart of praise and healing when you leave out the joy in the moment. The purpose of the celebration and Joy in the moment is for those 3 things to happen.

God wants you to teach your children 3 things.

  1. 1. Be Merry!
  2. 2. Love Life!
  3. 3. Have Joy in the Moment!

The Lord spoke to Bob about disciplining the children to be the End-time Generation.

Jesus: “When you feed the children “sour-grapes”  it will cause them to set the “children’s teeth on edge.” The number one and important thing the children need to learn is how to celebrate, be happy and have Joy in the moment!”

Bob’s Dream – “Joy in the Moment”

Bob’s Dream:

“I was a scout coming over the hill and looking for the enemy but there was only blessings over the hill. Wow! I kept going over the hills, encountering more and more blessings over each one. (Genesis 41:51)  .  .  . forgetting all the troubles and all the pains. God has caused us to be fruitful in the land of our affliction. Through this process, God gives joy in the moment. There is favor and promotions in the midst of the challenges. Yes, the affliction comes, but immediately after the affliction, expect favor, promotions, open doors, and blessings! The Lord showed me the reality of this passage was when Joseph opened up the store-houses in the midst of the famine!

4th Corner ~ “Joy over Ourselves”

In this corner we learn how to see the beauty in ourselves and celebrate who God made us to be!

The greatest obstacle to joy is not having joy in ourselves. It is like coming to a party and sitting in the corner instead of having fun and enjoying it. Jesus told Bob to get out of the self-analysis room where he was criticizing and critiquing himself. God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in who we are in Him. The fruit of this experience was that Bob’s emotional chemistry started to change and Bob knew that God did not leave him in this situation until he had joy over him.

Jesus to Bob: This is a place where I give you back your sense of humor, which is the greatest character attribute you gain during the valley season. You’ll never have enough character, integrity, or back bone to brag about it. What I want you to boast in is that you know me and you know my loving kindness. Enter into childlike joy, humor, and fun because that tells me you trust me in all things and righteous behaviors will manifest as a result. It’s time to walk away from being sour pusses and be hopeful and confident in My Goodness.

In this corner we learn:

  • * to see the beauty in ourselves and appreciate our lives to a greater degree.
  • * to identify the joy stealers and how to treat ourselves with more love.
  • The chief goal of coming out of trials is to come out of them with even more Joy!

5th Corner ~ Joy Over Marvelous Comrades and Partnerships

It is here that you are blessed by Joy Partnerships and the joy they bring.

You get to engage in holy celebrations with your Joy Partners!

Some people think it's a burden to partner with people, but in this corner you learn that it is really such a joy!

In this corner you realize that God has designed those that will carry your heart and you will carry their hearts also.


6th Corner ~ Joy Over Cities and Nations

There is no greater Joy than bringing God’s Presence into cities and nations. Reformers put the cities hand into God’s hand. release the Joy of His Presence and it transforms every arena of society. We establish Hope Zones / Hope Centers from where individuals carry God’s Presence into the city and marketplace.

The Joy Room  & The 4 Premises about our Life in God.

#1 – God is Happy, so, so, very happy!

God is NOT the big NO in the sky, and He wants us to see Him rightly!  “He loves righteousness and hates wickedness”

(Psalm 45:7)

Therefore our God has anointed us with the oil of gladness more than our companions.  He shows us the path of Life; In His Presence is fullness of joy; and at His Right Hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11)

#2  We will be God’s “Happy Ones”.

We will help heal & expand the understanding of who our God is in Joy!

(Ps 102:18)

We are the Generation who will play skillfully, and we will sing a new a song of Joy. We will be happy, praise and enjoy Him!

1,000 will go from God’s courtroom to God’s Celebration Room! (Ps 33:3)

#3 In Jesus we will have Happy Places, where we will marvel at our God of Joy!

We will celebrate Him with Happy Gatherings, and Happy Hullabaloos! There will be a  “Happy Habitations” for young adults, where our Happy God is marveled at in Joy! Young Adults will come out of melancholy and walk into merry hearts. They will go from having self-medicating / itching spirit’s & souls,  to a place beyond peace,  being in love with God, and delighting in Him.  They will be empowered  to bring others above the clouds! (Psalm 42)

“She smiles at the future, strength and honor are her clothing; She shall rejoice in times to come!” (Proverbs 31:25)

#4  When you get happy in God, anything is possible & probable! 

Through our God we will do valiantly! We will rise above the clouds. Our mouths are enlarged over our enemies in JOY! We will ride in our chariots with Courage!