The Mixing Board Room – Corner #3 – Attune to the Moment

This is a place where .  .  .

You experience & attune to the present Jesus gives you tools to practice being present and enjoying the moment. You attune and become sensitive to what God is doing in the present moment.

You learn how to attune to new environments, becoming more aware of is going on in the world around you. You learn to engage with others on a deeper level.

Jesus is alive and present at every moment. You can only experience Him in the “now” moment. Jesus helps you be more in tune with His Spirit at all times.

Attune to the moment & you will make remarkable connections!

Attune your Heart's Strings to the Present Moment, and you will not miss out on what Jesus is doing now!

When they accused the Adulterous Women, Jesus attuned to the moment, as He drew a line in the sand. (John 8)

Nothing can compare to the Aroma of the Fresh Bread of Life in this Present Moment.

The aroma of fresh baked bread fills your house with such an inviting aroma! There is an invitation extended to you daily, by “Christ in the Day” to be still and sit with Jesus, this very moment! He is right there with you, right here, right NOW!

Let Him fill you up in a Fresh New Way . . .

Taste & See His Goodness!

I’m so Hungry for His Presence, there is always ‘more in the moment’, plus the added bonus of new strategies; That's the butter on the bread!

Teri Johnson ~ Voice of Hope Team Member

Practice being in the present moment for 5-10 minutes per day

Monitor your thoughts and don't allow any thoughts about the past or future.

Focus entirely on your breathing; focus on what you see, feel, and hear, in the moment.