We looked at Isaiah 35 “And He would make the wilderness a joy”.  There’s a Word of the Lord to understand and bring forth.  Isaiah 36-39 I believe is a message really about how it looks bad, but in the Hezekiah prayer, there was a teaching to kings how they were to pray with 4 Emphases, this holds true today for us as kings of our God, the King of kings:


Isaiah received the letter. (Isaiah 37:14-20)

Isaiah took it and he named who God was. He named the exalted place that God had over the heavens and the earth.  Then, he asked the Lord to hear and see.  He did that because he had been turning to other sources. In his sincerity, Isaiah is saying, “Now I am re-recognizing You, as God of the heavens and earth and God in this situation.” You, God are the One over the Cherubim, the One over the kingdoms of the earth, and in every situation, I am recognizing You as Supreme.”


Then Isaiah said, “Now hear and see” because he had been looking to other sources, I believe. With that statement, he was saying, “I’m looking completely to you.”

(Ezekiel 36:21) “You have been insulted; Vindicate the greatness of Your Holy Name”.  He’s talking about the level of insult that had come to God’s name.  This is really identification with God’s heart and that Hezekiah is going a greater route here by saying, “We might be destroyed, but there’s a greater issue here and it’s You and Your Name.”

Bob Hartley: “This is an amazing truth!”

God to Bob: “Do you know why Isaiah 62 is not happening in this situation you are in?”

Bob to God: “Why?”

God to Bob “Because it’s not the desire of YOUR heart.”


  • If it was really the desire of my heart, then He would give me the desire of my heart.
  • If I really loved the city . . .  .

“I used to drive in 16 areas of my city, and I had just fallen in love with the city. It was really my chief desire. King David said, “Jerusalem, my chief joy!” and God redeemed Jerusalem”


Bob: “Does our desire match God’s desire?  This is the chief issue of a king. What do you want in your heart?  Then he said, “Now hear and see” because he had been looking to other sources, I believe with that statement, he was saying “I’m looking completely to You, my God. God loves me enough to give me the desire of my heart. But God looks at those desires and says: “Okay, I’ll marginally answer those, but if I do, it might destroy you.  Is this really the desire of your heart?”

Then the Lord asked me to consider my motivation behind these places that I was contending for, like Cuba, Kansas City, Melbourne, Wellington, Canberra, Roseville, Macon, ect.

God asked me these questions:

“Is this really the desire of your heart?”

“Are you really saying Cuba, KC, Melbourne, Wellington, Canberra, Roseville, Macon has been overthrown like these guys that came and overthrew these different cities?”

“Is your chief joy in these places  that they be delivered or is it ministry?”

“Is it some friendships there, or is this really the desire of your heart?”

“If it happened, how would you respond?”

Would you be ready to die and go to heaven if Kansas City came to the Name of the Lord and He was loved well in these places or is it just an ‘achievement’ for you? “

Bob: I believe Hezekiah was saying:

“This is really everything to me, and this is the desire of my heart, that this place would not be delivered over.”

Bob: And then he says something even greater: “Because of Your name, You’ve been insulted and the desire of my heart is You and You being loved in this city.  You being loved by these people.”

Bob: “This is an unbelievable place that Hezekiah’s Prayer brings us to .  .  .”

“Oh God, All I live for is Your name, to see Your Face, to see Your Eyes, and to see You loved well in a place.” (Cuba and all of these other places for God.)

Then Hezekiah reminds God .  .  .   “You have promises that the kingdoms of the earth will be Yours.”

Then the city is delivered, the area is delivered. 

But there’s another question God asks us;


Bob: “We are to pray according to the real desire of our hearts ask ourselves these important questions:

“Is this really the desire of my heart?”

“What do I live for?”

“What do I dream for?”

“What do I think about day and night?”


Hezekiah’s Prayer is really a call for places to “Arise and Shine” for His Glory and for God to be loved and valued in cities and nations.”


God asks us these important questions:

“Do you love Me enough?”

“Does the Love of God really fulfill you, really, would this fulfill you?” 

