The Mixing Board Room

In this room we learn to attune to God, to ourselves, to the moment, and to God's feelings about other people. (Jesus was comfortable with every class of people, and He always meets us exactly where we are at). In this Room, Jesus teaches us fundamental social/emotional skills that we may not have learned as children. In order to have healthy relationships with God, ourselves, and others, we first must experience someone attuning to us, which is what Jesus does with us in the mixing board room. He adjusts our wavelengths and fine tunes us to play, sing and live in perfect harmony with Him.

Corner 1 – The Mixing Board Room Attunement with God

A) Attunement to God and His presence in our life opens up the pathway of

hearing His Voice.

B) Deep intimacy – He has a call on our life and invites us to experience deep relationship with him in all

the areas of life.

C) Awareness of the Holy Spirit – learning to let Holy Spirit guide our paths

Corner 2 – The Mixing Board Room – God attuning with You

A) God is able to attune perfectly with us at all times; He cares so deeply

for us and is attentive to our hearts.

B) God will always meet us where we are at – He calls and invites us to join

Him on HIs wavelength, but He is not forceful. He waits patiently for us to


C) God is attuned to our pains, sorrows, joys, & fears… He knows

everything about us and He sees, hears, understands, and loves us

beyond measure.

Corner 3  – The Mixing Board Room – Attuning to the Moment

A) Experiencing and attuning to the present moment –

Jesus gives us tools to practice being present and enjoying the

moment. Attuning and being sensitive to what God is doing

in the present.

B) learning how to attune to new envirnments and be aware of what is going on in

the world around us – awareness and engaging with others. No sense of time.

C) Jesus is alive and present at every moment – We can only experience Him in the

moment and He wants to help us be more in tune with His Spirit at all times.

 Corner 4  – The Mixing Board Room – Attuning to Ourselves

A) God has made each one of us unique – in this corner

He teaches us how to be in tune with ourselves and know ourselves.

B) Healthy Boundaries for yourself – Learning to love yourself well and take care

of your heart, body, mind, and spirit.

C) Awaken to your callings and find your joy – knowing yourself and what makes

you come alive. Jesus helps us to identify what makes our hearts feel alive.

Corner 5  – The Mixing Board Room – Attuning with Others

A) Relational skills – Learning to attune to other people and what they feeling,

saying, experiencing; – sensitivity in relationship with others.

B) Overwhelm Concept -Learn the signs of when someone is overwhelmed.

Picking up on social cues that help to avoid overwhelming other people.

The Mixing Board Room is a place where we learn to attune to God, to ourselves, to the moment, and to God's feelings about other people . . . .it's knowing who you are in God.

God surprised me in the corner of the “Mixing Board” room where God attunes us to others . . . He took me to a place where He had me attune to Thomas. In John 11 it says, “OK, I'm going to give everything. Let me die for Him. OK, I get it. That He has–that love is supreme, love for even the least”.

Lazarus had no call. You never hear about Lazarus again in the scripture and Jesus was willing to die for him. I mean, you think about that incredible statement . . . you know he's not like an apostle or anybody that had a role. Jesus said Lazarus . . . . was His friend and He was ready to die for him. And we know that Thomas later became the apostle in India where he's called the apostle of  Love in India. India had a caste system, so Thomas went to the lowest of the lowest and Thomas loved them. And he spoke to them like they were, who they were.

One call from the Voice of God through us to those who feel like they're the lowest of the low, or those who even have attacked us . . . .One call will change their destiny!

So, they had been told they're nothing and they've been told they're, you know, whether by the enemy or by others and by the church and we represent the church, we think, well that's bad. No, we've got a place of power to tell them they're something. Tell them they're of value versus protect ourselves from them and get into a battle with them. So he said, #1 you gave me two people to concentrate on in the scripture, in this role of this room/corner of God attuning to people.
The first one He gave me was Thomas. Thomas was the one who said,  “I'd die for you. I'd die for your kind love, for others. I get it.” And then, you find in the book of Acts, which we need to read the story, but he tells everybody of his doubt. He says, “I will not believe unless I can put my finger to His side and my fingers on His hands.” So here he goes from a place of total conviction that He is–Jesus is Lord and that His kind of love is going to redeem the universe to where he's totally in doubt.

