“For the Reformers .  .  .  God wants to rewire our memories to remember His leading Love instead of perceived rejection. The way He does this is by letting us ask Him Hopeful Questions of His Heart…”      Bob Hartley

Genesis 28:16 – “Behold, God, you were at Bethel; and I knew it not…”

This place we say is difficult will become so beautiful.. when we see where God is and who He is in this time.


The highest form of love is to listen to someone's heart.

“Come near to listen…” – Ecclesiastes 5:1

PS 27:4

“One thing I have desired of the Lord… to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire”of His heart…”

1.) Adoration:Beholding and Magnifying God’s Beauty, Hope, & Love

2.) Asking: Inquiring of His heart

Asking is about coming before the Lord at His counsel table and inquiring of His heart. He wants to create an ongoing dialogue and process with us because if He gave us all the answers immediately, then the dialogue wouldn’t happen. He loves the process of unfolding His heart.

At the Counsel Table of the Lord, the Lord showed me that many times people had come to Him with the wrong questions that were birthed from fear and doubt, rather than coming with hope-filled, confident questions that God would give. These questions from God would position our hearts in confident expectation of the goodness of the Lord and His plans and hope for our lives. The Lord showed me that we could either approach our circumstances as a constant question of God’s love for us, or we could come to the Counsel Table of the Lord and rightly perceive our positions before God as His favored sons and daughters.

As we purpose to listen to the heart of the Lord, He will give us new questions of hope, as in Isaiah 43:18-19, “Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it?” 

The Lord is inviting us all to His Counsel Table, where He desires to give us the right questions to ask at the right time, to give us the right hope-filled answers to advance our hearts into our divine destiny.


“For who has stood in the Table of the Lord, and has perceived and heard His word?”– Jeremiah 23:18

At this place, we inquire of God’s heart. We have adored the right faces of God in the right time. Now, we sit at His table. We look Him in the eyes. We commune with Him. We get to tell Him how much we feel for him, how much we long for Him, how much we desire Him. We hold His hands. We reflect on how much He’s been there, how much He’s been our dearest friend.

We look at Him as our Wise Counselor, our authority over all the earth. We ask Him questions, and He gives us answers. He has the trump cards, that He’s able to perform it. We come to Him at this table sitting together arm and arm. We experience His transforming power. By gazing into His likeness, we become like Him.


We get to ask Him questions of His heart, His desires, and His longings. We bless Him and care for His heart.

He called them in Malachi 1 to sit at His table, to give Him the right offerings. They rushed in and out, and they missed the depth of His desires, of His heart, His tender Father’s love. He said they despised it because they could not take the time to appreciate. At this table, we come and we appreciate. We value Him at this table as we get overwhelmed by His goodness.


He brings us to this Ezekiel 44:18 place where we don’t have to sweat. We can put our sail up, and He will blow. We will be on a river with wide canals where He takes us into His very heart, His very dream at this table (Isa. 33:21). He says that it’s a place of communion and delight. It’s a place where we pour our love on Him, and He pours His love on us. He comes with such extravagant wisdom where complicated matters become simple.

He ensures encounter for us. We walk out of this place, and we ensure encounter for others. We get to bring them to this table. The journey of intimacy and wisdom with Him, comes from the place at the table where Jesus the Wise Counselor is there. His angel of appreciation is there that appreciates us, values us. He tells us we’re highly esteemed at this place, and our hearts become secure at this table of the Lord. He tells us how to move forward in this time, in this hour.


Confusion is cleared up in this place at the table of the Lord. There’s no defendant or prosecutors. It’s just Jesus and His voice. There’s the Philippians 1:9 – we abound in all discernment of His love and His perspective, and see a very long ways out. We see Him in a different way. We have that force of hope and confidence that hits us here at this table because we are enabled by Him, by the transforming grace in this place and His voice to walk out all that’s in His heart. We are unmoved by our circumstances because He causes us to see more with our eyes closed than with our eyes opened.

We come to the table where there’s enough wisdom, more than enough. There’s enough strength, more than enough. More than enough love. We ask Him questions that He asks us to ask Him. It’s a place of Jeremiah 23 where He takes us deeper to get the rhythm of His heart. He takes us deeper at this table to perceive what He’s told us, to get the importance of the questions and answers He has for us in this time.

The sense of the main points, main focuses from Him. This dialogue at this table changes our hearts, increases our love, causes us in a way of pressure not to change, increases our sensitivity to Him. He wants to take us to another level at this table of hearing and give us another level of certainty. He wants to enable us to see success in Him for future years.

We are invited to sit at this table of the Lord and listen to His heart. He says, “Ask Me this.” There are questions for all of us. He has questions for us that are focused entirely on moving us from hopelessness to hope, setting that pillar where distance is gone, fear is gone, nearness is actualized, rejection is gone, love is perceived.


“Ask Me what you mean to Me in My heart.” 

 “Ask Me what I love about our friendship (you and Him)”

“Ask Me about the hopes and dreams I have for our relationship (you and Him).”

“Ask Me how I want to help you to open up and un-package this gift called life.”A

Maybe you will be encouraged/inspired or it will help give you a guide for all the wonderful questions God wants to answer in your own life… You can adapt and use these for yourself.


How do I sit at this table with You? How do I honor you? How do I value You?

What would You have me ask of You? 

