A Lesson Bob Jones taught me: “Help Your Brain Come Alive!” by Bob Hartley


The first time I met Bob Jones, he told me that ½ of my brain was dead!  He said in order for me to make it to where I’m going, I would have to hear God!  I needed new tools and training, that I never knew were possible! I had been building with my head down, with natural common tools, & not getting to where God had destined me to go. God had for me these New Advanced Tools for Prayer & for Hearing His Heart. These were to be my “KEY” tools. Bob Jones asked me; “What are you listening to? Jesus speaks to those with ears to hear.  You have put Jesus in a box!  And Jesus wants to blow off your understanding of Christianity and your calling in business, as you have known it to be. God wants to turn the channel from channel 6 to channel 5!


As I started my Yellow House Journey with Jesus; He first sat me down on a park bench & started to identify the “fissures”. Jesus desires to heal our fissures in the Yellow House. He oils your feet to give us rest & strengthen us. This is where we lay our head on the chest of Jesus, trusting Him throughout our entire Yellow House by staying in this position of rest. (Psalm 131)

This is a place where we take our oars out of the water, quit paddling, & really give Jesus our challenges & circumstances. We rest in Him, realizing that our Jesus is bigger than all the storms on the sea of our life. It is from this place of rest that Jesus gives us the receptivity to be able to hear what He shares with us. Hearing Jesus clearly is the most important reality in our lives. Life is full of so many things that come to distract us. Like “neon” lights, was the ability to hear His Heart. By switching the channel of our hearing from channel 6 (A man of Confusion) to channel 5 (A new level of Grace). We are able to hear Him through “grace-filled” ears!


In the Hope Hearing Room, Jesus gives us new Hope-Hearing-Aids & New Hope-Seeing –Glasses. These new Hope Tools give us the ability to see, behold & adore the many Faces of God, He wants to reveal to us. The new Hope-Seeing-Glasses are Blue-Revelation-“Son”-Glasses that let us see Jesus throughout our Yellow House Journey.

Our new Hope-Hearing-Aids are beautiful & multi-colored (the many colors represent the multitude of aspects of God). They were truly stunning! As the old antiquated hearing aids are taken off of us & the new ones are put on our ears, we can hear through the wonderful filter of “the true nature” of God.


As we enter the Yellow House, Jesus blesses us with relationships. We could lean on one another, in times when we find it difficult to move forward. Jesus teaches us on our Yellow House Journey that in order for us to move forward, it is essential to lean on one another & move forward together. This is a “Bear one another’s Burdens”  (Galatians 6:6) kind of beautiful!



The revelation we receive in each of the 12 rooms of the Yellow House & the many corners of each room where we encounter Jesus, is extremely significant. The fruit at the end of the Yellow House Journey launches 50 millions Hope Reformers, from every walk of Life. As we join with others on the Yellow House Wholeness Journey, we will bring forth God’s Hope Reformation that changes & transforms the entire world for good!”