On January 28, 2016 Bob had a vision of the Brightest Colored Angels being sent to earth by God on assignment. The Ridiculous Hope Angel helped people establish different types of Hope Centers.

The vision showed the angel going from bed to bed: representing an intimate relationship with the King of Kings as you truly had entered into the “Rest of the Lord” and trusted God (the very highest form of Hope). In a challenging world filled with chaos and turmoil, it really takes a ‘Heart of Innocence’ and ‘Childlike Hope ‘plus this ‘Crazy really . . Ridiculous Hope’; to do everything from a position of Hope in God’s New Revolutionary Operating System. The Ridiculous Hope Angel was sent for the Hope Reformers to believe and launch the Hope Reformation that will change the entire world for GOOD and His Goodness sake!

Also in this vision Bob saw angelic assignments for some of his friends . . .

The Brightest Orange Angel – “Ridiculous Hope”

God uses this Angel to help establish “Ridiculous: Hope Centers; assigned to Heidi Baker, Robin McMillan, and Teri Johnson.

The Brightest Purple Angel (Majestic!)

God uses this Angel to establish “Benevolent” Hope Centers – Numbers 27:18-20; assigned to Bill Johnson and Lance Walnau.

The Brightest Yellow Angel

God uses this Angel to establish “Song of Songs 2:8” Hope Centers; assigned to John & Carol Arnott, Che Ahn, Tony and Jessica Kim, and Charles Stock (Anne Stock also had a Healing Angel assigned to her)

The Brightest Blue Angel

God uses this Angel to establish “Revelation” Hope Centers; assigned to Georgian and Winnie Banov.