The Miracle of Appreciative Eyes

The Deepest Level of Hope

In the I love You Room, there is a place where Jesus crowns us with royalty. Last season was a Mark 10:28 season, where we left all to be with Jesus. In times of perplexity and challenge, we must have tremendous focus, as in that place He gives us the deepest level of hope.

 We are in a Season of 1 Kings 4:29 – where there is great expanse of heart. Every window and door of our hearts are opened. He is bringing hope so we will become like the Philippians 4 woman .  .  .  .  A strong oak tree full of joy! When challenges come, we will be resilient in the joy of the Lord! Our inheritance is set! When there’s difficulty,  just go instantly to these beautiful pictures of God's Goodness of Life and dwell on what’s pure and excellent. He will come through for you in ways you have never dreamed!

Sometimes you may think, “I’m so far away..”  but no, you’re just a millimeter away!

In the Yellow House – I Love You Room, Jesus will give to you the Gift of the “Miracle of Appreciative Eyes.”  You will be able to see Jesus, yourself, and people with appreciative eyes.

Appreciative Eyes for Jesus

(John 11) When Mary's brother died, she was hurt and confused. She loved him with all her heart. She told Jesus, “If You would have cared, You would have come earlier. Do You care about me?” There is this great need to be understood by God, and you really want Him to understand. There’s an assumption He doesn’t understand, however we must believe the best about Him. We must walk through our pain, loving Him regardless of circumstances.

Martha came to her sister Mary. She took her aside and said: “The Master is here, and He’s calling for you.” Even in Mary’s pain and perplexity, she sensed, “He wants me. He’s calling for me. He wants to call me into His nearness in this place of pain and perplexity where I’ve made mistakes and experienced confusion.” And also for you, He wants to teach you a higher way of love. You  must never be distracted by the pain or accuse Him of the pain. When you are hurt, you must still trust and love Him, and never take your eyes off of Him. He is awed by just the beauty in your eyes and your love for Him. He looks not at the wrong in you, but at your beauty and love.

What Jesus pointed out Mary’s response;  She got up and ran to Him. And when you run to Him, His love strengthens you. Mary was the one who heard His heart, gave up her inheritance to anoint Him. He said, “I just want to be with those who appreciate Me and value Me.” Jesus just wants to be with you! In all your weakness, just love and see Him. Never in your life allow perplexity or pains to steal one minute of love. Aways love Jesus through pain and understand that He is on your side.

Raise your hands up in worship, praise, and affection for Him. Even in the midst of a place where you want your head to be down, looking at your pain; He will take you into this royal room and grant you the Miracle of Appreciative Eyes for Him. There is an inheritance of another depth of Him, in this place where you give Him your affection. There will be moments that the appreciative love in your heart for Him will explode, that will lead to you to being an aroma of Jesus. Everywhere you go, you’ll change the climate and atmosphere, and bring forth Jesus.

Appreciative Eyes for Yourself

Jesus will not only just give you what you lost, but He will give you double! There is a Miracle of Appreciative Eyes in the way you see yourself . You will see your own majesty and original design. He looks at you with His Smiling and Gentle Eyes, just awed at your value.

Appreciative Eyes for People

Jesus had appreciative eyes for Lazarus. He wants to give you the Miracle of having Appreciative and Celebratory Eyes for people like that. Jesus released worth to someone who didn’t have any calling (that we know of that was grand). Lazarus was loved because of his value as a human being. His worth was indescribable.

Be one who put crowns of royalty and nobility on people; that no one will ever be able to take off. It is not only your inheritance, but your calling. Jesus is opening up to you the glory and dignity of a human being, as you walk in and accept your inheritance.

When Thomas saw it, He said – “I could die for that, the kind of love that I see in His Eyes!” People will look at your eyes of love, and be so inspired.  Be the one to bring out the diamonds in the rough. When you walk into a room, the accusations stop towards God and stop towards ourselves. You can bring forth that gift of the reality of ‘Original Design', versus ‘original sin'.

Sometimes people’s own pain harasses them, and the enemy will take the crown off of them and replace it with a crown of thorns. Some react to that in others, but you will respond to that in others  with indomitable love and hope. He will open up your eyes to see their pain that they think is defining them, the distance they feel, the hole that they are in, that has become their identity. It affects them mentally, emotionally, spiritually; but it doesn’t change the essence or worth of who they are. You on the other hand, will give them love, appreciation, and value.

So, receive the Miracle of a Heart of Appreciative Eyes for the Lazarus people. They look like the walking dead. They stink in the grave. Your love will raise them from the dead.  With this miracle gift, you will be able to look at them with such value, and they will become those great, noble men and women that they are. Love comes alive, conquers, and is stronger than death!

In the I love You Room Jesus extends an invitation for you to not just ‘look after' the Lazarus people, but to ‘look at' them. You will not just look over their heads; you will look into their eyes, with your Gift of Appreciative Eyes and they will come alive!