What does Jesus do when He shows up in the upper room? He's got a lot of guys that are prepared to believe Him. You know, there's Peter and then there's others, they name them, Barnabas, that are ready and running towards Him like, “Ah, all that we needed was some little jump start.”

And what does Jesus do? He totally ignores them and He goes with the one with the greatest doubt, Thomas. And Thomas had said, “At least, put my fingers on Your side and in Your hands” and Jesus has Thomas do it. I never got this. That God, in our doubts and our fears, we do NOT have to put on a face. We can be honest with Him. I just, I don't get it. You know, I don't get it that my family fell apart. I don't get it that I just don't get it. And He comes and He does NOT chastise me for my lack of faith. He comes to me in that place of doubt and I found that throughout the scripture, like he did for Thomas, that He would come to that one that has a sincere heart, yet was just overwhelmed with their doubts and their fears and their own sadness and their pain and He delivers them. He is so understanding!

The Mixing Board Room is a place where we learn to attune to God, to ourselves, to the moment, and to God . .  So I always said Thomas was someone that said “No, I'd die with Him also”, but I never really dealt with the book of Acts where he said, “I won't believe” and I just ignored it. I just ignored the reality that God will come to you in your doubts and it's OK to say “I am totally clueless on why You would allow this to happen.” And He loves that place of honesty. Faith is reality. Faith is honesty. And I think when you're in a place like Bethel where it says, “just believe, just be confident in those perplexities” there's a truth to that but there's a truth to a sincere son or daughter that says, “I don't understand” and God is willing to push aside the crowd and meet us in that place. And the attunement there, to Thomas, I don't know, it set me free because I believe that I have questions that I haven't addressed because I believe that they would be questions of doubt and He would not accept it, when I'm supposed to be a leader and have faith and work that through and that isn't a leader. And He took me through the examples of David, when there's a lot from others where God met them in their doubt. I'm just befuddled because He moved right past the ones that even had faith. I mean, He's not afraid of our doubts and it's an awesome thing to think of God's attunement to others . . . but also to me.

And then, he took it to where–this was stunning . .  . God's attunement to Jesus; that Jesus I did not recognize God's attunement to others, that God, that Jesus was totally, completely wholly a man. And He came to His Father and He said, “Why have you forsaken Me?” And He had these tremendous doubts about the reality of His Father's care for Him and His life. And they continued on as you see it and I think we've missed it because we've tried to “super-spiritualize” Jesus as a man, but Jesus could not carry it by Himself. And He showed me that so clearly tonight. I'm riding a bike and I pulled it over because I couldn't deal with it. I just, Jesus had to have Simon and Simon come up where, I mean he, he was not. He was carrying the cross. He was tipping over and we somehow think He would've made it because He was the Son of God, but Simon carried the cross for Him and Jesus Himself was a man that needed the support of others around Him and needed the support of His God to be able to get through His doubts and Jesus had serious, serious doubts. Now are they gonna ever sidetrack Him? No, but God always had, rightfully, a plan that He was going to be supported and it launched me in the sense of attuning to others.

I must be understanding whether I'm getting punched in the face every which way from someone .  .  . I must stay the course and speak to somebody who they are, when they don't see it. This is really my one gift. My one gift, is to: Tell people who they are, when they don't believe it. I cannot abandon that gift.
And I see Jesus, there was three times . .  .3000 times since Jesus did that. That was His greatest emphasis. He even told, you know the, once they came against Him, know who they were according to God's design .  .  . and then 70 years later they walked into it. So it may not happen in my lifetime, or our lifetime, but we're the Hope Movement and it's more than a Hope Movement, there's this wonderful mountaintop where we just ignore the noise. We must tell people how amazing they are according to the call of God and if people want to discount it, they'll discount it, but they won't because it rang true to them.

I believe that we're to attune to who God says who people really are. We're not ever to leave people’s true God-Given-Identity whether they attack us or not. Jesus told them: Hey, you're gonna worship me, not on this mountain or that mountain, but in spirit and truth. In the Job 4:23 story of the woman at the well: He was unmoved by… you know, there was fallout in a Samaritan village that He went to. I won't go through the rest of it, but Jesus kept his focus on God's attunement to those individuals. I believe that His emphasis for us is our attunement to who He is: Jesus was a man and He suffered and He was misunderstood and we attune to who He is. We're so enamored by Him and we so represent Him, He's so beautiful and He's so tender!

