A Letter from Bob Hartley (Nov. 7th 2019)

Dearest Friends,

God is so good! (Proverbs 3:4,5,6)

This month we’re exploring the Trust Room in the Yellow House Journey of Hope and it’s already been so rich!

How are you?

I’d love to hear about what’s happening in your life. What’s God showing you? How have you been?

How are we?

Well first, let me apologize for being out of touch for so long to so many…both of you ;-).

The past many months have been challenging to say the least – most people would have called home to “Momma,” but I’m totally relying on the God we can trust…and the Kansas City Chiefs (just kidding!). Seriously though, God is helping me get on the other side of the darkness now and I wanted to renew my communications with you.

I’m recuperating from knee replacement surgery 2 weeks ago and according to my therapist yesterday I’m still superhuman!! I’ve got a ways to go to get back to full physical mobility, but I can see the finish line better as all these health issues are healed by Him.

What’s Up?

I’ve got Jim Wagner and Jess Eline working on rebuilding The Yellow House in Redding and hope to have that all in place for construction to begin in 2020.

Having sold most of my businesses over the last 2 years we’re down to a few Yellow House B&B’s, though I will acquire more of those as I go. That’s my vision for the Yellow Houses – to have places where people can stay while they go through reformers training. But I’m looking forward to working less on the business side of my life and developing Deeper Waters and the Yellow Houses of Hope more.

I also want to introduce to you my long time best buddy Dr. Bill Greenman who is helping me restructure my businesses and ministry. He and I were on staff with Mike Bickle in the 90’s and did a lot of prophetic work together at conferences and locally. He and his wife, Meg, moved back to Kansas City after being away in Nashville since 2001. He has a teaching ministry filled with hope, moves effectively in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, has written many books and curriculums on helping believers find and fulfill the hope of their God-given purpose, and has been James Golls’ vice president for over 25 years. You all need to get to know him and his ministry, which is a great overlap in so many areas with Deeper Waters and the Yellow House. His website is: Purpose3.com

Bill and I will be working together in helping me communicate with you in a much more specific and frequent manor. We will be doing podcasts and videos to share with you all the Lord is doing with Deeper Waters and all the rooms and revelations of the Yellow House of Hope. And I definitely want to stay connected at a heart level with you my friends, I’ve missed you all a lot.

I’ll let you know how things are progressing and give you a monthly schedule for our up coming communications, that will probably be sent out the first week of every month. You may also hear from one of our other team members from time to time: Caitlin Dubon, my amazing assistant extraordinaire, or Teri Johnson who does great work with all of our social media posting.

Thanks so much for being such kind friends to us (especially me!) in this season. I’ve learned a lot about how to blame others for my trials…no just kidding…I really did learn that I needed to know Him better.

And in case you haven’t heard yet, we are having one of our Shiloh events here in KC where we take folks through the Yellow House and train new reformers. That’s going to be on December 4-6 and of course you’re all invited. Please RSVP if you plan to attend and we’ll get you all the information. It’s guaranteed to be one of the top 1001 most amazing experiences of your life!  😉

I really love you and so appreciate you. Let’s give hope to this hopeless world together.



PS: It will be a lot easier for me to receive your emails if you send them to Bill at: bill@purpose3.com. He and I meet daily so he’ll be sure to get me to see them all. Thanks so much!!