February 2019, we begin again the Journey of the Yellow House. Some of you will be new to this Journey, and for those that have journeyed before there will be new and deeper depths to experience with Jesus for you.  Each month we will invite you to explore with Jesus one room of the twelve rooms. You will encounter and adore the “12 Forgotten Faces of God for Hope Reformers”. You will experience true and lasting encounters with Jesus. He will touch and heal every area of your life making you completely whole. This journey through the Yellow House produces Hope Reformers for God in every realm of society, spreading across the entire planet earth.

The Entrance

I was stunned and overwhelmed by His loving invitation to enter into the Yellow House. As I thought of a healing process, I didn't want to go there. There were things I didn't want to face and I didn't want to rehash the traumas and all my weaknesses. He said, “First, I comfort you, then I counsel you and guide into glory. This process of healing and wholeness will never come through hard, external modification models. It will come through knowing that you’re celebrated, loved, and cared for. When you know I’m holding your hand, you can walk with Me through this process. It won’t be misery; it will be play therapy.”

His Hearts Desire Room

In the first room of the Yellow House our hearts are positioned rightly for the journey ahead. The purpose of this room is to love, value, appreciate and adore the heart of Jesus. In this room, we learn how to love God well and listen to what is on His Heart. We spend time with Him as a friend and begin to love what He loves by taking the time to draw near and listen. Listening to someone's heart is one of the greatest acts of love, and this is what we get to do with God in this room.

As Bob walked into room, he heard himself say to Jesus “This is the room where I receive the greatest treasure which I have desired more than anything … your heart,” Jesus was so touched and moved by this desire, and Bob knew that if he always stayed in that place he would never give up for the sake of Gods heart.

In the first room of the Yellow House our hearts are positioned rightly for the journey ahead. The purpose of this room is to love, value, appreciate and adore the heart of Jesus. In this room, we learn how to love God well and listen to what is on His Heart. We spend time with Him as a friend and begin to love what He loves by taking the time to draw near and listen. Listening to someone's heart is one of the greatest acts of love, and this is what we get to do with God in this room.

Practical Application for you:                                                                                                                                                   Take the time to ask God today what's on His heart and listen for His answer. You may be surprised to what he says to you. (John 3:29) Father have your way as you lead us into this room, help us to come out of this room, renewed, aware of your heart and tuned to hear your voice when you speak on matters of your heart.

2019 The Year of the Choice ~ Look up and behold the God of All Life!

“Last year in 2018 many of us took some major hits and literally were knocked to the ground. The good thing about being flat on your back . . . it’s the perfect position to look up! When life’s trials and situations bombard us, let’s choose to LOOK UP in 2019 ~ The Year of the Choice. Let’s look up into the Beautiful Face of our “God of All Life” and be bombarded by His Love and drenched in His Presence!”
Teri Johnson-Voice of Hope Team

In 2019 The Year of the Choice, we get to choose to look up and see God. In the Yellow House ~ His Heart's Desire Room, there is nothing more we want than to see what God sees and feels. Father, let this be the place we get revelation of who you are, what you feel towards us. We ask for understanding of how to live our lives in sync with Your Heart.


Inside the Yellow House “His Heart's Desire Room” is where we behold & adore His Face as: “Our God of All Life”. There are 7 mountains of society that our God of All Life wants to build on with us .  .  .

  1. King of All
  2. Government
  3. Family
  4. Business
  5. Media & Arts
  6. Education
  7. Church

These areas are where He wants to give us wisdom and teach us to encounter Him in all we do.

Practical Application for you:

Take a moment and ask the Lord: “What is one area in my life that you want to speak to me about?” Ask Him for wisdom and what can be done to build upon this mountain?

The Corners of His Hearts Desire Room

There are 7 Corners in this room to explore, receive new Hope Reformer tools and have encounters with Jesus in.

