On January 28, 2016 Bob had a vision of the Brightest Colored Angels being sent to earth by God on assignment.
The Ridiculous Hope Angel helped people establish different types of Hope Centers.
The vision showed the angel going from bed to bed:
representing an intimate relationship with the King of Kings as you truly had entered into the “Rest of the Lord” and trusted God (the very highest form of Hope). In a challenging world filled with chaos and turmoil, it really takes a heart of innocence and Childlike Hope plus this Crazy really . . “Ridiculous Hope”; to do everything from this New Revolutionary Operating System of the Position of Rest. The Ridiculous Hope Angel was sent for the Hope Reformers to believe and launch the Hope Reformation that will change the entire world for GOOD and for Goodness sake!

In this vision Bob saw angelic assignments for some of his friends . . .

The Brightest Orange Angel – “Ridiculous Hope” would help establish Ridiculous Hope Centers; assigned to Heidi Baker, Robin McMillan, and Teri Johnson.

The Brightest Purple Angel – (Majestic!) to establish Benevolent Hope Centers – Numbers 27:18-20; assigned to Bill Johnson and Lance Walnau.

The Brightest Yellow Angel – to establish Song of Songs 2:8 Hope Centers; assigned to John & Carol Arnott, Che Ahn, Tony and Jessica Kim, and Charles Stock (Anne Stock also had a Healing Angel assigned to her)

The Brightest Blue Angel – to establish Revelation Hope Centers; assigned to Georgian and Winnie Banov.

“The CHILDLIKE HOPE and great anticipation of Daddy’s coming home!”

“God found a Home inside of you where He resides and dwells in your Heart of Childlike Hope. Open the door of your Heart today and reach out and touch someone with your Reformers Childlike Hope that will change the world!He is coming in the clouds and we are the clouds that He is coming through, cause God always does TO you, what He's gonna do THROUGH you!
Teri Johnson

“It takes a Heart of Innocence to have the Childlike Hope to simply believe and expect the Goodness of God to show up in all the Land of the Living! God’s Hope Reformation to change the whole earth will come through our Reformer’s Childlike Hope.”

“Hope Hartley” Blessings to your Childlike Hope-Hearts!
Bob Hartley

 CHILDLIKE HOPE                                                                                


“One time in my life as I was experiencing the greatest pain and perplexity, and my heart was being challenged;   I felt so distant from God. As I sat outside in the cold, I felt Someone’s hands on my face and I saw the Face the God as the God of Love, Forgiveness and Reconciliatory Hope. Even though I was still feeling isolation, distance and pain; I saw myself and that God delighted in me. He is spoke to me and said, “I am not going to go anywhere. I am not letting you go.” He was drawing close to me.  He said: I made a Covenant of Everlasting Love to you. I am not letting you go. We have a Covenant of Love. We are going to draw closer. We still are who we are.
I didn’t have to be anything but who I was and God was Who He was. It was so authentic! Remain yourself. He cared and loved me for who I was. That delight over me caused me to return to joy. If I got miserable, I had to return to joy. He said, We are going to be able to suffer well through this together.” Someone is holding my hand through suffering. God wants to be able to keep me in joy, and suffer well as we move forward together. I’m walking with Him. Suffering does not feel the same when you are bathed in His Childlike Reconciliatory Hope and Love and Forgiveness.”                                        Love, Bob

Childlike Hope: “Sleep Like a Baby” & “The Miracle of Pace”

with Bob Hartley & Teri Johnson (Bob's Communications Director)                                                             

Teri Johnson:

“A few days ago my daughter purchased a brand new mattress. She’s a very busy new mom (recently birthed our 7 month old grandson) plus, she is such a hard worker in her career. I thanked God for blessing her with this new mattress and I thought: Oh good! She is going to sleep like a baby! Don’t you love that expression? “You will sleep like a baby!” Reminds me of our Yellow House Journey focus this week inside the Hope Room: “Childlike Hope”. Childlike Hope enables you to sleep like a baby and live all of your life from this place of rest (the whole new operating system based in Rest versus Striving that God has for us) Childlike Hope empowers you to build from a place where you lie down your burdens on a new mattress foundation of resting your head on the Pillow of His Heart. “When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.”(Proverbs 3:24 – NIV) Also, I was reminded of the Miracle of Pace  within the 78 New Miracles Bob received from the Lord.

Bob Hartley:                                                                                                                                                                                               “Childlike Hope comes with the added bonus of the Miracle of Pace. The Miracle of Pace gives us the ability to build everything in our life in REST, without the Disease of Self-Strength. Our joyful smiles come back as we celebrate and adore our God of the Rest! (Heb 3:18). Our Adoration of God mixed with our Childlike Hope and Trust, moves on Papa’s Big Heart   . .  . to bind the strong man and loose angels! (Mk. 3:27) Either we can do the work; or the angels can do the work for us! Let's choose to rest in Childlike Hope and let God’s angels work on our behalf!

