Letter from Bob Hartley 1/2/2020

Dearest Friends,

Happy New Year my friends! What a great time this is and is going to be!

How are you?

I really hope your 2020 year is the best ever for you. I’d love to hear form you and see you this year if possible. Please let me know how you are doing as the year unfolds. This is a great time for feeling God’s amazing love for us in sending His son to become one of us. What a joy, I pray you feel it too!

How are we?

I’m doing so much better since my knee replacement surgery! I’m off my walker and gaining mobility every day. I would appreciate your prayers for my heart function perfectly and for a couple of other surgeries I have coming up this year. I’m so hopeful about this next year, can’t wait to tell you all about it!

What’s Up?

  1. The rebuilds of our Yellow Houses of Hope in Redding are moving forward well for a completion in 2020. Our architect is working on the plans, the lots are being prepared, insurance is on board – it’s a great process! Many thanks to Jim Wagner our contractor, Jesse Eline our realtor, and Kristy Tillman who will help us with Phase 2.

  2. We’re also working on all of the Yellow Houses here in Kansas City – getting them ready for this next year. Come and stay in one and we’ll have some great times together.

  3. We’re reorganizing Deeper Waters, getting everything in place for the next phase of ministry to those in need of Hope and encouragement in their walk with the Lord. One of the additions will be me working with Bill Greenman and integrating his excellent materials on finding and fulfilling God-given purpose for people. He’s got 40 years of materials that we agree will fit perfectly with the Yellow house materials and vision because Hope for our future is based on our Purpose in His Kingdom.

And please be sure to mark your calendars for our next scheduled Shiloh event here in KC, February 6-8. Please RSVP if you plan to attend and we’ll get you all the information. Our last one was a milestone for many who attended and we love sharing the prophetic insights from the Lord for  everyone and for what’s coming in the future. Please join us if you can, but because it’s in the Fraser’s home space is limited, so let us know ASAP if you can make it.

Thanks again for being such wonderful friends to us in this season – it means so much to me. I really love you and so appreciate you.

Have a truly blessed New Year!

Jesus, the perfect gift, came to give hope to this hopeless world.



PS: It will be a lot easier for me to receive your emails if you send them to Bill at: bill@purpose3.com. He’ll be sure to get them to me. Thanks so much!!