Think about the example with Jesus and… who would Jesus use? Example: Doubting Thomas. Jesus didn't back off, He went right for Thomas' doubts. I thought, “God, You're going to leave me alone in my doubts” because I doubted and I'd know that faith is required for You to be able to move and activate. You know, anything without faith is sin, it says in Hebrews, but there is so much more understanding.   .   .
And God says: “Nah, I don't work like that. You're my son, my own son”.

You know, questions, it's just the pressures we put on ourselves or the boundaries we put on ourselves, Jesus is just so into encouraging us while it's still today. As long as we're open, He's going to do that. As long as we're listening to His Voice, He's going to do that. Then we're going to encourage both, our enemies and our friends. You're just going to see human beings who are in the process and they get hurt. And we're NOT going to let go of who they are in God. We're going to be this Hope Movement for Human Beings and FOR people and that's primary!

We must attune to David. David was in training (1 Samuel 16) and if you look at his training, he made a lot of mistakes. He made some mistakes that would disqualify us today and beyond, but then he becomes triumphant in 2 Samuel 1-10. David moves into triumph and it's for the sake of the people; it not just about him. David doesn't stop hearing the Voice of the Lord. He has those around him that are reminding him who he really is.  As David goes through the process and they are patient with him.

From 1 Samuel 10 on, to the end of his life, David had a lot of troubles. But now the difference is that David is so situated in God, that he now knows how to give those troubles to God and trust Him.

I'm going from Thomas to David; two situations of God’s attuning two different individuals. And I'm just overwhelmed, that God attuned to Thomas, Jesus went to the weakest one, the one with less faith and He attuned to Thomas. And I'm also overwhelmed by the way He attuned to David because I never got that, you know, the full picture; there's 141 chapter's about David and if you take one chapter or two chapters .  .   .  Get that full story and that narrative of this king that went through a process. So we must not judge David by a slice of his life. I look at Acts 12 and this is our king. We must discern who people really are in God or we may get caught in judging those who judged and hurt us. Judging others is the last thing we want to do. We’re to attune to who Gos says people really are.

The number one thing you want to do is you pray for others. And it's not pray for them to” straighten them out”.

We must pray for their fullness to come back. Man, Paul did that in Acts 12. There was many that were against him. I mean Paul came out of the woodwork where, you know, he was something but then it went into… you know, it shifted from Saul, where Paul was delivered and honored. He was a guy who killed everybody that were not of his faith. People were terrified of him but he prayed for them. All of a sudden, he was accepted and he was the chief of all apostles! Also, in Acts 12 at the end of the chapter, you have Peter and James thrown into jail. So the church, prayed for Peter. Peter came out of that jail. James did not; James was beheaded. Here's a question: If James would have been prayed for, would his life have been preserved? I think so, there needs to be a covering of people that are praying FOR you. I think James’s life was cut short. When you have many that are not breathing in the air, firmly FOR you, I believe that'll cut your life short. It is important to have those in your life that celebrate you ALL the time, so that you don't have to fight for who you are. You must have people that have attuned into God about who you really are, friends that you never have to convince. And so, I believe that is to be; us together, and that is coming.

 Yellow House of Wholeness ~ Mixing Board Room ~
In the Mixing Board Room we learn to attune to God, to ourselves, to the moment, and to God's feelings about other people. Jesus was comfortable with every class of people. He always meets people exactly where they are at. In this Room, Jesus teaches us fundamental social/emotional skills that we may not have learned as children. In order to have healthy relationships with God, ourselves, and others, we first must experience someone attuning to us, which is what Jesus does with us in the mixing board room. He adjusts our wavelengths and fine-tunes us to play, sing and live in perfect harmony with Him.

As I get into this place of hearing Him, that we're a cross path, crossing of our paths. We're all set out on this journey. You know, even being back here in St. Catherine's, there's so much that the Lord is opening up about this place where we see the best in each other. This place where we're attuned to others, this place where we want to bring out their greatness, place where you ask each other “what's your dreams and how can I help you”.