Bob; “I thought, I don’t know!  If God [is] simply loved in a city, would that really, truly fulfill me and the desires of my heart?”

Colossians 1:9 has some questions for us:

Do you really want Wisdom, the Face of God in Wisdom?

Do you really want the Face of God nobility?

Do you want really the Face of God in strength?

If you can answer “Yes!” then God will give it to you, if it’s really, truly the desire of your heart.

But if it’s not your “Chief Joy”, then you really won’t get it, or get to see His Face in this way because God is listening for the desires of your heart.


May the desires of our hearts be sincere with pure motives!

May we decree like King David did:

“Oh my God, You are my Chief JOY, above all!” (Psalm 132)

The Love and Forgiveness Room

The main goal of this room is to gain the ability to appreciate the people and experiences that have hurt us the most. This is the room where God recovers all for us. We will become free from the chains that have held us captive and receive a new heart in Him. We will learn how to love well, even when we aren't loved well.

The Entrance

Bob Hartley: “As I walked into the room, I felt a power of love that I had never experienced before. It was a love that had the power to free someone from hatred, or apathy, which is really what hatred is – having no regard for someone.

The Lord said to me, “This is the‘I don't care' spirit… but it is not self-strength, it is self-protection. I know you feel like you failed many people in loving them well, and whether they are able to receive it or not, you joyfully love them again, or you will be giving into the spirit of intimidation and fear. Just because they have labeled you and made a decision that you are uncaring and can’t change, doesn’t mean that I have labeled you that way. I have a whole lot more endurance and love than that. What you have done or not done in the name of love, is a dot of concern on the radar screen compared to the great blue sky of My Love, Goodness, and Belief in you”

Then He said, “Right now you are giving them the arrows to shoot at you, every time you react wrongly. Meekness and being Hartley the heart and the patriarch I called you to be is the answer. Don’t think I can’t identify with you. Know that I like heaping hot coals on people’s heads… I mean really hot. The more that I show them indomitable hope and love, the madder they get until they melt. The reason why is because kindness (mine and yours) is what leads them to turn to me and my greater love. This is always what you have wanted… to put the hands of others into My Hand.”

Then He handed me arms and arms full of boomerangs and said, “Each time you throw out an action of love or kindness from your heart, it will take these relationships that have gone into the pain and hatred zone, and will boomerang them back into deeper love with me, and guess what? With you too. Oh Boy, this is going to be fun! Just stay steady, be resolved, and let's get going!”

The Yellow House Love & Forgiveness Room is filled with Mercy, Grace, and Freedom. 

This is not a room of shame and condemnation, it is room of Mercy, Grace, and Freedom! Jesus makes forgiveness so much fun for us as He always maintains His Sense of Humor and Joy. His Mercy triumphs over judgment! (James 2:12-13).

Corners of the Room

  • Corner #1: Flipping the Table
  • Corner #2: Appreciation and Blessing
  • Corner #3: Love Hopes All Things
  • Corner #4: Forgive ourselves
  • Corner #5: Forgive God
  • Corner #6: Build a Wall

Corner #1 ~ Flipping the Tables & Letting it Go

This is a place where ;

  • We learn to be honest with Jesus. We let go of any of our feelings of anger, pain, misunderstanding, etc. by not holding back anything before Him.
  • We gain the understanding that people are loving us with the best way that they know how to love.
  • This is the place where Jesus so powerfully helps us have compassion for ones who have hurt us by helping us understand their pain.

Flipping the Table – Bob Hartley


“The first thing I saw as I entered the room was a large banqueting table that was filled with food. Forgotten memories of family love and joyful celebrations flooded in with a warmth and longing. Jesus grabbed my hand and led me closer where I saw the faces of people throughout my life who had fed me on hope, encouragement and love .


My heart swelled at how much they had believed in me and how they had helped me along my journey of life to become the best parts of myself. These were the ones who had brought colors and flavors to my world; the ones that God had used to teach me different lessons and bring comfort and encouragement to my spirit.