Childlike Hope

“As I adore the Face of my Burden Bearing God . . . He gives me Carefree Hope.
One time I saw God as The Promise Keeper and He took the weight of the world off my shoulders. Then, He gave me a whole new operating system based in Rest versus Striving. Do you remember when Jesus slept on the boat in the midst of the storm raging all around Him? Jesus had CAREFREE HOPE!”  Love, Bob

“Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.” (PS 55:22)

“Childlike Hope is Wonderful and Full of Wonder, Trust, Awe, Playfulness, Joy, Simplicity, and Peace.”    Love, Bob

Childlike Hope

Bob Hartley: “One day while I was mining out the Rich Vein of Childlike Hope, the Lord gave me some very important revelation containing strategic Keys to unlock our Full Inheritance that God wants to give to us, now.

The Lord told me that at His Counsel Table, people are getting only 1% of their inheritance. As we sit with Him at His Counsel Table, we must ask Him the “Right Questions filled with Hope to get our Hope back.

God is there for us as a Judge out of the “Court of Accusation” and into the place of “Adjudicating Anointed Simple Plans  He is so very helpful and gives us a new order for our lives, which leads us to the Counsel Table of Lord…”

I’m simply gripped by the thought of us possessing only 1% of what the Lord has for us! So . . .I asked the Lord:

Bob to God:

Why don't we just ask You questions?

Why aren't we Childlike in our Hope?

The Lord answered me:

He showed me some Keys to receiving our Full Inheritance as heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17) And it all starts and finishes with CHILDLIKE HOPE!

The Lord to Bob:
“You have to have Childlike Hope in order to ask questions of Me. It's important that you understand My nature as the Adjudicator. I have already judged your sin on the Body of My Son, so now I'm trying to give you your full inheritance. People don't ask questions because they don't know how My Kingdom works. Oh how I want to speak to them! They are in fear and are filled with shame over their past. That's why My people must see Me in My Court Room. Actually, the first expression of My Counsel Table is the Judges' Chamber where I set all things in judicial order. The book of Hebrews is all about My Judicial Order. This is why I take such a long time with you explaining from every angle the Role of Jesus as your High Priest. Once you understand Me as your Adjudicator; you'll come running to Me in Childlike Hope and never stop asking Me questions. And as you ask Me questions, I'll begin to give you My Counsel and My Blue-Print Plans of My Inheritance for you. You must see Me as your Adjudicator.

(Romans 8:31-35) “What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare His own son, but gave him up for us all. Will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. Who is he that condemns? Christ Jesus, who died- more than that, who was raised to life, is at the Right Hand of God and is also interceding for us. Who shall separate is from the Love of Christ?”

Question: How can we be separated from the Love of Christ?

Answer: We can't!!!

God has already made judgment of our sin on Jesus our Great High Priest, our Adjudicator, Who now lives to intercede for us, to draw us near. However, we don't go to the Counsel Table of the Lord many times to ask questions because, we don't have Childlike Hope.

Bob to the Lord: How can we be more developed and have more Childlike Hope?

The Lord to Bob: You must first come into My Judges Chamber to see and understand by revelation what I have done for you because of how much I love you. (then you'll be free to have that Childlike Hope and you won't hold back asking Me Hope filled questions).

(Hebrews 10:19-22) “Therefore , brothers, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the Blood of Jesus, by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, His Body, and since we have a Great High Priest over the House of God, let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith (Hope)…”

The Lord enjoys and is so very  pleased when we come running into Him with confidence and full assurance in Hope, into His Arms of Goodness and Love! As we learn to do this and continue to keep coming to Him; we will begin to ask more questions out of our Childlike Hope.

Childlike Hope starts out in the way we view our relationship with the Father. (Romans 8:15-17) ” For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by Him we cry, Abba, Father. The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children. Now if we are children, then we are heirs .  .  .  heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ…”

When you are heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, you get a Seat of Honor around the Counsel Table of the Lord with Jesus! However when we have a servants mentality or slave mentality by not having Childlike Hope in our relationship with the Father, we'll never receive our inheritance from the Lord.

So, Let’s take a look at how this passage is directly related to the “Luke 12 & 15 Father”.

(Luke 12:32) “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the Kingdom.”

We don't have to be a slave in fear, with Childlike Hope we can feel the pleasure of the Father over us and receive our full inheritance at the same time! Let's look at the “Luke 15 Father” in a different light. I don't think that it was the Jewish custom for the Father to give a whole inheritance to his sons while he was still alive; let alone for a son to ask for it! Although I do believe that our Heavenly Father gives us this parable to illustrate His True Heart for our Inheritance. In this parable; the younger son, in Childlike Hope, asks the Father for his inheritance, and the Father gives it to him, in keeping with Luke 12:32!

