I Love You Room – Corner #4 – Leah


The Lord told Bob in a dream that He wanted to teach him the “Lesson of Leah” inside the Yellow House, which is the Miracle of Celebration.

The 3 Celebrations:

  1. 1) The Celebration of Jesus
  2. 2) The Celebration of Ourselves
  3. 3) The Celebration of our Inheritances

 The Inheritance of Leah – (Preserve, God of the 5th Scene)

The Lord showed Bob, Leah in the “I Love You” Room of the Yellow House. 


“She needed to learn how to look past the circumstances and opinions of others and build her confidence around My goodness in her life. When your confidence comes from Me alone, you develop a hope that is unshakable… a divine hope that never dies.

“Leah felt like she was on the brink of the death, and she was aching to be attractive, and to be seen and heard… but then I came along and I showed her the sun lit fields and spoke to her of who she was to me, and it changed everything…”

The Wonderful Enlightening  Story of Bob Jones: Rachel to Leah:

  • Years ago, Bob Jones told Bob Hartley that at first he would be Rachel (beautiful, desired),but then he would become Leah. Bob didn’t want to be a Leah because he thought it was better to be beautiful and wanted.

Bob realized that the reason why it is better to be a Leah than a Rachel is because the goal of the story of Leah is coming to realization of our inheritance and working through the stages on the journey of Wholeness with Him.

Jesus then invited Bob into The I Love You Room and took him through the “Stages of Leah”.

The Story of Leah – Part One

Leah was Laban’s Oldest Daughter and Rachel was the youngest Daughter. Jacob loved Rachel and he worked 7 years for her hand but Laban gave Leah to Jacob first. Jacob didn’t love Leah and he didn’t want to be married to her.  She was the ugly daughter, who had poor vision (Genesis 29:17 – “Leah’s eyes were weak”).

Leah experienced deep pain and rejection for she longed to be loved by her husband. So, “When the Lord saw that Leah was unloved, He opened her womb; but Rachel was barren” (Genesis 29:31) Leah gave birth to her first son and she named him Reuben, which means to see/behold: She said, “Because the Lord has seen my affliction; surely now my husband will love me.” (Genesis 29: 32) Leah wanted her affliction to be seen and to be understood, and she thought that would happen when she bore a child. She wanted her husband to love her, and she hoped that by having a child, she would win favor over Rachel in her husband’s eyes, but it didn’t work.

Then Leah gave birth to a second Son and she named him Simeon, which means God Hears, she said, “Because the LORD heard that I am unloved, He has given me this son also.”

Leah wanted to be heard. She had real pains and afflictions and she, like all of us, longed to be heard, acknowledged and comforted in her pain. She wanted to know she was loved and she kept looking to her husband to give her the love she was longing for, but it still didn’t work, even after the second child.

Then she gave birth to a third son and she named him Levi which means to be attractive, or feel affection for – She Said: “Now this time my husband will become attached to me [as a companion], for I have given him three sons.” Therefore, he was named Levi.”

Once again, it didn’t work. Leah was looking to her husband to give her a sense of value and worth; she wanted to be attractive to him so that he would be attached to her as a companion. All of us long to be attractive, and we have all longed to be heard and to be seen, just like Leah.

The Story of Leah – Part Two


Leah's whole life story was focused around what people thought about her. She was not understood/heard/attractive, and this caused much pain for her (and this also does for us, each of us have our own areas where we have felt like Leah). Leah had not realized up to this point, that her whole life story was focused on the wrong reality, because it was focused around the perceptions and opinions of others. She needed God to change her perspective so could see her life according to His truth. (This also holds true for us) .


Leah needed to learn the difference between the  facts and the truth:


It was a fact that people and her husband perceived her a certain way through seasons of her life, and it was a fact that she had not been shown the love she needed or deserved in her daily life. But this was not God’s truth about who she was.


She was loved by God and she was not abandoned by Him. She needed to focus on His view of her, and His lineage in her life.(Royal line came from Leah, not Rachel)

God's view is ultimate truth, and though our daily lives may make us feel that we aren’t worthy of being seen, understood or loved, we cannot define ourselves based on the treatments and opinions of others. (whether good or bad… His opinion is all that matters).


Leah’s focus totally shifts after the birth of her fourth child, Judah. The first 3 sons were the first 3 stages of Leah’s process (see me, hear me, find me attractive). With the fourth son, she sees The God who is greater and she realizes that He is the only one that matters.

Then she had her fourth son and she named him Judah, which means ‘to praise”. She said: “This time I will [p]praise the Lord.” Therefore, she named him, then she stopped bearing.” (Genesis 29:35)

This time, Leah said “Now I will praise the Lord and look to God”.She saw that God was bigger and more wonderful and loving Him was the only thing that mattered. He changed her focus and she was able to see how great she was in His eyes and in her life on earth.She was loved by Him, and when this became true in her heart, it changed her world and the way she viewed the world around her. She overcame the challenges of her life and established hope for the present… hope for now.

(Zephaniah 3: 16-17)  In that day it will be said to Jerusalem: “Do not be afraid, O Zion; Do not let your hands fall limp.17 “The Lord your God is in your midst, A victorious warrior. He will exult over you with joy, He will be quiet in His love, He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy.”


  1. 1) Overcoming self-pity
  2. 2) Focusing on the Love of God in our lives.
  • This was a huge overcoming in her life. The Lord took her through a whole series of steps where He said to her (and us) “You have a great Inheritance”. Leah changed her focus from self-pity and being defined by treatment of others to the focus of God in her own life. She understood that her life was not defined by others but by God's Goodness. He is the lifter of our heads and hearts, and then He uses us to do the same for others. We are to be a channel of His grace overflowing.

The Story of Leah – Part Three:

There is much to be learned from The Story of Leah. She had a divine perception transformation.

Leah had made mistakes and was challenged in her life, but the power of God’s Grace is stronger than any mistake. Through His Grace, we are made stronger. Even if we get hurt, we must keep our focus on His Goodness. He opens the eyes of our hearts to see beauty and blessings in all of life.

We learn to trust in the nature of God vs speaking into the troubles. We learn that what we choose to focus on is what we will experience. This allows us to receive His Hope and give thanks, which releases this gift of preservation and appreciative eyes for ourselves, and the ones around us.

The Lord gave Leah a Hope that sees in the dark and this enabled her to forgive the challenging people and circumstances of her life and walk into forgiveness and the celebration of God.

God spoke to Bob Hartley about forgiveness  . .  . 

Jesus to Bob: “To forgive means to appreciate them. If you can’t appreciate them, then you haven’t forgiven them. Keep focused on Me and you will see My Love is greater than all else. Love is bigger than any challenge you may face in this life. It may not always be easy to believe this, but this is why you must be intentional about keeping your eyes fixed on me. Fear, anger, and self-pity come from believing your perceived imperfections over my perfect love, delight and plan.”

Bob: “I was awed by His Love, and the One who wore the crown of thorns. I couldn’t see, like Leah, and appreciate the glorious plan that He had for my life.”


God crowns us and then commissions us to help others receive their crowns with Celebration and the Inheritance of God Himself.

We crown those who have perceived and experienced themselves as unwanted with celebration and colossal inheritance and favor.

We crown those like Leah, who are in the cynicism room. The ones who have felt unwanted, unloved, and hated.

When we walk through the Journey of the Yellow House with Jesus:

We celebrate life and release the immense power of joy. God made us to be Celebrators! The Bottle of tears is over! It is time to fill the bottle with Joy!

As we release the Face of God as a friend; and the True Lover of our souls: We are able to bless others to see His Face and to know Him intimately.