Then I looked at the other side of the table and it was all the ones who had fed me on despair and hopelessness. Immediately I was filled with rage and I went over and flipped the table so high in the air. I think this is interesting because this didn’t just impact the ones who had fed you on despair, but also the ones who had fed you on hope… the significance of having both types of people on the different sides of the table. I didn’t realize how much it had hurt the ones that were on the other side of the table. If we focus only on the negative experiences, it can steal the hopeful ones as well.

Jesus laughed playfully and said: “Wow, that was strong, you needed to get that out of your system , didn’t you? That felt good, right?

It can be hard to forgive when you’ve been unappreciated, mistreated and misunderstood… I experienced all of that as well.

Jesus said: “What you need to understand is that people love you the best they know how , and most just don’t have the tools to know any better. It isn’t that you were not at fault at times, or that you didn’t react wrongly or pick up the wrong attitude, but just as I can forgive them, I can forgive you. The best thing to do from this point is to move on joyfully and learn from the past foods that either fed you or killed you.


Jesus said: “You don’t need to react strongly to be strong about opposing what is not best for you. The strongest person is the one who can move on in grace with a love that sees beyond the current moment. I can assure you that majority of the time, the way people treat you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. I want to teach you how to be unmoved and see through my perspective so that when things comes against you, you are able to use them to become more of the person I have called you to be. You can’t know yourself to be a kind or loving person if you don’t see yourself respond in loving kindness when faced with opposition.”


Jesus said:  “This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect; what you need to understand is that you are already perfect in my sight and there is nothing about you that is not ok with me… and if you are ok with me, then you are ok. Every experience serves as an opportunity to learn and I know exactly what you need and how many times you need to experience those emotions before you move on.”

Bob: “Jesus celebrates with us even in the mistakes because he has the full and complete picture of who we are and where we are headed.”


Jesus continued to explain to me how much He understood the difficulty of forgiveness.

Jesus said:  “You know who was the hardest for me to forgive? Peter, because I had let him into my heart in a way that I hadn’t let anyone else in and then he betrayed me by denying me three times. I trusted him so much and it took tremendous effort to forgive him on the beach because my heart was so hurt. Even though I knew he was in process and that he wasn’t being his true self, it was still hard.

Then Jesus laughed and said: “You are all built in grace, so let's ease off the expectations and just appreciate people. Appreciation, Value, and blessing is always the best way to respond.”

Corner # 2 ~ Appreciation & Blessing


Jesus led me to the second corner of the Love and Forgiveness Room. He said: “You can spend a lifetime trying to resolve trauma or you can begin to appreciate people and receive My “Eyesight” for them.  It may not feel possible at this moment, but I promise that as you appreciate them, I will open up your heart towards them and give you access to a loving perspective of them from My perspective.”

Bob: “As He said this I felt many emotions; sadness, anger, confusion. I t is hard to find the words that describe these emotions, and to capture the right one. I was feeling betrayed and unloved. How could Jesus ask me to do this to someone who has hurt me so much? Did Jesus even care about what they did to me?”


Jesus said: “This is the best way to forgive your enemies, and I would know from my own experience. I had the perspective of the Father, and it enabled me to forgive them. It is easy to appreciate people when you realize they were made in my image.

Bob to Jesus: “Why is it so easy for you to appreciate people?”

Jesus said:  “It's easy because I have a Heart of Love. I understand they are broken hearted people who have simply lost their way. I am not afraid of their pain, nor do I amplify it. I give them Grace and Mercy because I see their true essence. Each person is beautifully and uniquely handcrafted in My Image. I will never give up on them, just like I will never give up on you. I want you to lean on Me through this process and trust Me with what feels like an impossible task.”


Jesus took my hand and brought me in front of the very ones who I felt would be impossible to appreciate. He took me through the Journey of their lives. He said: “You need to understand that people love you the best way they know how. Each person their own set of pains and challenges, just like you. Rather than being angry at people who hurt you choose to have compassion because compassion destroys the plans of the enemy. Anger and resentment are of no benefit to you and though they often feel more powerful than forgiveness, that is not the truth.”


