The Rock Star in First Class

  • Childlike Hope in God, is when we hope in God, by engaging in the Wonder, Simplicity, and Playfulness of the moment in Childlike Joy. It is full of Wonder, Trust, Awe, Playfulness, Joy, Simplicity, Peace, & Forgiveness.

  • Childlike Hope is focused on the qualities of openness, simplicity, relational sensitivity and vulnerability that children exhibit before the “God of All of Life”.

The Challenge of Childlike Hope

  • I saw a snake wrap itself around the waist, and it bit the liver. This represents bitterness and cynicism that can take over the human heart and mind.

  • Jesus cried out once in great celebration and joy that our Father has “hidden these things from the wise and intelligent” but has “revealed them to babes”. Jesus was referring to our grasping the deep mystery of enjoying a true union with God as our Papa.

The “Rock Star” in 1st Class

  • One time I was working really hard, as I was flying on an airplane in 1st class. This “Rock Star” looking guy starts talking to me. “Chill out dude, he says…No one works in 1st class!”

  • Our God, The Promise Keeper cares for us by calling His Children into rest.

  • Promises with Rest  (John 6)