What are the Golden Senses?

The Story of the Sixth Grade Girls


“Let us consider the History and Lessons of Hearing God’s Heart, and the New Possibilities of the Prophetic. My first example is the “Story of the Sixth Grade Girls”. At first I heard God’s Heart for them, by receiving an impression. But then, I also perceived these “Golden Senses” of what it smelled like. Bitterness & painful hurt smells like cigarettes and smoke. So, I knew that bitterness & painful hurt was in their lives, because they had been mistreated. Later in the day, when the girls shared in fron of the class, I sensed the fragrance of  roses! Today, God wants to develop out our “Golden Senses!” We are to see everything & everyone as God sees. And our “Golden Senses” enable us, to see, taste, touch, smell, listen, and feel the Spirit of God.”

The Story of the Sixth Grade Girls

“I would like to share a story of helping others to find their true identity and greatness in God.  When I was in the sixth grade, my teacher asked me to pay attention to a couple of girls in our class that had been ignored for the first five grades.  My teacher was a beautiful, silver-haired lady.  These girls weren’t pretty girls. They had just been forgotten.  She asked me their names and I didn’t even know them.  In a small school, we had the same twenty-five classmates for 6 years.  I didn’t even know their names!  My teacher asked me: “Would you value them, would you love them, would you just say hello to them, and skip your recess?” and I said: “OK”.  I agreed because my teacher had asked me to, not because I was a noble kid.

I started to pay attention to these girls that hadn’t been approached for so long.  There was this sense of hardness to communicate with them, but I did my best.  It was very uncomfortable, but about the third day, I asked them questions about themselves.  I felt like I got a word of essence for them.  It’s a kind of a word of knowledge.  I just knew what they liked to do and what they were all about.   “Do you like to write?”  It was just a simple question, but this uncorked her!

She responded, “Oh, I love to write!  I love to write short stories, poems…” and she went on and on.  I pointed at the other one.  I had never heard her speak.  She was tall and thin.  She had been incredibly introverted.  I said: “You like to speak!”  It would have been the last thought you had!  She responded, “Oh, I love to read to my brothers and sisters!” As I heard her voice, I thought: Oratorio Epics could come off this girl’s lips! (And I did not think that way in the sixth grade, but I just thought: She’s got a great voice!)

I asked my teacher if we could have the smaller girl write a short story and have the taller one read it”.  My teacher didn’t think that was such a good idea, in fear the girls being rejected.  I said: “Well, they don’t have much farther to fall!  Why don’t we give it a shot.”

My teacher & I were both nervous, as we come up to that day.  I had read her short story and thought it was very good, but you never know how a sixth grade class is going to respond.  I can still remember her story today.  It was called “The Anecdote For all of Man’s Problems”, and it was about Love!

That Friday they got up in front of the class.  The girl had read the other one’s short story.  What I know now, to be the Presence of the Lord, FILLED that classroom of sixth graders!  They went from laughing, to belly-laughing, and then to weeping. Those girls went from being no-bodies to being “Hits!” over the course of the year!  They read a short story or a poem every month.  It just got better and better!  I just thought what a wonderful deal!

I faded into the background.  But just to see their heads lifted!  I was forgotten as I should have been, because it wasn’t about me.  At the end of the year, the teacher asked me to take a walk with her.  As we walked along, she said, “I remember asking you and you did it.  You cared for my heart!”

I can remember running home that day and my feet never hitting the ground! I said: “If I can do this with my life, if I can lift a head!”

We are called to do that, called to listen to God's Heart for others, and called to get the “Word of Essence” to lift people’s heads in a remarkable way!  It is a new day, each of you have someone in your life that you can reach out to.  I challenge you to take a look around and see who’s head you are to lift today!”

Love and Blessings, Bob