I Love You Room – Hope Reformation Teaching

Remember  .   .   .

through Hope, God rewrites our past, redefines our present, and reshapes our future. God is bringing forth a Hope Reformation. And He's giving us new tools to get there, through the Yellow House Journey for Hope Reformers!

Two Important Hope Reformation Tools


Two tools God has given us are: Adoration and Asking. One of the enemy’s chief goals is to steal our tools: our adoration and asking. He wants to steal our confidence in those realities, so that we don’t apply the tools.

Sometimes, we may struggle to adore and to hear God; but we can always remember who He’s been. And, if we can remember, then we can adore and hear again. We can go back to those places where God has been in our lives. We go from that Psalms 111 place, where we’ve studied and remembered His works, to a place of Psalms 105 where we see His Wonders.

It’s really significant for us to understand and to remember the Goodness of God in the land of the living (Ps. 27:13).  We start to develop a language that isn’t masking our pain and perplexity, but it’s finding out where Jesus is and really bringing that reality forth.

3 Great Questions

1.) “Do you care that we're perishing?” (Mark 4:38)

In Mark Chapter 8: Jesus said, “We’re going to go to the other side.” And, then a storm comes up; and the disciples look at the Savior of the world and say, “Do you care that we’re perishing?” Of course Yes, He cares. Jesus is about to die for them!

Bob Hartley: I went to bed the other night, and I had this encounter. The Lord was having this conversation with me; and He said, “Are you asking: “Do you care that I’m perishing?”

2.) “Who told you that I wasn't Good?”

In this encounter, I felt Jesus so full of mercy towards me. He answered and took me back to a place of remembrance. When we remember, it’s not just review; but every time we go deeper. He wants to call us forth into reformation and really give us this confidence that HE IS GOOD. In this place of remembrance, He asked me:

“Who told you that I wasn’t good?”

“Who told you that I wasn’t fun?

Who told you that I didn’t have a great plan for you?

Who told you that life wasn’t a gift?”

“Who told you that your future wasn’t beautiful, that it isn’t worth fighting forth?”

3.) “Lord, do you care that I’m perishing?”

God is inviting us into this understanding  .  .  .

We all haven’t felt good at times and have had our challenges. But, there is a deeper level of hope that is being activated in us, where:

God really wants to take us back again to this place of His being full of mercy, turned towards what He’s spoken over our lives, and what He’s done for us.

He wants to renew our minds with a right understanding of Him (Ps. 51:10).

He calling us to be reformers and to enter into that Luke 15 – Great Inheritance.

He calling us into a place where He lifts us beyond the stars to see the stars and the promises.

We must always remember .   .   .


He takes us to a place like; 1 Corinthians 15:3-8, where they saw Jesus. There were three of them, then there were twelve, then there were the five hundred that saw Him. God showed me how He’s going to gloriously help people to see Him. It is ALL about seeing Jesus.


God is going to break tradition on how we enter in, even with our adoration and asking. He’s going to fill it with love, hope, and relationship. People can have principles any time, but it’s time to be aware of His Presence. He’s giving us an enter-in-together-access to Him and to His miracles. He’s a God of great Hope, and He’s real serious about us entering into Him, and about having hope and joy in this lifetime now!

Jesus wants to authentically display Himself. We aren’t to back off in fear or disqualify ourselves. We get to connect with the Greater-than-God and accept His invitation.

So, if you’ve been asking that question: “Why am I perishing?” Jesus says, “Look into My Eyes.” There’s an encounter time.  Remember when He has encountered you, and allow Him to bring you into a new place in Him.