In the Grief Room with Jesus, we realized to a greater degree that in the midst of Grief; Jesus never leaves our side. He promises us that we will not stay stuck in the feelings of grief forever. We need to walk through the grief in order to move past it in our lives; and God’s Presence is our strength. The Grief Room leaves us vulnerable and we need to go right into the Hope Room or we could fall into hopelessness. (Zechariah 9:10- Prisoners of Hope). Let’s explore and encounter Jesus inside the Hope Room. The Hope Room is where we learn how to have “Hope against Hope” and walk in the “Childlike Hope and Wonder for all the Promises and the Goodness of God to come forth in the Land of the Living!” “HOPE” is the “Expectant & Childlike Anticipation” of the “Goodness of God” to show up in ALL Areas of Your Life!”


We get to engage and gaze upon the Beautiful Face of our God of Hope and adore Him as He takes us through the Hope Room!

Our God of Hope

  • * He advances our hearts into our divine destinies.

  • * He gives us Hope for today!

  • * He helps us to see His Goodness in the ‘Land of the Living’.

  • * He turns the valley of challenges into a Door of Hope. (Hosea 2:14-15) 

In the Hope Room we learn how to have ‘Hope against Hope' and walk in childlike hope and wonder for all the promises and the Goodness of God to come forth in the ‘Land of the Living'.