It’s easy to have Courage when you magnify the God of the Trump Card, Who always Triumphs in Hope! In every room of the Yellow House we encounter a different face or aspect of God to adore & worship. In the Courage Room we encounter Our God, Who triumphs in Hope or in other words; Our God of the Trump Card (a decisive and overriding factor)

Use this powerful Declaration-Prayer to shift the atmosphere and active the angels:

Declaration-Prayer to Our God of the Trump Card

 “Oh Lord!

You trump all of nature and the natural order.

You were born of a virgin,

You multiplied food,

You put a gold coin in a fish’s mouth,

You silenced the storm and made the sun stand still!

You trumped the barren womb for Sarah and Hannah,

You trumped the hungry lions for Daniel,

You trumped the fiery flames for Shadrach and his friends,

You trump our fears and make us courageous like Gideon!

You trumped the giants for David and Joshua,

You trump our weaknesses and make us strong,

You are the God of the impossible!

Only in Hope can the Spirit reveal to us those things that we cannot even think or imagine.

The Bible says nine times: “All things are possible” and “Nothing is impossible” for You!”

Corner #4 ~ Courage to Become Who God Made You to Be

Ask Jesus the Right Questions:
“Jesus, Who have You called me to be?”
“What path are You leading me down in this season of my life in You?”                                                “How much are You there for me as my Courage within me?”

Corner #3 ~ Courage to Love Others

Ask Jesus Questions for Others:

“Jesus How do you see them?”

“How can I have the Courage to love them well?”

“What are the healthy boundaries for me in loving others?”

Corner #2 ~ Courage to Speak Your Truth

Practice Speaking Truth about yourself to yourself.

Ask Jesus: “How do You see me and who am I in Your eyes?”

Then Declare that Truth over yourself with boldness & great confidence!

Corner #1 ~ The Courage Room

You get the Courage to Pursue Your Dreams!

What are the dreams and desires of your heart?

Lift up your dreams up to God.

When He opens the doors; Pray for the courage to walk through the doors!

Journal your struggles with stepping forward and CELEBRATE the Victories!

Jesus loved His apostles to the end.

He bowed down and washed their feet at the Last Supper.

Even though He knew they are going to betray Him, He loved them until the end. (John 13:1)

Courage will cause you to give people that have hurt you another chance.

Courage is to realize that relationships never come with a guarantee, but

you love people anyhow. It takes courage to have unconditional love.

It takes Courage to Speak Your Truth.

Jesus spoke the truth about who He was. He didn't care if he was

ridiculed. He knew the truth about Himself and spoke it out with

Courage and He changed the world.


In The Bible Story of The Prodigal Son, the Father had Courage. It takes courage for parents to wait on their children when they have walked away. God hates the spirit of “pushing away from the table”. However, God loves and extends an open invitation for His children to sit with Him around His Banqueting Table. And it takes a great heart of Courage to continue to offer a seat at our personal banqueting table to our children or anyone in our lives, regardless of their behavior.

It also takes Courage to:

* Lead celebrations in the midst of difficult times.

* Walk into the Greatness of the Hope of your Calling.

* Be faithful in the small things and the everyday life happenings.

* Have a family and raise children and get out of bed every day.

What is Courage?

* Courage is not about being big or little.

* Courage it is about being a caretaker of God’s Heart.

* Courage is about doing anything necessary to help and reach the hearts of others.


Courage is not taking things so personally.

Courage is to stand up tall in the place that you were brought up in. You can’t feed your history and your destiny at the same time. So, you must give your history to God. Courage is having no anger in you and being pleased with who you are. The greatest gift of inheritance that you could ever have is that there would be no anger found in you. In Psalms 16, David sees human-beings as majestic ones. However later he complains about them. He then makes a great decision and says: “Wow my lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.” referring to the people he loved and he knew. (Ps 16:6) In Psalms 73; The people are not necessarily responding the best to God. They are mean to Him, they ignore Him, and they even go after false gods. Here is God’s response to them: He draws them into the wilderness and speaks kindly to them. God: “I held them by the hand. I comfort and counsel them. I guide them into Glory.”

All of a sudden the people have a change of heart and are on God’s side!It’s like Pharaoh when he hated and wanted to cream Moses. In the end Pharaoh winds up saying to Moses: “Take all the goods, all the spoil, leave; but before you go, bless me!” WOW!  from “I hate you” to “I see God is on you. I respect, appreciate and need you. Please bless me!” (Ex. 12:32)

It takes Courage to have no regrets.

Courage is to live your life, make mistakes, and not have to be so darn right. Courage is to relax more, to be sillier and crazier. Courage is to take more chances, swim more rivers, climb more mountains, and to stop being and doing anything that isn’t yourself.

It took Courage for this little girl to mount and ride this Big Horse.
Where does Courage come from and how do you “mount up” the Courage?                                                                                                  
Courage comes when you shout out loud the nature of God and the nature of His promises right in the face of the enemy. It is such a powerful weapon and it causes the enemy to run!

Courage always reminds people that they are valuable

Have the courage to show people that they are useful. People’s prayers are useful. Go remind people in all stages and all seasons, that there is a worth of a human being and importance for that season. Carry people in their pain, and pray to help them in their need.