Jesus pulled me close and said “But remember, I have a Heart of Love and I will be always patient in the process. I don’t put false expectations on anyone, and I am not asking you to deny or suppress your pain. Forgiveness is your highest benefit, whether you understand it or not. But I will never force anything on you. I am in this for the long haul and if you lean on me, I will abundantly pour My Grace, Strength and Mercy upon your heart. Then you will know from experience just how liberating and empowering forgiveness is.”

Bob: “As I leaned into His arms, my thought patterns began to change.  The intense emotions that had overpowered me in the past were lifted. Delight filled my heart and I couldn’t even remember the previous pains or abuse. I never wanted to leave this place where Jesus was holding me and making it so easy to see people the way He does.


Those who live in the thanksgiving zone, and value others including themselves are 60% happier, more content, 40% more healthy, and they live 30% longer!

The ground opened up and killed the people who were complaining in Numbers 11

Throughout scripture and many studies have shown how much gratitude benefits us.

Remember the 10 lepers example, when the only 1 leper went back to thank Jesus, and he was blessed .

Jesus to Bob: “The person who has the most control over your health and healing is you. Do not let your thoughts go to a place of negativity. Fill your internal thoughts with appreciation and be fed daily with the Life of My Word. Appreciation is so important. You will miss the beauty of life

and the beauty of others when you don’t take the time to stop and give appreciation.”

The benefits of appreciation is that you are healthier, happier and you live longer!


Jesus put me on a swing and I saw heavy dark balloons appear over different people's heads. Jesus handed me a bunch of darts and told me to throw them at the balloons. As the balloons popped, the dark cloud was dispelled and light, joy and freedom was released over them and over me!

Yellow House – Love & Forgiveness Room

Corner #3 ~ Love Hopes All Things

In 2019 The Year of the Choice, What kind of Life will you choose to live? Will you choose to live an extraordinary Life by hoping all thing? or will you choose to live mediocre life by giving up hope in all things?

Jesus to Bob: “In this corner I am going to teach you about a Love that hopes all things, a Love that brings a supernatural surrender. You will learn to love well, even  when you are not loved well in return.”

This is the Love and Forgiveness room, not the disappointment and disgust room. This is where you can be confident in God’s ability to work beauty into each and every person, whether you see it take place in your lifetime or not. Let go of every expectation and look to Jesus alone. It doesn’t matter how anyone else responds to you, or even for the ones who have hurt you to offer up an apology.


You can't control other people, but you can choose how you let it affect you. You are much stronger than you know and Jesus will give you the tools of Adoration Prayer that will allow you to maintain this perspective no matter what is going around you. Remember this is not a quick fix solution and it will take time and perseverance for the full fruits to come forth in your life.


There will still be challenging days where it will be very difficult to not slip back into old thought patterns and allow the pains of the past to overtake you again. This is the struggle that every human being on the earth must deal with, the battle of the everyday circumstances and practical affairs of life. Challenges are real and will happen, but with God’s help, you will learn to be very intentional about what thoughts and emotions you give yourself to. This is the kind of love God is calling you to live out in your life. It is a Love that Hopes all things and is not easily shaken.


  • Jesus calls us to a supernatural level of love and forgiveness that requires us to surrender to His grace.
  • Love that hopes all things is what Jesus has for us. He never puts us in the disappointment or disgust room.
  • Jesus has the ability to work beauty into all things and all people, whether we see it in our lifetime or not.

Practical Applications:

Make a list of questions to ask the Lord about people.

Write a letter telling others of your Hope in them.

Corner #4 ~ Forgive Ourselves

  • Jesus takes us on a journey through our past and shows us the past pains that caused us to fall short in loving others.
  • Jesus tells us to belief only what He says about us and to not allow ourselves to be defined by the things that have happened to us.
  • Jesus heals our hearts and gives us understanding of ourselves. He helps us to love and forgive ourselves.

Practical Applications:

Let Jesus take you on a journey through your past. Ask Him to show what experiences marked you wrong, where you need to forgive yourself.

