The Stairwell in Fort Collins (Part Two) God Stories by Hartley the Heart

5 Ways to have Hope in Cities & Nations

 1) Hope in God (Benevolence)

2) Hope in People (Reformers)

3) Hope in the Next Generation

4) Hope in Prayer

5) Hope in Cities & Nations

“Inside His Hearts Desire Room in Corner #2 – Hope for Cities &  Nations; I saw all types of rebuilt cities! We must see from the right place! 2020 is the Year that the World gets to know who they really are. We will see through the lens of God's Perspective. It is time to see the way God sees! Inside the stairwell, I saw God's Hope for the children, Hope for the poor, and Hope for All the Institutions in Life (political, educational, social, financial, etc). established on Righteousness and Hope!”


Bob Hartley