Courage is understanding people need you and being there for them

Courage is knowing that no matter how secure a person is, they need you. Courage is not acting like the ‘Great Wall of China’, where people have to work so hard to get over to you. Courage opens your arms lightly. Courage is walking with rapture and laughter in relationships. Courage is realizing that everyone you speak to has been hurt, torn, and suffered from disappointment, pains, and despair. It’s all part of life. Courage is to understand they are not alive without it. Courage says my scars do not hold me back.

Courage is not running from your feelings. 

Anger can cause you to draw back. Courage gives you the ability to venture into the deepest of your feelings and not run from them, and be able to deal with them in the right time. Courage processes pain, even if it means screaming or getting upset.

Paul and Silas modeled ‘Extreme Hopefulness' and ‘Unashamed Courage' in the very negative situation of being in prison. Shackled n the midst of their imprisonment, they mustered up the Courage to praise God  and guess what? The Prison Doors flung wide open and they were set free! They went forth proclaiming the great things that God had done for them! Courage never misses the opportunity to see and praise God in a contradictory situation. Paul and Silas had supernatural Courage. They were truly God's Prisoners of Hope, Captivated by Him, Apprehended by His Goodness, Love and Hope.

Peter had to have courage on the beach to step into his calling even though he felt defeated and like he couldn’t do it and was a failure. (Eph 1:18)

It takes Courage to take New Territory

It takes courage to go to places where God is sending you, places where you have never gone before.

Ruth and Abraham both went into new and foreign lands where they knew no one and that took great courage. But if they had not gone into these new lands then the lineage of Christ would not have come forth from the only child of Ruth and Boaz. For Abraham, he went into a new land and he ended up having more sons and daughters than the sand on the sea. All the Jews and Arabs were birthed from Abraham.

Courage is trusting again:

Courage will cause you to get into relationships again that have been very painful to you.  Courage is to realize that relationships never come with a guarantee, but you love people anyhow. In John 13:1, Jesus loved his apostles to the end. He bows down and washes their feet at the Last Supper. He knows they are going to betray Him. But, what He opens up with is this: He is going to love them until the end. It was a choice. Jesus said,“I will never leave you or forsake you.” It is all after this reality that He knows He is going to be betrayed.


Courage is Loving to Learn about People.

Courage faces history and doesn’t forget fathers and mothers. Courage faces the celebration of who you are. Courage loves to learn. Courage is not going to bed before you learn one new thing about each other.

You say, “Tell me one thing I don’t know about you.”

It takes Courage to tell and love your own unique story.  

“Courage is not being willing to die before you are truly born. Courage is giving yourself to loving relationships and friends. Courage is believing people will love your stories. What if they don’t? If someone has lost the beauty of your story, feel sorry for them, and tell your story anyway.”

Love, Bob Hartley

Are you called by God to bring Hope to others?

Join the Journey of The Yellow House for Hope Reformers.
Why is Hope so important?

Hope gives you incredible vision. Hope enables you to see a very, very, very long way out! Hope enables you to see another future.

Hope is a force with longevity and perspective. Hope brings mysterious miracles for the Discovery of God.

And it takes Courage to Envision the New Things that God has never done before.

Are you called by God to bring Hope to others?

Join the Journey of The Yellow House for Hope Reformers.
Hope is all about an anticipation & belief in God for His Goodness to show up in every area of your life. It takes courage to believe God and entrust Him no matter what, with your future. This is the greatest onramp to a relationship with God.

Psalm 27:13 “I would have despaired unless I would have believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

Romans 5:5 “– the Bible says HOPE is that which ‘does not disappoint’ because of the ‘Love of God’ poured out into hearts. <3
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“Courage is dancing on your problems. Courage is to dance on your problems and to believe that God is bigger. Courage is to take the greatest potential agony someone could throw at you, and for you to respond with Hope.”  Love, Bob Hartley


Inside the Yellow House Courage Room with Bob Hartley

“Courage is dealing with your pain. Courage is the ability to acknowledge what you did wrong. Courage is to deal with your pain, and be able to endure hardship well. Courage doesn’t desire any ill will towards anybody, but realizes agony and pain is part of your birthright. It has caused you the ability to learn.”    Love, Bob

Courage is to forgiving yourself and loving people. You are going to be given sadness, pain, and cruelty. It’s all your birthright. Love all of it. You are going to give sadness, pain, and cruelty to others. Have the courage to face it and to forgive yourself. Then, care for others. Sometimes it’s hard to forgive and love people, but we are called to forgive and love anyhow.

Courage is doing good. You are going to have the courage to do good. It is going to be forgotten tomorrow, but do good anyhow. The biggest people with the biggest ideas will be brought down by the littlest of people with the littlest minds. Forget those people. Do it anyhow. What you spend years building, can be destroyed overnight. Courage is to build it anyhow. You are going to give the world your best, and you are going to get kicked in the teeth. Have the courage to get kicked in the teeth. Do it anyhow.

The Courage Room is where we are equipped through God’s Spirit to have courage in all areas of our life. We are given tools to develop our Courage from the strong foundation of Trust. It takes great courage to pursue your dreams, speak your truth, to love others, and especially to become who God made you to be. In this room, God becomes our source of strength and courage.

“Let Jesus take your hand and lead you through the Yellow House; inside the “Courage Room”. As Hope Reformers, we are to embrace courage to have our second pilot light and to have greater vision than we’ve ever had before. Courage means being humble and sometimes standing on your own. Sometimes you have conflict that you get triggered by, people who are being unreasonable, unkind, or misunderstand you. But, in the Courage Room, Jesus gives you the courage to love them anyhow.”
Love, Bob