Will you choose to forgive yourself?

Judas couldn’t forgive himself so he killed himself. Peter forgave himself and went on to prosper

and be an apostle that was remembered for all of time. If we don't forgive ourselves, we

don't become who we were made to be. You become a fake versus an original. The greatest question God will ask is; “Did you become yourself, who I created you to be?

We can never become ourselves if we don't forgive ourselves.

Jesus turned to me and said:

“Now it’s time to talk about you. I am going to take you back through the journey of your own life and help you learn how to forgive yourself for all the ways you feel you have fallen short in loving others. I'm going to help you see yourself the way I do. As I revealed to you in the 2nd corner of the room, people love you the best way they know how, and there are always reasons why people behave or react in ways that hurt others. The same is true for you. I want to bring you greater understanding of yourself and help you to see yourself the way that I do.”


“Before we begin this journey through your past, I need you to choose what and who you are going to focus on this during this process. You must cherish and hold only what I show you about yourself and not allow any other thoughts or beliefs to enter in. When feelings of pain, anger, shame, or guilt start to arise within you, all you need to do is look at me and I will help you not be overcome by these emotions.”


“I love you more than you could ever know and I have never once had a negative thought about you. I don’t expect you to be perfect  I only ask that you allow me to help you be kind in all your interactions with people and that you choose to forgive even when it is not easy to do so. But you will never be able to fulfill this in your relationships with others if you don’t first fulfill it for yourself. So, what are we waiting for? Close your eyes as I take you back to 3 defining experiences in your life that need to be rectified per my truth and perspective. You need to hold and cherish Bob right now and you need to know that I have never had a negative thought about you. I told you from the start, you are perfect just the way you are in this moment”

Corner # 5 ~ Forgive God

It is here that God heals you of all the times when you wrongly believed that He had abandoned you. Jesus shows you the truth and reality that: If you are ok with Him, then you are ok in every area of your life.


Jesus: “There needs to be forgiveness and healing for all the times when you have felt I was not there or allowed challenging things to happen to you. I love you and have never left your side. I have always provided for and took care of you, even in the challenging times.”

Bob: “Jesus told me that I had believed that I was mad at myself for not being able to make things to work. He told me that who I was really mad at was God for making me the way He made me.”

Jesus: “You didn’t think you were enough to be a good father, a good husband, or even a good man, and since I’m the one who created you, ultimately you have the beef with me. You didn’t feel that who I made you to be was enough.”


Scripture poses the question: “How can the clay say to the potter “Why did you make me this way?”

Bob: “I was never able to get to that level of truth to say that I am marred and scarred and God made me this way. I felt as if God should have given me more tools and more character strength to be a better man. I was accusing God the Potter for the way He designed me.”


“This was a such a profound realization because I had kept complaining about why God had made me this way, and that I was incomplete and it was God’s  fault. God then began to remind me of all the times He had pursued me. He was telling me not to define myself the way that others had tried to defined me. He wanted me to understand that He had made me perfect beyond what anyone thinks.”

A good Bible character example is Meshipoteth. When He finally realized that he was ok with God, he was able to take his seat at the Kings Table.


Jesus: “Do you think that the Apostle Paul ever felt that he was made correctly according to other peoples perspectives of him? He was a murderer to them. When are you ever going to get beyond others opinions of you? Paul had to get away for 18 years to get the right perspective of himself. When Paul finally realized that he was ok with God, he was able to accomplish more in 3 years than he did throughout his whole life!”

Bob: “This reminded me of the importance of taking this season to rest. Like Paul, after rest I would be able to accomplish more than I ever have before. The importance of this corner is that once we know that we are ok with God and He fashioned us perfect, then that is the only thing that matters. Jesus told me in this corner that I was perfect in His sight.”

Corner # 6 ~ Build a Wall

In 2019 the Year of the Choice we get to choose to look up to King Jesus and choose to build a wall that keeps love in! “Build the Wall” has three main points:

  • God’s Angels help us build walls around ourselves to prevent negative thoughts & opinions of others from being infused in us. (Isaiah 63:7-9)
  • This wall protects us from the reproach of the enemy.
  • This wall does not keep love out but prevents fears and demons from distorting our perceptions.