I think that our Heavenly Father does want us to have such Childlike Hope in Him. He wants us with our Childlike Hope to ask Him for our inheritance and to not wait, but to ask Him NOW! In order to do this we must come to His “Family Counsel Table” and build with the Father and our “older brothers”.  More often that not, we may still have the older brother's slave mentality. (Luke 12:29) “But he answered his Father, Look! All these years I've been slaving for You and I never disobeyed Your orders . Yet, You never gave me even a young goat so that I could celebrate with my friends!”
The Father’s reply: My son, you are always with me, and everything I have is yours…” WOW! Our Heavenly Father was longing and waiting for the older brother to possess Childlike Hope, to ask for his inheritance because he knew his father's heart. Our Abba Father longs for us to relate to Him in Childlike Hope now, for all that our Father has is ours now! We must ask for it in Childlike Hope around the Counsel Table of the Lord. This will enable us to build with the Lord, a New Operating System in our family business.

There are many passages of scripture that take us deeper into these realities. Galatians 4:1-7 is a great parallel passage to Romans 8:15-17.

To recap: We must stand in the First Counsel Room which is the Judges Chamber. In this room we see our sin judged on the Body of Jesus and then ourselves adjudicated by the Father through Christ. We are delivered from a spirit of slavery into a Childlike Hope in the Father. We can now operate in this Childlike Hope and ask Him anything!

Question: What is the number one characteristic of a child operating in Hope?

Answer: A child in Hope asks his parents hundreds of questions a day!

The main way that children learn and grow, is by asking questions. We can be tempted to think of our Heavenly Father, like an earthly parent, who is sick of hearing his children ask questions. On the contrary, our Heavenly Father LOVES to hear our voice asking Him questions! We are actually commanded to be childlike in our Hope. (Matthew 7:7-11) “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”

Once we see ourselves as children that have been set free in the Lord, we begin to be developed in Childlike Hope. Again, the fastest way that we can develop Childlike Hope is by asking our Father the right hopeful questions as we sit with Him around His Counsel Table. As our questions are answered, we then will begin to strategically build out the Rich Vein of Childlike Hope and our incredible Inheritance that our  Father has for us right now, today!
Bob Hartley
(scribed by Teri Johnson – Bob’s Communications Director)

Childlike Hope and Winnie the Pooh

Bob Hartley: I’m doing good. I’ve been trying to live more in the present moment.

I recently saw the Christopher Robin movie.

Winnie asks Christopher: “What day is it, Christopher?”

Christopher: “It’s Today, Pooh.”

Winnie: “Ohhhh, MY FAVORITE DAY!

Childlike Hope .  .  . allows you to be present.

When we are present in the NOW moment:

We receive Jesus in a fresh new way

We won't miss out in all that Jesus is doing NOW

We can make remarkable connections with Him and others with our whole hearts, not just a part of our hearts.

Bob’s Dream / Encounter with “The Angel of Hope”

On May 19, 2009, Bob was taken further onto his Journey of Hope by an angel named “The Angel of Hope”. During this encounter, this angel took Bob through a series of more than 60 questions, thoughts and circumstances about Hope.

Here are just 4 of the Questions that “The Angel of Hope” asked Bob:

Question # 1 “What is your unique manifestation of Hope?”

Answer: “Hug of Hope”.  In one instance, the Angel stood by Bob as he spoke to crowds of thousands of people.  The people were mesmerized by the hope.  At the end, all they wanted was a “Hug of Hope”.  They would all line up for hours to receive just one Hug of Hope.  In a ministry line where other ministers were laying their hands on people and they would fall over, Bob’s unique manifestation was simply to give people a Hug of Hope. It wasn’t about Bob, it was about this reality of HOPE.  People just wanted to be hugged, and then they’d become one of these “Points of Hope”. In this audience of many diverse groups, the elderly were really highlighted to me because they’ve been told they have no value (the highest suicide rate is 60 or older).  The elderly were going to be some of the greatest hope bringers, and so I was able to speak to them in the crowd and give them Hope.

 Question #2 “Will you open up the books in the Libraries of Heaven and get all of the content that you can about Hoping in God and Hoping in Who God is in People?”

 Answer: Yes! Bob would open the books in the Libraries of Heaven!

Bob would get to move forward in Hope with all the pains, joys,  and perplexities.  All are so good!”
The Angel showed up at the end of Bob’s bed and showed him “Libraries of Content”about “Hoping in God”.

He told Bob that it was important NOT to miss Hope.

  • Like gold-mining, Bob and others were to dig out everything that they could on Hope and teach Classes of Hopebecause so very many Hearts do not know Love and Hope. There is so much more material available to cover in Hope.
  • There is a great invitation into researching Hope and feeding Hope to others. (to know this and not do it is to not really know this at all).
  • The Angel would redefine and communicate “True hope” versus “Optimism”.

Question #3 “What is HOPE IN GOD truly about?”

Answer: Hope in God creates a Banquet out of Life!

Most people are poor fools starving themselves to death when Hope is available. Every opportunity is to set a table to teach on hope through their lives. Every person has an Expression of Hope that is manifested uniquely in who they are.

Question #4 “How does Hope celebrates Life in God to the fullest?” 

Answer: The fullest dream is unfettered in Hope at the smallest sign because it sees the bigger applications.