How do I sit at this table with You uniquely in this hour in the appropriate way to honor You and value You? How do I sit at this table and allow You to honor me? 

How will You sit at this table and honor me? Have I come to this table and have I come appropriately? 

What do You want to show me about Your heart?

 What will You entrust me with about Your feelings?

What do I mean to Your heart? 

How special am I to You?

How much do You value me and Your likeness that’s in me?

How can I be a perfect reflection of You?

How much am I blessing Your heart being a friend to You?

How much am I considering Your feelings? Do I mean everything to You? 

How great are You to me? 

Are You really enough for me?

Could You ever please me? 

Who do You want to be to me in all situations?

Are You really there?

Are You really for me in all these situations? 

Have I underestimated You? 

Are You the Builder God?

Can You really build a plan of success for my life?

Are You the Redeemer God, the Redeemer of my heart, my past, present, future? 

Are You the Redeemer of my supply? 

How have You been there at all times?

Where are You now? 

Will You trade my relationship with You for anything, any amount of money, or other activities, or other realities? 

What do You like? 

What do you like about me holding You? How do You want me to hold You all through the day? How do I hold You in this time? 

How do I embrace You? 

How do I draw near to You?

What is the long term plan of success that You have for our relationship?

In every room of my house, how can I see success happen when my heart is awakened in love for You and You’re getting the love You are due moment by moment, in constant communion in the midst of the day? 

What do You see about Your nature in me?

How do we develop a deeper relationship?

How much do You delight in our relationship?

Do You love to be generous? 

Have You ever forgotten me?

Have You ever not forgiven me? 

Have You ever exploited me? 

How much do You enjoy our friendship? 

Do You have positive thoughts about me? 

How do I get to build with You and build with Your heart and Your desires in these days and the days to come?

What are the hopes and dreams that You have for our relationship? How can I walk those out? 

How can I love You and love Your heart?

How can I help build out this dream that You have for us? 

What do You love about our friendship? Is it time spent with You? Is it poems I write with You? Is it the way I love the people You’ve given me to be around? Is that what helps our friendship? 

Do You want to show Your patriarchal face to me?

Do you want to show Your face as a Patriarchal Father to me and to my family? 

Do you want to, like Solomon, give me the wisdom and insight to come in and out, be able to love and build others the way You’ve called me to? 

Why did You pick me? 

How can I connect with You in a meaningful way?

What kind of joy does it give You to bring all my daily affairs before You and to invite You into all of them? Will You lead me in these daily affairs? 

What are Your loving ideas of me? 

What are Your loving ideas of what I’m in, what I’m walking out, the love, the destiny and kingdom calling I’m walking out in You? 

What are Your loving ideas of those realities? 

What are my loving ideas about You? 

How do You want me to relate to me?

What are those ways that You want me to relate to You? 

Are You enough in this season with all the challenges? 

Why do I exist? How much are You the focus of that answer?

How do You want to redefine my view of You according to a true love view and hope view in You?

How do I view You and Your abilities rightly, God? 

What are the three or four ways that I can honor You, Your nature, Your power that I haven’t? 

What are those areas where there is supply that I’ve trusted in my ability to produce versus You the God of supply? 

What are those areas where I’ve tried to redeem it myself versus trust You as the God who redeems? 

How do I love You best back? 

How does that make You feel when I go into one of those areas of hopelessness and self trust and I open the door to trust, to believe, and hope in You? 

Lord, I ask You, are You willing to show me Your face as the Supplier? 

What parts of Your nature do You want to reveal to me in this hour? 

What are the most important parts of Your nature You want to show in my work? 

How do You want to show Your face to me? 

When I am around people who are not nice, how can I reflect who You are? How are You looking at them? How can I make the familiar famous in You? How can I see Your reflection in them?

What are You going to do in this hour to awaken my heart towards You more and more? 

What are You going to do to protect my heart in You and let miracles of love, miracles of hope, miracles of seeing and perceiving You come forth in my life? Miracles of encounter? How are You going to do that? 

How are you going to aim my heart to be more open to You and for me to discern more of Your heart that You’ve opened up to me? 

What are my motives in seeking You? Is it about me? Is it about You? 

How much do You love me today? 

How much are You for me today?

How much are You here to quicken our mortal bodies and give us strength?

How much are You here to lead me out of any confusion into your clear pathway?

How much are You here to give me a clear blueprint and direction of a yolk that’s easy and a burden that’s light?

How much are You here to give us direction in a time of transition with a new hope?

How much are You here to cause me to forget those perceived perplexing situations that I do not have an answer on but You do? 

How much are You here to help me to press on to the upward prize that’s in You in Christ Jesus? 

How much are You here to help us to be thankful for You, for one another, for friends, our marvelous comrades?

How much are You here to help me see circumstances the way You see them, according to Your hopeful confident eyes?

How much are You here to remind us of the promises and the epic journeys You’ve given us and the epic words over us? 

How much are You here, our understanding Friend, to hold our hands, to lead us, guide us?

How much are You here to give us love that’s transferred to families, to others?

How much are You here to make it simple and prosperous for us? 

How much are you here to help us be brought forth with happy and content people, to be built up with your goodness all the days of our life?

How much are You here to bring us joy? Acts 2:28 joy in your presence all the days of our life?

How much are You here for us to bring You joy, bring You to a place where You’re jubilant?