Receive Wisdom within the Wall

The Wall that Jesus the Rock builds for you is Rock Solid.
Walls help us to open up to God’s Perspective.
It’s important to ask the Lord the Right Questions within the borders of His Wall of Love.
Example: Is someone upset with you?
Do not ask the Lord how they feel when they are upset with you, but rather ask God how HE feels about their feelings. Then you will have the wisdom to respond to others not in their disappointment but in HIS HOPE.

Bob Hartley’s Dream ~ Build a Wall

Bob's Dream:

“I dreamed that all of a sudden I am in a war scene and I don't have a wall between me and the enemy. It was like when (in real life), I was in the kibbutz and they had put the children in these rooms that they had built with thick walls to protect them from the bombs. The parents didn't have the same wall of protection because they couldn’t afford it. But the point is that Jesus took me through all these times in my life when the walls had protected me. I also remembered this time when I jumped a fence when these guys were chasing me. My fear got me over the fence and they weren't able to climb the wall, so the wall saved me.”

Bob’s Dream continues .  .  .

“So then Jesus takes me to a war. I am screaming for help because the enemy is coming up and firing on me. Then a wall comes down around me that could not be penetrated by the enemies weapons. There were 4 or 5 scenes in the dream where the walls were too thin and not able to stop the bullets.”

“Then the scene shifts and Jesus begins to hand me bricks made of flowers and lilacs. He told me that it was time for me to start building a wall. He gave me the verse in Song of Solomon: It says that the little sister was like a wall and how He needed to hang ornaments on her and open her up more. She needed to be drawn out. And then there was the little sister who was like a door where everything came in and it was basically saying how she gets destroyed.”

“I think this is a huge battle within our nation – the concept of building a wall because it doesn’t feel like love, and the younger generation is saying “how can you do this” because they don’t see the benefit in it, but if we can answer this question in the right way then it will make a huge difference. Bible Scripture tells us that Jesus built a wall around Himself in certain situations. One example is when they asking Jesus questions to tear Him down. Jesus didn’t give them any answers, He built a wall. He just ignored half of them at different points, but He never did Jesus not love.

There needs to be a balance where we ask the Lord how to have balanced relationships.”

Bob’s Dream continues .  .  .

“Jesus started handing me lilacs and roses and He said “Let's build a wall around you to protect you against the reproach of the enemy. Sometimes people build a wall when they are in pain to keep love out, but this wall is about keeping fears, judgments, and negativity from attacking you. This is a wall that will protect you from anything that will try to steal your joy.”

Caitlin DuBon’s (Voice of Hope Team Member: Interpretation of Bob’s Dream:

“When the Lord talks to you in the dream about building a wall around yourself to protect against the reproach of the enemy and to protect against negative environments and influences from affecting you. I see the image of having the battle raging on around me, but sitting in the bubble with Jesus having a picnic and not being affected at all, even with what was swirling all around. Not letting someone else's mood, attitude or anything else pull us out of our happy place of peace with Jesus. Maintain the peace in the midst of having others pulling me on or hurting other people's feelings. The important lesson to learn is how to be loving and not be moved, but have the right boundaries and protection in place around you. A place  where you aren't moved from the place of Jesus being so close to your heart. I see the beautiful wall that is see-through, with beautiful colors of purple and gold. It looks like a “portable-changing-room-type” of wall. Jesus was standing with His hands on your head and telling you to breathe. It was a wall of protection where Jesus was saying how we need to stay in our place of royalty and not allow ourselves to be pulled out of this place with Jesus.”


A few Scripture examples:

  • Psalm 91 – where it says to stay under the wing of the shadow of the most high God. That is a wall of protection and there are many ways to describe this wall.


  • In scripture in says how every city had a wall built around them, and there was the practical meaning for it where they needed to be protected from attacks, and there is more spiritual depth to it as well.