Childlike Hope is so very important yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The Confident Childlike Expectation of the Goodness of God showing up in the Land of the Living. Psalm 27:13

Bob Hartley:

Bob Hartley: “Although it may seem that Childlike Hope is indistinguishable from Carefree Hope, in my experience this Childlike Hope is focused on the qualities of openness, simplicity, relational sensitivity, and vulnerability that children exhibit before the God of All of Life.”

Jesus welcomed the children to be with Him when the very “businesslike” adults tried to keep them distanced from Him. Instead, He corrected the grown-ups. (Matthew 19:13-15)
In another place and time, He cried out in great celebration and joy that our Father has “hidden these things from the wise and intelligent” but has “revealed them to babes.” Here He was referring to our grasping the deep mystery of enjoying a true union with God as our Papa. Jesus was also pointing to the outcome of walking with Him in the “easy yoke” of true spirituality versus the heaviness of our man-made effort and performance-based religion. (See Luke 10:21 with Matthew 11:25-30.)

AmyAnn Hope Story:

I saw this picture at the Y. My little girl AmyAnn, when she was 7 — she wrecked my car. I thought she could drive and handle it. That was an experience. So, anyhow; just as I get into my own story, He wants to speak to our hearts. I told her to turn, she turns right into a pole blows out tires, bends front end – totaled. Now, I'm going to have to face her mother. I won't get into all the details, but… I said, “AmyAnn, don't turn here but turn up at the corner.” We've got 6 kids, I know I'm a bad dad but God forgives, all have sinned… So, I said: “Why did you turn here?” She says, “Being the obedient daughter that I am, you said ‘Turn here' and I turned.” Lol. She's a lot more articulate and smarter than me. We're walking home, and she's crying and says, “Hold me. I feel like I'm going into this dungeon and I can't get out. I feel like it's getting darker. One after another prison door.” And, she's really experiencing something, and the Lord doesn't let me intervene. “I just feel like my life's over” basically.  Then, she pauses. And, it was profound, and says, “I guess you got to hope when it seems like there's nothing to hope about. I feel like you just got to Hope in God when there's nothing to Hope in. You got to cheer when there's nothing to cheer in.” She's making a lifetime decision in the foundation that was stunning.

Then she says to me, “You're standing far from me, will you hold me?” And I go hold her, and she says, “I feel partially responsible.” lol. “For what just happened back there. However, I'm only 7. You probably shouldn't be letting me drive the car.”  Couple weeks after that, we have our accounting offices in our home, and I run in. And, she's just looking out the back window, and it's all radiant. The whole room is just filled with the presence of God and Hope. Now, she had made this decision a couple weeks earlier. God rewarded her. And, I said, I could hardly look at her face it was glowing so much: “AmyAnn, what is it?”  And she says, “He likes me.. And, He has a great plan for me. Dad, I don't have to be afraid.” She had been around a lot of people that had been afraid of the planet, about their future. She said, “I don't have to be afraid about my future. I've got a great future. I'm really going to make a great difference. I'm going to really be able to go into different arenas.” She just has excelled exceptionally because she got coded with that. And, it's not about success. It's about being all she's called to be for the sake of others.

Taylor Story:

“When my daughter Taylor was young and got into trouble .  .  .  “555” was the code to grab a bite to eat. Even though you were mad at her, she said “555”. . . . you were not going to shut off your love, just because she made a poor choice.

My Cubby Hole Story:

My very special place as a young boy, where I loved to go and pretend that God was friendly and kind, and then one day He showed up and made His Friendship and Kindness and real to me, and changed my life and my perspective of God forever!

People are like Leaves in the Fall:

“I love the leaves. I love the veins of the leaves. I love the smell to the leaves that have fallen off a tree. You have to be blind to smell a leaf once it’s fallen off a tree. You have to hold it up to your nose and smell. You have to not be distracted to smell that leaf. When I was a kid growing up, I would take the leaves, put them in a big bag, bring it up to my room, and make a pile. My two brothers slept with me in that room. We’d dive off the bed and off the dresser into the leaves. We’d just get swallowed up. We would make a pile of leaves so big in our backyard, that we would dive off the roof. You’d just feel that wet freshness and just see the beauty and warmth of those leaves, like a little squirrel in a warm pile of leaves. You get nested into the leaves!”

They were dead but somehow so alive, the texture of them. They were orange, brown, ruby, green. The stem – you just hold it in your teeth and you walk around the neighborhood with a leaf in your mouth. They just tasted good. You eat the leaves.”

“People are like leaves in the Fall. Every person runs into a season, where they have fallen off the tree. They look dead but they are alive in childlike hope. Children love leaves. Children love to run and dive in them. Adults run them over with a lawnmower. As a kid, I would hear them screaming as adults would chop them up and put them in a bag. I said, “I’ll rake them up and take them. But, they were so alive and so beautiful to me.” People are like that. We want to run a lawn mower over them or chop them up and put them in a bag because they are a little brown right now. They look like they could be a little decayed right now. They look like they lost their life. But the leaves are so alive.

