Hopelessness versus HOPE

Focused on the immediate problem versus Focused on a favorable future    

Mediocrity versus Significance

Apathetic versus Appreciate life

Pessimism versus Optimism

Produces skepticism with doubts versus Builds faith with expectations

Receiving versus Giving

Striving for existence versus Hard working

Inactive or merely busy versus Productive

Enslavement versus Freedom

Sadness & anger versus Joy & laughter

Expect a hand out versus Offer a hand out

Victim versus Overcomer

Draining versus Life-giving

Tear others down versus Build others up

Illness versus Health

Financial dependence & poverty versus Financial sufficiency & content

Survive in a holding pattern versus Advance the Kingdom of God

Are the problem versus Solve the problem

Desiring “wants” versus Content with met “needs”

Delusions versus Sound reasoning

Frustrated & empty versus Fulfilled

Recipient of curses versus Recipient of blessings

Demonic harassment versus Angelic assistance

Disobedient to God versus Obedient to God

Skeptical of God’s existence or character versus Believe God’s promises

Distrust authority versus Trust authority

Burdensome versus Humorous

Sees darkness versus Sees light

Sees nothing good versus Sees potential

Remorse about sin versus Repent for sin

Harbor unforgiveness versus Give forgiveness

Defeated versus Victorious

Negative influence versus Positive influence

Bitterness versus Gratitude

Does not trust in God or people versus Trusts in God and reliable people

Despairs in trials versus Perseveres in trials

Displeased with own self versus Pleased with own self

Proud versus Humble

Blames others for error versus Take the responsibility for error

Priorities out of balance versus Priorities in balance

Elevates the trivial versus Elevate the important

Reads about it versus Makes history

Returns to your past versus Looks to the future with anticipation

Blocks creativity versus Dreamer

Curse others versus Bless others

Wish to win a lottery versus Sow expecting a harvest

Hoarding versus Generous