I want to believe that this is something that's been restored in the Exodus 20:2-3, that authority we have for one another. You know, not judge each other but when your wall's broken down, it says: “Who will stand in the gap for you and intercede, protect that part of the wall?” I believe that's where we get to protect that part of the wall. I believe we've got the right people in place for that to really happen.

The Mixing Board Room ~ Biblical Character Example:

Mary of Bethany – poured oil onto Jesus's feet.

Some attacked her, but Jesus defended her.

Love and Devotion is more valuable than anything.

Bob's Dream

Hi, this is your friend Bob! I had a dream a couple of nights ago. God showed me inside the Mixing Board’s Room; the corner called “Mirrors”. The Lord told me in the dream that this week is “Mirrors” week.
The chronicle of a life and my life is to see the mirrors . . . . However, this has been challenged.
In order for me to be my true self and have my mirror reflect “Hartley the Heart”, I must stare into
the mirror and then I must reflect and discern is this real or not real?
The emphasis of what I saw in the cracked mirrors; the cracks were reflections of my own fear, not other
peoples’ fear concerning me, but my own fear. God showed some examples of fearful ones in the bible like Thomas, Zacchaeus, the Adulterous Woman, David and then myself.
God is not scared of our fear. Our authenticity actually causes God to run to us. God ran to me and said: “I attune to your faith, and I attune even more to your fear, and your fear is real.”
Today there are 3 nations that are afraid to be loved or give love . . . they feel rejected. They will not be rejected because there is a “Bulls-eye-Target” on their hearts for God’s LOVE!
For the nations we must be understanding . . . .
Today, let us study their “Promise” Independence Day. There is an invitation extended for China, France & India to come in and take their seat at the “Table of Honor” and then Canada . . . .it is done!
Happy 4th! Love, Bob


  • Intro into the Mixing Board Room & the First Corner called “Mirrors”Jesus walks us into a room with mirrors and asks us to tell Him which mirror we think is the correct mirror. How do we view ouslelves? He will Show us the correct image of ourselves and help us to be free in who He made us to be without pretensions. No more conforming to who others desire for you to be, He shows us our original design.
  • The chronicle of a life and my life is to see the mirrors . . . . However, this has been challenged.
    The Apostle Paul was able to see the mirrors correctly for He became all things to all people.
  • Others may see us through a cracked mirror. Why? Because we (myself included) have shown or displayed ourselves through a cracked mirror . . .
  • In order for me to be my true self and have my mirror reflect “Hartley the Heart”, I must stare into the mirror and then I must reflect and discern is this real or not real?
    The emphasis that I saw in the cracked mirrors; they were reflections of my fear, not other people’s fear concerning me, but my own fear.
    God ran to me and said: I attune to your faith, I attune to your fear, and your fear is real
  • And then He showed me; Thomas, Zacchaeus, the Adulterous Woman, David . . .and then myself, that is what the mirror reflects  . . .
  • I must see it, this week, I’ll look into the mirror this week.
  • I saw others, some with Him holding up the “redemptive” mirror.
  • I saw The Yellow House with a BIG Mirror. I saw people go into the Mirror Room and attune to the mirror that they see of themselves.
  • The very first mirror that God showed me was myself with a brilliant & clear mind, which has been challenged.
  • I also saw my Last Will & Testament . . . I gave everyone a “prophetic time capsule” of who they were in the mirror.
    Love your friend, Bob Hartley

Transition into The Hope Hearing Room:

Are you called to be a Hope Reformer?

You are invited to continue with us on the Yellow House Journey for Hope Reformers:

We transition from ‘The Mixing Board Room’ into ‘The Hope Hearing / Speak the Truth in Love Room’ for the entire month of August.

In the Mixing Board Room, we become so tender and attuned in our relationship with God that we are then able to go into the Hope Hearing / Speak the Truth in Love Room. The foundation of

Hope Hearing Room is relationship with God's heart. When we become attuned to God and sit with Him as a friend, our Hearing opens up.

The Hope Hearing Room is where we learn how to hear His Voice in Hope and how to Speak the Truth in Love.