Hope sees from a different perspective, sees from a perspective of Life and Restoration. I just saw this leaf come from a wilted state, been through so much, had been so rejected but was so alive, so beautiful. Leaves aren’t perfect. No human being is perfect. We just get to love the leaves. Every time we see a person…

Every child has a crown. Every child has a cape. Every child thinks he can fly.

Through the years slowly, we can take our hands off our crowns. Through life challenges and mistakes, the enemy then takes this beautiful crown off your head or you slide it off through the circumstances and the challenges. Then the enemy puts a crown of thorns on your head and starts to harass your mind. Then enemy causes you to be driven, where you’re just driving to get free, get out of confusion, to break the isolation and the loss. Then the enemy does something really horrible and gives you another name. Then tries to kill and destroy you. The answer is this childlike hope. Not focusing on pain, but on exceedingly great reward, putting on our capes. There’s this place where the enemy wants self pity, wants us to be those ones who are depressed.

Psalms 131

Children haven’t lived enough life to become that sophisticated.

Ps. 45 – Jesus was more fair than the children of men, than the little baby he was more innocent. He had seen it all, but he just wasn’t going to have a bite.

Ps. 131 – David lived through it all, but as a king he said his eyes were not haughty but he leaned his head on his chest like a weaned child.

Do I believe that He died for my sorrows, griefs and pains? I felt like I had to carry them in the name of compassion. I had never handed those over to Him. And, He said, No, you’re like David Ps. 131 you’re a little child and aren’t to concern yourself with haughty matters or matters too big; I can have loving concern, but I hand it over to him. And, I stop musing on it.

Ps. 131 – I lay my head on your chest. I don’t involve myself in matters too great for me.

* Bob's article on The FALL LEAVES and CHILDLIKE HOPE previously published on the Elijah List *

The Yellow House Journey / The Hope Room

Adoration: God of Hope – Temporal Hope
(Hope for our Lives in our lives spent here on earth)

Hope in the Land of the Living (Psalm 27:13)

  • You give us “Ahead-of-Time” Miracles (John 5:20)

Hope for the Day

Hope for New Lands

  • Who expands our territory and gives us Hope for the Promises of our Land to come forth

Hope to Build with God

  • Who gives us Hope to build with You, The Builder of All Things (Heb 3:4)
  • Who gives us Hope to partner & build, our God Who is near and gives us Hope for the best friendship in You. The veil has been rent!

Hope for Humans Beings (Is 61)

  • Our God of Benevolence, Who supplies every body, soul and spirit need and the ability to create wealth

Hope to Love Cities and Nations

  • Our God of Love, who softens stony hearts to increase our love to see the broken with less judgment and more compassion.
  • Our God of Hope, the King Who gives us Hope for every City, Nation, Tribe and People.

Hope for our Families, Inheritance, Future, and for the Generations to come!

  • We will see our children as a blessing and a reward. You give them the grace to become Issachars to carry a great lineage for the Kingdom of God, that surpasses the former generation (Jer 22)
  • You are the God Who restores the Foundations (Eph 3: 14-16, Mal 4:6, Is 58)

 Hope in Prayer

  • Jesus, You are the God Who hears, answers and partners with us in hope-filled prayers. You fill our prayers with Your Wisdom. (Matthew 7:7, James 1:5)

Hope in Our Calling

  • You are the God Who give us personal Hope for our true Identity and our Redemption Who gives us Hope in our calling. We are Your tender shoots whom You will not break! (Eph 1:18, Ps 130, Mt 12:20)

Hope for Freedom from Disturbing Emotions

  • You are our God of Peace, You give us delectable emotions (Ps 23:3, Phil 4:8, Ps 42)

Hope to Hear You

  • You are our God Who shouts (John 14:10, Heb 3:7, Jer 33:3

Hope for Divine Health

  • You are our God of Life, Who gives us Hope to prosper and to be blessed by good health. (Ps 103, 3 John 1:2)

 Hope for Fulfillment

  • You are the Author and Finisher of our Faith, Who gives us Hope for the fulfillment of all Your Promises be more than satisfied with our Life. Not even one of Your Promises ever fail us. ( 1 Tim 4:6, Phil 1:6, Joshua 21:45)
  • You give us Your Hope perspective that is full of life (Heb 11:10)

Hope for Miracles

  • You are the God Who created us and gives us hope for miracles. (John 14:12, Luke 1:37)

 Hope for Revival, Encounters, and Visitations

  • You are the God Who visits His people. (Hab 2:14, Mal 3:1, Hos 6:3)
  • You are the God Who dwells with us and You give us Hope for God Encounters and for Your Glory to manifest in our Life. ( 2 Cor 3:18, Ex 33:18)

Hope for Protection

  • You are our Shield that secures us in the Hope for Your Protection (Ps 91, Ps 27:1-6


Have you ever felt like a Salmon trying to swim upstream???