  1. His Hearts Desire is me
  2. Hope for Cities & Nations
  3. Listening to God's Heart
  4. Friendship with God
  5. Hope in People
  6. Partner with God
  7. Hope for His Divine Plan

Corner # 1 ~ His Heart's Desire is Me

Jesus took Bob into His Hearts Desire Room. It was there that Bob came to the first Corner where Bob discovered “His Hearts Desire is me”. Bob: “The first thing God showed me was a chair in this corner and there was someone sitting in it. Jesus was delighting over this person so much and I saw that person was Me! Jesus told Bob about someone who wasn’t being nice to themselves. And Bob realized that person that Jesus was talking about was Bob.

Practical Application:

Imagine yourself in that chair and Jesus delighting over you! Ask the Lord to tell you 3 things about you that He delights in.

Corner # 2 / Hope for Cities & Nations

God sees cities & nations as His intimate family and desires them to live in radiant hope vs. under misery clouds. Jesus : “Get well, get whole, and be filled with hope. This is the Yellow House process” In 2019 The Year of the Choice, we have opportunity to Look Up and see from the perspective of the King of All Nations.
Practical Application for you: Pray for a vision of Gods Heart of Hope for Cities & Nations (Jonah 4:10)


Goals for God's Hope Cities & Nations to Arise & Shine

Goal #1 In the midst of facing many (Isaiah 60) challenges, we are to see Cities and Nations from God’s heavenly perspective of Hope.   

Decree these Scripture Promises over God's Hope Cities & Nations

  • Isaiah 62:4 “You shall no longer be termed Forsaken, Nor shall your land any more be termed Desolate; But you shall be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah; For the LORD delights in you, And your land shall be married.”


  • Isaiah 60:1-3 will happen! Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples; But the LORD will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.”


  • Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”


Bob Hartley’s Wonderful Enlightening Story for Hope in Cities and Nations

The Prophetic Call

You and your city are being called to the Hope Room of “Benevolence for Cities & Nations”.

One city can touch the earth in specific geographical areas.

Here are some examples:

  • Be like Ephesuswhen they touched all of Asia with the rooms of their house. (Acts 19)
  • Be a place like “Quasi Subantu” (another story in itself); to be a City of God’s Presence (Psalm 107 / Psalm 24)
  • Be Treasure Bringers! (Zechariah 12:8 – Big mantles)
  • Be a place where the “Joseph’s” become “Barnabas”.

 Bob's Wonderful Enlightening Story of The Stairwell in Fort Collins, CO   (Part One)

“Back in 1983, I asked the Lord what were His heart’s desires.  The Lord spoke to me about His desire to see His Name vindicated, as in Ezekiel 36:23.  His answer was given to me in an open vision while seated in a stairwell. It is God’s desire to see cities and nations come forth that would love Him well.” (Deuteronomy 6 / Isaiah 36-39)

“I met Jesus in Fort Collins, Colorado stairwell.  I sat down in that I staircase and I cried as I got a picture directly from the Heart of Jesus of many cities, nations, businesses, and families that would be equipped to be “Builders of Hope” and saw them begin to build. I saw how they would help discover the Face of God and all the city saw a different distinctive of Hope come forth in their city.  I realized that I was in a transition.  I was being called to a place of Hope; a place of hope-respect, hope-actions, hope-attitudes, and hope-activities that would allow me to be able to do ‘heavy lifting’ and to be a ‘force of hope’ for cities and nations.

In this vision, I saw specific cities & nations of the earth that were to love Jesus well. I saw many “City Builders”, who were to sing the “Song of Wisdom & Hope” in every arena of life and rebuild cities that love God well.  And I knew that I was to hear God’s heart for (along with others) to help equip City Builders of Hope with Advance Tools. I was to help them succeed in rebuilding their cities while helping them discover the “12 Forgotten Faces of God” for Hope Reformers to behold and adore. This Hope Reformers would launch God’s Hope Reformation that would bring a lasting transformation that would cover the entire earth with God’s Goodness for His Glory. (Psalm 24)

 Bob's Wonderful Enlightening Story of The Stairwell in Fort Collins, CO   (Part Two)

God showed Bob: 5 Ways to have Hope in Cities & Nations

1)        Hope in God (Benevolence)

2)        Hope in People (Reformers)

3)        Hope in the Next Generation

4)        Hope in Prayer

5)        Hope in Cities & Nations

“I saw all types of rebuilt cities!  I had to have ‘Hope in God for Cities and Nations’! This is the 1st Step in the Hope Room.  We must see from the right place! 2019 is the Year of Choice. It’s is time to choose to look up, to look forward from heaven and outward at God!

