“Marveling at God’s Eyes of Friendship”

What does God look like? 

He looks like a Friend!

Intro by Bob Hartley

“God had a personal conversation with me. It was so fun and alive, and it made Him so real to me as my friend. One time I was getting on a plane, and I was nervous about the place I was going to speak.

God: “It’s so good to be with you again. I prepared them at this Conference to laugh when you say something funny, and to cry when you say something tender”.

I said: “Thank you God” into the air.

God:“You are welcome!” 

“When I arrived at the gathering, it was so much fun, I had a blast the whole time! They laughed when I said something funny, and cried when I said something tender. God was there for me, as my friend.”  

“After the ministry time, God put His Arm around me.

God: “When you go out again, know that you are my leader and I have prepared them to be as expectant as they ever have been, to gain the tools for ‘Wholeness in Hope’. They will believe you and will see the ‘Wholeness of Hope’ evident in your life. There will be no critics, because there will be nothing to criticize. They will be sent forth as the greatest of “Hopeful, Wise, and Understanding Love”. 

Bob: “What we need most is to see God as a Friend; and to see each other as Marvelous Comrades not commiserate friends.”

The Deeper Waters Story

1st Kings 4:5 – “Right after The “Face of God as a Friend” Youth Conference; a key was given to us, to unlock the Chamber Door where the King allows us to become His friend!”

“It was amazing! Many of the youth got up and talked about their experiences with God as their friend, where He opened up the deeper waters from the shallow waters. And every time I had a Conference about God as a Friend, I would be promoted! What do I mean by promoted? I had a dream where an angel moved me closer and closer to where God was.”

“At IHOP 24/7: There were 1000’s seeking for the unveiling of the Beauty of the Son of God, and seeking to be His Friend. I would go there at around 2-3am in the morning, sit by someone, and hear their love expressed to Him. I would just cry as I heard them speak of their friendship with God. 

God: “ But Bob, there is so much MORE!” 

More of God

Bob: “I believe that many have seen God's Feet and His Hands, but few have seen His Eyes, His Eyes as our Friend!”

Numbers 14:14 – The Eyes of a Friend; Eye to Eye 

The Revelation of “His Eyes as a friend” changes everything! 

The Benefits of this Eye-to-Eye view of God as your Friend

  • Peace 

  • New Burning of Love

  • A Healed & Expanded View of God as a Friend

Matthew 9:36 – What did they see? What do you see?

Jesus as a Friend’s Eyes that are focused on Love.

Song of Song 5:12 – “His is Eyes are like doves, rivers of waters; constant flow of love…”

His Merciful Eyes

Isaiah 26:3 – Jesus as a Friend’s Eyes of Nurturing, like washed with milk and fitly set in repose, patient; beautiful, warm, peaceful eyes 

John 4 – The woman at the well saw His Merciful Eyes. 

His Eyes that are “For You”

John 21:22 – God, Who is for me Eyes

Romans 8:31-34 – If God is for me who can be against me

His Eyes that have “Faith for You”

Rev 20 – Jesus as a friend’s eyes that have faith for you.  Eye’s behold I make all things new, Eyes of Lifting Love.  A friend makes all things new… 

His Forgiving Eyes 

Matt: 26 – Eyes that forgave Judas, Such Love, no lashing out anger, vengeance in those eyes. 

His Eyes of Love that is Personal to you

John 11 – Jesus has Eyes that personally groan over you 

Ps 106:46 / Micah 7:18 / John 3:16 / John 15:12 – His Eyes of Penetrating Personal Love.

His Always Receiving You Eyes

Luke 15 – The Prodigal Son, His Eyes of happy & joyful & embracing love.

James 1:17 – His Generous Eyes

I Cor 13:4 – His Bright Eyes that were glad and so inviting.

His Eyes that See and Care

Hebrews 3 & 4 – He looks, sees, cares enough to be personally involved with you.

Pray to be given Eye-to-Eye Vision with God, to see Him as your Friend!