The Yellow House Journey / The Hope Room
The Hope against Hope Corner

Hope against Hope is where in the midst of challenges and pain, we still believe and proclaim for the hopeful plan to come. When we have a fissure of deferred hope and we shift into a place of apathy . .  . the real  challenge is not to get stuck in disappointment. Hope against Hope is the solution for us.  Despite all the real challenges coming against us today and the coming days, we Hope in God. We see “His Hopeful View” for our future and what is to come for us in or lives.

“Who, contrary to hope, in hope believed, so that he became the father of many nations, according to what was spoken” Romans 4:18

Romans 4:18 speaks of Abraham “Hoping against Hope” that Sarah and He would have a son through whom the entire world would be blessed. “Hoping against hope” refers to a deep spiritual challenge to your hope where a divine promise seems to fail to come to pass… (at least in the time and manner that you expect), but you hope anyway!

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

The Yellow House Journey / Speak the Truth in Love Room (Ephesians 4:15)
Bob Hartley: “Sometimes, instead of Love, I speak the truth in hate. I go into this room, where I start to open up the door of my heart: where the window had been shut and the shades closed. And I start to open up the compartments of my heart. I can begin to speak the truth in hate, self-hatred for myself. I can look at what I am NOT, ashamed that I do not have that kind of love, and that I have made all kinds of mistakes. My Yellow House Journey of Healing and Wholeness has caused me to realize of who I truly am, who God says I am, my true identity in Christ: I am fearfully and wonderfully made, which means: I am wonderful! My brain should never be the Leader, my heart should lead. As I think in my heart, really does become my reality . . . ” (Proverbs 23:7)

More than ever before, in these times with a world full of hurting people, We need to speak the Truth in LOVE, not hate. God's Reformers are awakening and God's Hope Reformation is arising! The world will know us by our LOVE and by our speaking the truth to them in LOVE. What the world needs now is Love Sweet LOVE and HOPE!
Please join us on The Yellow House Journey of Hope and Wholeness, bringing forth God's Hope Reformers that are healed and whole!

The Yellow House Journey / The Hope Room /  12 Forgotten Faces of God

Adoration brings Healing

Inside the Hope Room we behold and adore the “12 Forgotten Faces of God”.  Our Yellow House Journey causes us to be Hope Reformers are sent out completely whole & healed. Our time spent in adoration of these 12 Forgotten Faces release so many blessings and benefits, including certain powerful healings.

#1 Face: God of All of Life Face (Ps 24)

Adoring this Face of God opens up a New Encounter Pathway that expands our hearts for all people.  We see God as our Redeemer, Supplier, Builder, and Our Wise God  (2 Chron 12:32) The God of All of Life heals our vision and we see God’s Goodness manifest in every sphere of society.

#2 Face: God of Your Hearts Desire

Adoring this Face of God brings a new definition to our worship. The Hope Reformers heart is healed to bring forth the healing of multitudes of others hearts in a hurting world, in desperate need of Hope. The God of Your Hearts Desire heals heart disease.

#3 Face: God of Reformation and the Builder

Our adoration of this Face of God brings us clarity and the confidence to build and bring reformation. The God of Reformation and God the Builder heals us from the fractures and fissures that would block us from using God’s tools to build and be instruments of the Hope Reformation. 

#4 Face: God Who Loves Diversity

Some of the many benefits of our adoration of this Face of God: 

Releases people into the 10 different Kingdom Callings.  

• Develops our true identities and gives us supernatural faith. 

• Causes us to be wise stewards. (Matt 24 & 25)

• Spurs us on to long term good works. (Eph 2:5) 

The God Who loves diversity heals depression, bipolar and many other mental problems.

#5 Face: God of Expanded Miracles

In adoring this Face of God, we encounter “The God of Expanded Miracles” & the “78 Types of Providential Miracles”. Any hindrance to the natural process of Kingdom Seed to grow is removed and we are activated. Our burdens are exchanged for New Life! The God of Expanded Miracles heals cancer.

#6 Face: God of the Day & Christ in the Day

Adoring this Face of God brings a Supernatural Lifestyle that comes easy and naturally. We interact with The God of Friendship with Him and with others. We sit and dine with Him at the Table of the Lord. (John 13:3-2) The God of the Day & Christ in the Day heals migraines.

#7 Face: God Who Speaks 

Adoring this Face of God causes you to hear with “Issacharian Kingdom Hope Hearing” and you know the right questions to ask God. The God Who Speaks heals your hearing so you can be one that hears with hope for yourself and others.

#8 Face: God Who Hears  

Adoring this Face of God causes us to be informed intercessors. We know how to build by praying on our knees as God’s Kings. The God Who Hears heals people that suffer from Manic Attacks.

#9 Face: God of Hope 

As we Adore this Face of God we learn about: 

Hope Eschatology and the 27 Temporal Hopes 

• The Five Pillars of Hope. 