Bob's Wonderful Enlightening Story of The Stairwell in Fort Collins, CO   (Part Three) 

In order to see Cities and Nations filled with God's Hope,  We must “see” from the Right Perspective!

4 Hope Reformation Vision Steps

  1. It's time to look upward (from heaven) and outward to God.  It's a necessary time to look and see the way He sees, like I saw in the stairwell.  We must go outside  the ‘ministry emphasis room’ and go into the ‘living life room’ (educational room).  I saw Hope for the children, hope for the poor, hope for all the institutions in life (political, educational, social, financial, etc) to be established on Righteousness and Hope.
  2. It's time to look to God and collaborate with Him. I saw hope for prayer (the ability to communicate with God everyday in the city) and hear His heart for the city.
  3. It's time to look for God's Face and Nature. I was focusing on things that God ‘wasn’t’.  But then I saw Hope for a Generosity and Benevolence movement rising up and Cities and Nations  versus what was wrong and moving away from fear and greed.
  4. It's time to see & set the “dominoes” in place.  This is how cities and nations will be rebuilt in the days to come. It will take some work to understand and believe.  I know for me that I desire for this time to be more than a message, but a time where HOPE is imparted into our hearts.

Corner #3 ~ Listening to God's Heart

In this corner we listen to His Heart. The greatest act of love is to listen to someone's heart. His Hearts Desire is that His children go with Him on a Personal Journey of intimacy & relationship.

Practical Application: Pray to be a “Carrier of His Heart” & care about what He cares about.

Corner # 4  ~ Friendship with God

In this corner we learn to love to spend time with God as our friend. Like Moses we will not go anywhere without His Presence and we live to see God in every season & aspect of society.

Practical Application: Ask God to give us the right questions to ask about our family & friends and then listen to His Heart of Hope for them.

Corner # 5 ~ Hope in People

We realize His Hearts Desire is that we would love people. This is where we choose “Look up” to see people through God's Highest Perspective. Jesus calls us to Hope in the ones who are the most difficult to hope in.

Practical Application: Pray that God gives you His Perspective of Hope for everyone.

His Hearts Desire Room

Corner # 6 ~ Partner with God

In 2019 The Year of the Choice, Choose to look up and see

  • His Hearts Desire is that we would choose to believe His Promises and Partner with Him.
  • His Hearts Desire for our True Relationship with God
  • God’s perspective, as we carry His Hopeful Presence everywhere!

Corner #7 ~ Hope for His Divine Plan

  • His Hearts Desire is that we have Hope for His Divine Plan.
  • God gives us His Blueprints to be implemented for our lives.
  • Our Creator God reveals to us His original design and plan for everything.

The 12 Pleas to God

In 2019 The Year of the Choice .  .  .

Choose to look up and behold and adore God’s Face as “The God of All Life”.  

In His Hearts Desire Room, We come to Him with 12 different Plea’s.

We plea to inquire, seek and ask to behold His Face as The “God of All Life” in His Hearts Desire Room:

# 1  It’s all about the Knowledge of You, Your Cause and Your Calling…it’s all about You! We go from a ‘far off’,  into a place of seeing the “Ministry of Marveling” restored in You! (John 5:20)

# 2  We go to the place where; once we heard You by the hearing of our ears, but now we see You in everyday Life (Job 42:5)

# 3  Spirit of Revelation: Open up Your Beauty, Your Loving Heart and Face! It’s time to look upon Your face! It’s time for us to go to a much better place; peering into Your Beauty in all of Life! (Ephesians 1:17)

# 4  Oh God, you cover us with a blanket of Knowledge. You start by revealing to us the precious Knowledge of Who You are to us! (Habakkuk 2:14)