  • Scripture says if we are tempted to sin, we need to build a wall between us and not enter into the sin or whatever it is.
  • Jesus covers us royal garments of protection. He will always keep us behind His Robe and that is the difference between when the enemy tries to get you to stand on your own without the wall of protection around us.
  • Zechariah 9:11 – This is the verse for the whole ministry of Voice of Hope;

being a prisoner of Hope and how Hope builds the wall around us that protects us from the reproach of the enemy.

The Face of God: Our God of Reconciliatory Hope

We continue to choose to Look Up in 2019 as God reveals His Beautiful Face to us as; Our “God of Reconciliatory Hope” in the Love & Forgiveness Room. He is the God who recovers ALL for us!

We worship Him

We adore the Face of our God of Reconciliatory Hope.

We encounter and experience Him.

We are changed forever!

The Reconciliatory Hopes of God

God has a new ingredient and tool, a new flavor of Hope that He wants to release to the Body of Christ. And It’s called Reconciliatory Hope.

Reconciliatory Hope – A Hope that Reconciles

It fights for reconciliation and peace for all men; it builds on the basis of who people are versus who they are not; it has appreciation and regard for other human beings. Through this reconciliatory Hope, we reconcile with how important a person is to this next step in the journey. We receive Reconciliatory Hope through the understanding of the value and need we have for one another. In other words, we obtain Hope and Confidence in the goodness of who a person is and the value that they bring to the table. Our eyes are opened, and we see the treasure in one another and for us to be at ease in building forward.

There are many factions. Sometimes people can be alone, isolated, and have their own sense of individuality that pushes others away. But, people are to be celebrated in their own respected joyful communities. Christians are called to be Hope Reformers who are great at bringing forth the value of others. All we have to do is put language to it and help draw it out. Then, the best part of the people will come forth; and they find their instrument and place in the “Symphony of Hope. It is not just reconciliation that means forgiveness, but it is hope. To have hope and confidence in the goodness of who a person is and the value that they have. Forgiveness happens. But, not only is their forgiveness, but we start to see the importance of people and knowing that we need them in the future.

Jesus forgave and hoped in people on the cross. He knew He would need them in the future. He wasn’t just going to forgive them to give them free access to God, but He knew they’re all going to need each other. They were to be partners. Therefore, He had hope in them. He wanted to see them rightly in their positions. He needed to forgive them because they are the ones that He needed to build out His kingdom. If He hadn’t showed people hope in who they were, they’d never be able to step into their God-ordained destinies.

Just one person with reconciliatory hope can bring people together. The tribes would come together not only to love and to celebrate, but in purpose and to celebrate.  When people get discontent with one another and frustrated, God wants to bring them into this connectedness where they complete one another, where different ones will be able to sit at the table and bring out the beauty of one another.

There’s a confidence in God and a sense of a confidence in people to move forward versus feelings of reactivity, negativity, passiveness, fear, and doubt. Reconciliatory Hope would be the bridge.  There might be some people who are discontent towards some group and have some discomfort. That needs to be healed and updated. There may be some who have no regard – they never saw the value of people – but through reconciliatory hope, their eyes would be opened.

God is challenging us not to move out of reaction but to move out of revelation. There’s a revelation to see what He’s done, and there’s a spirit of thankfulness that will release us into this Reconciliatory Hope.

Practical Application for you: Think about in your own lives who you can pray for and build with.


Biblical Character Example – Corner #2 – Love & Appreciation 

David forgave and valued Saul and it totally shifted him. Saul had been unmovable and hated David. One time at dinner, Saul threw a sphere at David. David still didn’t get it, he thought that Saul was just having a bad day. Jonathan told David that Saul was trying to kill him. Jonathan valued and loved and David more than he loved his own soul. (1 Samuel 24)

Bible Character Example – Corner # 3 Love – Hopes All Things

There were so many times where John Mark gave up and ran away, abandoning people. But let’s remember Barnabus; He had a supernatural hope for John Mark. Barnabus never stopped forgiving and hoping in him. John Mark went on to write the book of Mark.