• Hope in God for People, the Next Generation, and Cities and Nations

We encounter and get to know: 

Jesus the Man of Hope (Romans 15:5)

• God Who builds Hope Centers

Adoring this Face of God brings us 4 New Hopes;

Hope Unseen

• Hope Against Hope

• Carefree Hope

• Childlike Hope

These 4 New Hopes cause us to advance and to be able to maintain our advancement. God turns the Valley of Challenge into a Door of Hope (Hosea 2:14)

The God of Hope heals people from Premature Death.

#10 Face: God of Abundance & Kingdom Inheritance

Adoring this Face of God makes the rich veins, the power over death and darkness of (Gen 26), and the benevolence of (Deut 8:18) come alive! We are released as God’s Wealth Creators into all the earth for the sake of the Kingdom. (Micah 4:4, Proverbs 31, and Isaiah 2:2) The God of Abundance & Kingdom Inheritance heals people from poverty mindsets.

#11 Face of God: God of Joy 

Adoring this Face of God raises up the Builders of Hopeful Organizations and “Disneyland” Businesses. The God of Joy brings fulfillment and cultural change where organizational and relationship pain is healed. The God of Joy heals people of immune problems.

#12 Face: God Who Anoints and Imparts – Reformers Anointing 

Adoring this Face of God anoints and imparts God’s Reformer’s Anointing. He heals us from fear of failure, fear of change and any lack of confidence. 

Our Yellow House Journey continues .  .  .

This month inside The Hope Room, we will be adoring the “12 Forgotten Faces of God for Reformers”. We will embark on the New Encounter Pathway and the Fruit that comes from being in God’s Presence on The Mountain of the Lord. Like Moses, we will bring Reformation through the incredible Presence of God.


  • (PS 24) HIS FACE
  • (JOSH 5:12- JOHN 5:20)
  • Supernatural Lifestyle
  • Goodness & Mercy Follow
  • GEN 26





Focused on the immediate problem versus Focused on a favorable future    

Mediocrity versus Significance

Apathetic versus Appreciate life

Pessimism versus Optimism 

Produces skepticism with doubts versus Builds faith with expectations

Receiving versus Giving

Striving for existence versus Hard working

Inactive or merely busy versus Productive

Enslavement versus Freedom

Sadness & anger versus Joy & laughter

Expect a hand out versus Offer a hand out

Victim versus Over comer

Draining versus Life-giving

Tear others down versus Build others up

Illness versus Health

Financial dependence & poverty versus Financial sufficiency & content

Survive in a holding pattern versus Advance the Kingdom of God

Are the problem versus Solve the problem

Desiring “wants” versus Content with met “needs”

Delusions versus Sound reasoning

Frustrated & empty versus Fulfilled

Recipient of curses versus Recipient of blessings

Demonic harassment versus Angelic assistance

Disobedient to God versus Obedient to God

Skeptical of God’s existence or character versus Believe God’s promises

Distrust authority versus Trust authority

Burdensome versus Humorous

Sees darkness versus Sees light

Sees nothing good versus Sees potential

Remorse about sin versus Repent for sin

Harbor unforgiveness versus Give forgiveness

Defeated versus Victorious

Negative influence versus Positive influence

Bitterness versus Gratitude

Does not trust in God or people versus Trusts in God and reliable people

Despairs in trials versus Perseveres in trials

Displeased with own self versus Pleased with own self

Proud versus Humble

Blames others for error versus Take the responsibility for error

Priorities out of balance versus Priorities in balance

Elevates the trivial versus Elevate the important

Reads about it versus Makes history

Returns to your past versus Looks to the future with anticipation

Blocks creativity versus Dreamer

Curse others versus Bless others

Wish to win a lottery versus Sow expecting a harvest

Hoarding versus Generous

The Yellow House Journey / The Hope Room / Five Pillars of Hope

We discover True Biblical Hope in five areas that we call;

The Five Pillars Of Hope

“…and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” (Romans 5:5)

The Five Pillars of Hope

#1 Hope in God

#2 Hope in People

#3 Hope in the Next Generation

#4 Hope in Prayer

#5 Hope in Cities and Nations

These 5 pillars empower us with a force of hope that enables us to live our lives in Hope and to bring Hope to others. Having a life established within these 5 Hope Pillars, makes us Hope Reformers; those who transform the lives of others, as well as our cities and nations.

The Yellow House Journey / The Hope Room

He is our God of Hope;

He supplies…  and came to reveal the truth  (John 5:20)

He is focused on a favorable future for you (Jer 29:11)

“For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope”

He views us with significance (Philemon 1:6)

“.  .  .and I pray that the fellowship of your faith may become effective through the knowledge of every good thing which is in you for Christ’s sake”

May we be a People who believe it, live in Hope with a Hopeful Vision

He appreciates Life (John 10:10)

“ The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have Life, and have it abundantly

He builds our faith and expectations, making us His Destiny people with renewed minds that bring true and lasting transformation.

We adore our God of Hope .  .  .