# 5  Oh Lord! We behold your Face and see all the earth filled with the Knowledge of You! (Hosea 6)

# 6  We see that the earth is Your's Oh God and all it contains! Oh Lord, It’s You! You are there! We adore and behold Your Face as the One who walks in the gates of the City Doors. You are the King of Glory! Open up all to You, in everyday Life! This changes the spiritual atmosphere in cities and all arenas of Life! Psalm 24:1

# 7  We declare; Heaven is Your Throne and earth is Your Footstool! Who will build a house for You? All things are made by You! All things exist by You! We see You and Your Leadership in every way! (Isaiah 61:1)

# 8  Oh God! Please Restore the ‘Ministry of Marveling’ at You in everyday Life. Is this not a time to be with You, Our God, in all of our pursuits? (John 5:20)

# 9 Oh our Christ, Who is in all! Please free us from our false perceptions and false limitations of You! Let us see You and Your endless attributes…the many diverse Faces of You! Let the fullness of You be released! You are more than enough! We must have the wonders of You in all of our Lives! 1 Cor 15:28

# 10  We ask for the ‘Spirit of Prophecy’ which opens up the ‘Testimony of Jesus' – Who You are! You are causing us to have a desperate hunger to marvel and wow at You in everyday life! Rev 19:10

# 11 Oh God! Release the deep feelings and forgotten Thoughts and Faces of You! Show us Your Face in all arenas of Life! 1 Cor 2:10

#12  Oh Lord, please release the ‘Mystery of Jesus Christ'; Who is our Life! Show us Yourself in all of Life! Open up the Man Christ Jesus to us and let us see Your forgotten Faces in all of Life! You are not a far off God in all of our day-to-day journeys! You are a Living and Vibrant God! Please release an awareness of Your nearness, so that we might marvel at You in all of Life!   (Colossians 3:4)

The Yellow House / The 5 Objections of Moses

In 2019 The Year of the Choice we have the opportunity to choose life, the fulfilling abundant life of wholeness and healing that God has for us. This abundant life is the fruit of the Yellow House Journey.

Like Moses, Bob had objections (when invited to embark on The Yellow House Journey).  

Objection #1 Moses to God: “Who am I to appear before Pharaoh? Who am I to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt?”

Jesus to Bob: “Every time Moses objected, I had an answer for him, and the essence of my response was that I would be with him and My power would be working through him. Just as I was with Moses, I will be with you on this Yellow House Journey.”

Objection #2: Moses was afraid and felt disqualified to go to Pharaoh.

In 2019 The Year of the Choice, you can choose Abundant Life, the fruit of the Yellow House Journey. Like Moses, Bob had 5 Objections when Jesus invited him to embark on The Yellow House Journey.

Jesus to Bob: “It does not matter whether you feel qualified or not. I am who I am and when I say I will be with you, there is nothing to fear.”

Objection #3 Moses: “What if they won't believe me?”

Jesus to Bob : “I will be with you; my power will be working through you and it does not matter whether you feel qualified or not.”

Practical Application for you:

Sit with the Lord & ask Him to highlight your objections to moving forward with Him. Then ask the Lord to let you know how He has overcome your objections. Then move forward with Jesus!

Objection #4 Moses: “Lord, I’m not very good with words and I get tongue-tied and my words get tangled!”

Jesus to Bob: “I am who I am and when I say I will be with you, there is nothing to fear. I am able and I am more than enough.”

Objection #5 Moses:  “Please! Send anyone else!”

Jesus to Bob: “I am who I am and when I say I will be with you, there is nothing to fear.”


May you become like Moses where you won’t go anywhere without His Heart. May you be men and women after Him, who stir themselves to take hold of God and vindicate the greatness of His Holy Name in the cities and nations.

God is so overwhelmed by your love!

The Transition from His Heart's Desire Room to The Love & Forgiveness Room

His Hearts Desire Room leads to the Love & Forgiveness Room because God's Hope Reformers will walk a path that is unfamiliar to others. This new path creates many opportunities for misunderstanding. You will need to be very decisive about living in Love and Forgiveness from the start of the Journey to prevent bitterness from taking root within you.