Partner with God & His 10 Kingdom Callings

  • God is the God of “Diverse Kingdom Callings”.

  • God created us and has a unique calling on all our lives.

  • God uses His 10 Kingdom Callings to establish Glorious Cities.

#1 – The Worship Army / The Lydia’s (Acts 16:14)

  • They change the atmosphere and bring the aroma of Christ into lives and situations (2 Corinthians 2:14-16)

  • They are the Colossians 3 People who worship God continually in everything they do. Whatever they do, they do to “Love Him back.”

Bible Examples

  • David; the worshiping shepherd, and the praising king.

  • Revelation of the God of All of Life.

  • They are called to make the City a place of praise, worship, joy & thanksgiving. They are called to bring the “simple worship” and “incense” to the City.

#2 – The Compassion Army / The Boaz’s

  • They are called to make the city a place of praise, worship, joy, and thanksgiving. They bring the ‘incense’ to the city.

Bible Examples

  • Job, Cornelius ~ Job 31:16-22 (NIV)

#3 – The Prayer & Presence Army / The Daniel’s

  • They weep over the city & long for the dwelling of the Lord.

  • They are great lights in the midst of darkness.

  • They bring the entrance of the Kingdom of God into every area of the city.

  • They return the people to the Presence of God for the city and take territory for the Kingdom of God.

Bible Examples

  • Joshua – Ex 33:7-11 (NIV)

  • Nehemiah – Weep over the city ~ Neh 1:4-5(NASB)

  • David – Long for the Lord to dwell (Psalms 132:1-5 (NASB)

  • Cornelius – Acts 10:1-4 (NASB)

  • Daniel: Great light in the midst of great darkness. Daniel: Nebuchadnezzar publicly proclaims the wisdom (Dan. 2:46-49)and power (Dan. 4:34-35) of God. Belshazzar acknowledged God (Dan 5:29) Darius proclaims the kingdom of God (Dan. 6:25-27). Cyrus sponsored the rebuilding of the temple.

  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: They live a deep life in God. They are full of the Spirit. They cultivate the Knowledge of God.

  • The Kingdom of God is more real than earthly life. They bring change to the ethos. Dan 3:19, Neb. “filled with wrath;”v.28 “blessed be God.”

#4 – The Oasis –Builders/ Marketplace Redeemers / The Abraham’s

  • They have a marketplace calling and gifting, and are loaded with ministry gifting’s as well.

  • They build the Kingdom of God where they are. They usher in the harvest “outside the camp”

Bible Examples

  • Abraham; Boaz; Joseph.

  • They have Shepherd’s hearts, who build spiritual oases, places, of spiritual heath, growth and life to those in the city.

  • They are called to make the City a place full of the Life of God, spiritual health , safety, security, prosperity of soul.

  • They are called to bring personal health and growth (the “Tree of Life”) to the City

#5 – The Craftsmen’s / The Bezalel’s

  • They are driven by the motive to craft for Him, to give Him the very best and have a revelation of the Creator God.

  • Most students of the scriptures cannot name the first instance of someone being “filled with the Spirit of God” and are surprised to find it in the building of the Tabernacle of Moses

#6 – The Treasure-Bringers / The Cyrus’s – Isaiah 60:10-11

  • They line up to bring their best joyfully to Jesus, then run back as fast as they can to get more!

  • They are motivated by a revelation of the benevolent God. These are the ones who will bring in the billion, and will do the greatest compassion/mercy deeds to the nations.

  • They are Spiritual Robin Hoods. Their greatest joy is plundering the wealth of the world for their Lord. They will love money, but be completely free from the spirit of mammon.

Bible examples

  • David – abandoned giving (1 Chronicles 29:10-18)

  • Cyrus (Isaiah 4:1-3)

  • They are called to bring resources to the city. By necessity they are the humblest of men/women, free from control spirit, Glory seeking.

#7 – The Cupbearers / The Mordecai’s

  • They are prophetic influencers; in the right place at the right time with the right word. They are much bigger than their function.

Bible Examples

  • Daniel: Nebuchadnezzar publicly proclaimed the wisdom (Dan. 2:46 – 49) and power (Dan. 4:34-35) of God. Belshazzar acknowledged God (Dan 5:29). Darius proclaimed the Kingdom of God (Dan. 6:25-27) Cyrus sponsored the rebuilding of the temple.

  • Earthly example: Schindler’s little Jewish friend. Edward Jacobson (Jewish friend of Harry Truman)

#8 – The Governors / The Joseph’s

  • They have gifts of government: leadership and management.Their key is in the vision and the plan.  Revelation of God the King revealed through them as they make the city a place of justice, order and peace.

  • God appointing gifts of “administrations” (1 Cor. 12:28)

  • Gifts of Government: Leadership and Management

#9 – The City Builders / The Joseph’s & Nehemiah’s

  • They build a place for God to dwell, build cities of refuge and govern with wisdom, understanding and counsel.

Bible Examples

  • Joseph: He had a secret vision of a Godly nation coming forth fulfilling the promises.

  • David: He longed for a place where God would dwell.

  • Abraham: looking for city.

#10 – The Anointer’s / The Samuel’s

  • The Samuel’s will anoint kings.

  • They equip marketplace apostles, prophets ,evangelists, pastors and teachers; worship army, compassion army, prayer/presence army, etc.

Bible Examples

  • Samuel anointed David. Samuel’s will anoint the kings.

  • They equip marketplace apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers; equipping the work-is-worship army, the compassion army, the prayer/presence army, the oasis-builders, the craftsmen, the treasure-bringers, the cup-bearers, the governors, the city-builders.