Listening to God’s Heart PRAYER

Thank you God!

You bring forth “Hearing Hope-filled Communities” with “Kingdom-Level” Hearing.

As we listen Your Heart, the Lies are cancelled; and the demonic beliefs are broken!

We say, ‘Yes!’ to You, God!

We will share the Lessons, the Possibilities of the Prophetic, and the Ways to hear the Prophetic and Your Heart.

We ask for Your Insight.

Oh God, Quicken us with Your “Advanced Hearing Aids”.

We declare as we listen to Your Heart, the Atmosphere, Prophecies and Words will be illuminated and heightened.

We ask you to “cancel” the times when we did not listen to Your Heart.

We say ‘Yes!’ to powerful encounters with You, God!

We will listen to Your Heart & share Your Hearts & our hearts with communities!

Thank you, Lord Jesus! Amen!