The Hope Hearing – Speaking the Truth in Love Room

Inside the Yellow House Room called The Hope Hearing Room

We encounter Jesus in Corner #7- the “Body Armor Corner”

This is a wonderful place where .  .  .  .

  1. The Lord showed Bob “Places of His Presence” that would open up across the earth and release many different facets of God.
  2. We will receive the right & unique “body armor” so that we can help each other in community. We are gifts to one another and will help strengthen one another on the journey.
  3. The hopeful, anointed ones are released in the community.

The Yellow House Journey – Inside the Yellow House Room called The Hope Hearing Room

We encounter Jesus in Corner #6: “Hearing that Leads to Intimacy”

This is a wonderful place where .  .  .  .

  1. God listens to us as we talk to Him. We learn how to talk to Him as a friend.
  2. The Porch Swing is a place of sweet communion and counsel.
  3. A deeper level of friendship is developed with God and we become like Abraham – a friend to God and the one He hides nothing from.

On The Yellow House Journey of Wholeness, inside the “Hope Hearing” Room, there is the “Seeing Eye Glasses” Corner #5. This is a Place where three wonderful things happen to you!

  1. You receive new seeing-eyeglasses that give you the right perspective because, God longs to open up your eyes so you may see Him rightly.
  2. You see Him rightly through “Face-to-Face-Adoration-Prayers” with God
  3. Instead of always looking to your circumstances and challenges first, You first look into the eyes of Jesus; the One who has Supreme Power and holds the entire world in His Hands.

The Yellow House Journey of Wholeness for Hope Reformers in every walk of Life continues:
This month we are in the “Hope Hearing Room” encountering Jesus in:
Corner # 4” the “New Hearing Aids-Corner”

This is a Place where you will receive:

1) New Hope Hearing Aids to Hear His voice in Hope that equips

reformers to know Gods true nature. You become a force of hope in cities and nations.

2) The Ability to hear God rightly.You’ll hear His joy, laughter & hopeful solutions.

3) Your New Hope Hearing Aids have 5 distinctive features: 

  1. You will His Heart vs information
  2. You glean new Confidence
  3. You’ll receive God’s Nurturing vs Cold facts
  4. You’ll encounter & experience God the Patriarchal Father
  5. You will have Hope & Love vs. fear.



Inside the Yellow House in Corner #3: The Hope Hearing Corner:

  1. We learn how to Hear His Hopeful Voice in prayer and to pray in Hope vs fear.
  2. Jesus encounters us while we pray with Him; raising our thanks, requests, challenges beforeHim. He speaks HOPE to us.
  1. Jesus is attentive to us and answers our prayers. Watch & listen.

Do you have situations in your life that seem hopeless?

Join our journey through the Yellow House .  .  .

Inside The Hope Hearing Room .  .  .

We encounter Jesus in Corner # 2: Hope Hearing for Hopeless Situations
You may be asking, what’s the point?
Here are 3 main points for you to spend time in this corner of the Hope Hearing Room:

1. When we listen to His heart, He speaks hope into hopeless situations.

  1. Jesus develops in us an unshakable Hope and trust in Him. He has a good

plan for the areas of our lives where we feel hopeless.

  1. Jesus helps us shift our perspectives from Hopelessness to hope thru His voice.

There are 7 corners to encounter Jesus in the Hope Hearing Room of the Yellow House:

#1 Corner: Hopeful Questions

#2 Corner: Hope Hearing for Hopeless Situations

#3 Corner: Hope Hearing Prayer

#4 Corner: Hope Hearing Aides

#5 Corner: Seeing Eye Glasses

#6 Corner: Hearing that leads to Intimacy (on the porch swing)

#7 Corner: Body Armor Corner


Part One: Hope Hearing – Speaking the Truth in Love Room

As we continue our Yellow House Journey for Hope Reformers from every walk of Life; this month’s Yellow House Room is: THE HOPE HEARING ROOM: This is a Place where we learn how to Hear His Voice in Hope and how to Speak the Truth in Love.

In this room we encounter, adore & magnify God’s Face as “Our God who speaks to and guides us”

The first corner we go into with Jesus in the Hope-Hearing Room is the corner called: “Hopeful Questions”. We need to learn to ask the Lord the right questions.

There are 3 Main points:

  1. Asking the Lord the right hopeful questions about you and your life.
  2. Ask the Lord questions for others. The 14 prophetic questions to hear His heart for others.
  3. Asking Questions leads to revelation (Jesus often asked questions in conversations).