  • Who takes inactivity or being merely busy and turns it into productivity
  • Who is an Overcomer
  • Who elevates the important
  • Who is Life Giving
  • Who advanced the Kingdom of God in us
  • Who solves the problem
  • Who has sound reasoning
  • Who is the Giver of Blessings
  • Who releases angelic assistance
  • Who is humorous
  • Who sees our potential
  • Who is Victorious and gives us Victory
  • Who has a positive influence
  • Who is our God of Gratitude and causes us to be grateful
  • Who makes history
  • Who looks to the future with anticipation
  • Who is a Dreamer and makes us, His Dreamers of Hope

Oh Come Let us Adore Him, Our God of Life and Hope!

The Yellow House Journey / The Hope Room / Crazy Hope

In #5 The “Crazy Hope” Corner of the Hope Room, Jesus teaches us to have Child-like hope in Him and in all the areas of our lives. Childlike Hope is full of wonder, trust, awe, playfulness, joy, simplicity, and peace. Jesus teaches us the great value of having the Faith and Hope of a child, nothing is impossible and the heavy burdens we pick up in our lives begin to lighten as we return to innocence and wonder!

The Yellow House Journey / The Hope Room / Crazy Hope
In #4 The “Crazy Hope” Corner, we receive a greater level of kingdom hearing that enables us to enter what the Lord is birthing and releasing on the earth. This is the corner of hopeful praise and crazy adoration thatlifts us above the clouds of doubt and despair. Jesus stated that our time of warfare has ended in Is. 40:2. We are to enter the sunlit fields of life with Him with Crazy Hope. (Ps 56:13 MSG) The Lord says: “The weapons of your warfare will be different in this coming season”. (2 Cor 10:4)

The Yellow House Journey / The Hope Room / Carefree Hope

The 3 Main Points in #2 Corner: “Carefree Hope”

  1. We learn to really Jesus carry the heavy burdens for us and to not take it on ourselves to save the world.
  2. We realize to a greater degree the truth of “His Yoke is easy and His Burden is light”. In this corner Jesus teaches how to live a lifestyle of hoping in Him in all circumstances and to be carefree.
  3. We partner with Jesus as our Savior. Carefree Hope heals the fissure of hopelessness and unwittingly trying to save the world.

The Yellow House Journey / The Hope Room

The 5 Corners inside the Hope Room to encounter Jesus

  1. Hope Unseen
  2. Carefree Hope
  3. Hope Against Hope
  4. Crazy Hope
  5. Childlike Hope

The 3 Main Points of Corner # 1 “Hope Unseen”

  1. We are blessed with “Hope Unseen”. This is where we see down the supernatural “Hallway of Heaven” and we believe “what will come to be”, even though we have not YET seen it!
  2. Bob had “Basement Dreams” in this corner where we learn how to hope in the dark. Jesus gives us boxes and when we open them .  .  .  a wonderful “Well of Hope” springs up in them, over Who God created them to be!
  3. We discover New Knowledge of God and His Greatness in the midst of challenges when it is really hard to hope!


The Yellow House Journey / The Hope Room

Just like it is hard to see the forest for the trees, sometimes it is hard to interpret your own dreams or believe in the best for ourselves . . . Inside the Hope Room; Christ inside of You, our Hope of Glory is near and dear to you and He loves to appear to you, can you see the Face of Jesus, Full of Hope & Glory? He is smiling at you!

The Yellow House Journey / The Hope Room

In the Hope Room we discover “Hope Unseen” it is where we see down the supernatural hallway of heaven and we believe what will come to be, even though we have not YET seen it.
In the Hope Room, His Hope is not distant or blurry, Hope is near and clear and it comes into focus.

The Yellow House Hope Room
This is a place where your confident childlike expectation of the Goodness of God in the land of the living shows up & shows off! Psalm 27:13

The Yellow House Journey

In October we hold the hand of Jesus as He takes us through The Hope Room. We engage and gaze upon the Beautiful Face of our God of Hope and adore Him!
Our God of Hope:

  • He advances our hearts into our divine destinies.
  • He gives us Hope for today!
  • He Helps us to see His Goodness in the land of the living.
  • He turns the valley of challenges into a door of Hope. (Hosea 2:14-15)

The Hope Room

Last month as we went through The Grief Room with Jesus we realized to a greater degree that in the midst of Grief; Jesus never leaves our side. And He promises us that we will not stay stuck in the feelings of grief forever. We need to walk through the grief in order to move past it in our lives; and God’s Presence is our strength. Tomorrow in October we transition from the Grief Room into the Hope Room. The Grief Room leaves us vulnerable and we need to go right into the Hope Room or we could fall into hopelessness. (Zechariah 9:10- Prisoners of Hope). This month we will explore and encounter Jesus inside the Hope Room. The Hope Room is where we learn how to have “Hope against Hope” and walk in the “Childlike Hope and Wonder for all the Promises and the Goodness of God to come forth in the Land of the Living!” “HOPE” is the “Expectant & Childlike Anticipation” of the “Goodness of God” to show up in ALL Areas of Your Life!”