Face of God / The God of All Life / The 12 Plea’s

In His Hearts Desire Room, We come to Him with 12 different Plea’s. We plea to inquire, seek and ask to behold His Face as The “God of All Life” in His Hearts Desire Room. 

# 1  

It’s all about the Knowledge of You, Your Cause and Your Calling…it’s all about You! We go from a ‘far off’,  into a place of seeing the “Ministry of Marveling” restored in You!

(John 5:20)

# 2  

We go to the place where; once we heard You by the hearing of our ears, but now we see You in everyday Life

(Job 42:5)

# 3  

Spirit of Revelation: Open up Your Beauty, Your Loving Heart and Face! It’s time to look upon Your face! It’s time for us to go to a much better place; peering into Your Beauty in all of Life!

(Ephesians 1:17)

# 4

Oh God, you cover us with a blanket of Knowledge. You start by revealing to us the precious Knowledge of Who You are to us!

(Habakkuk 2:14)

# 5

Oh Lord! We behold your Face and see all the earth filled with the Knowledge of You!

(Hosea 6)

# 6  

We see that the earth is Your's Oh God and all it contains! Oh Lord, It’s You! You are there! We adore and behold Your Face as the One who walks in the gates of the City Doors. You are the King of Glory! Open up all to You, in everyday Life! This changes the spiritual atmosphere in cities and all arenas of Life!

(Psalm 24:1)

# 7  

We declare; Heaven is Your Throne and earth is Your Footstool! Who will build a house for You? All things are made by You! All things exist by You! We see You and Your Leadership in every way!

(Isaiah 61:1)

# 8  

Oh God! Please Restore the ‘Ministry of Marveling’ at You in everyday Life. Is this not a time to be with You, Our God, in all of our pursuits?

(John 5:20)

# 9 

Oh our Christ, Who is in all! Please free us from our false perceptions and false limitations of You! Let us see You and Your endless attributes…the many diverse Faces of You! Let the fullness of You be released! You are more than enough! We must have the wonders of You in all of our Lives!

(1 Cor 15:28)

# 10  

We ask for the ‘Spirit of Prophecy’ which opens up the ‘Testimony of Jesus' – Who You are! You are causing us to have a desperate hunger to marvel and wow at You in everyday life!

(Rev 19:10)

# 11

Oh God! Release the deep feelings and forgotten Thoughts and Faces of You! Show us Your Face in all arenas of Life!

(1 Cor 2:10)


Oh Lord, please release the ‘Mystery of Jesus Christ'; Who is our Life! Show us Yourself in all of Life! Open up the Man Christ Jesus to us and let us see Your forgotten Faces in all of Life! You are not a far off God in all of our day-to-day journeys! You are a Living and Vibrant God! Please release an awareness of Your nearness, so that we might marvel at You in all of Life!

(Colossians 3:4)