Hope Hearing Room – Corner #3 – Hope Hearing Prayer

This is the place where .  .  .

You learn how to Hear His Hopeful Voice in prayer and to pray in Hope vs fear.

You encounter & Pray with Jesus; raise your thanks, praise, adoration, requests, & challenges before Him. He always will speak HOPE to you.

You watch & listen to Jesus as He is attentive to you and answers your prayers.


List Your Hope Challenges-Pray with Hope.

Hear the Hope Answer-Believe & Pray for it to come.

Celebrate with Joy & Thanksgiving when it does!

Hope Hearing Prayer is the ONLY WAY TO GO!

When Life is full of clutter, some say that He doesn’t speak.

We must love Him enough to focus on His Voice! 

The Importance of Hope Hearing Prayer

They are Grand Purposes, but the Grandest is Loving People and Loving God. 

There’s nothing else!  It’s all about Intimacy.