Building Blocks of Hope for Cities & Nations

1. Make a “Hosea 2” Decision and Agree to have HOPE IN GOD!

God is more than enough for all of our needs! (Psalm 46)

  • Establish The Forgotten Face of Our God of Hope and overcome evil with Good!

  • Be a Force of Hope, that can only originate form God!

  • Release the Hope-Bringers & Market Place Reformers (Jeremiah 3:15)

2. Discover the Four Forgotten Faces of God

  • Forgotten face of God as REDEEMER in all of life

  • Forgotten face of God as SUPPLIER – the unfolding resource of God

  • Forgotten face of God as BUILDER – God as “All in All”

  • Forgotten face of God as WISE GOD

3. Use Advanced Hope Tools

Advanced Tools are the Roadmap!

  • We must have HOPE in the GOD OF SUPPLY.

4. Declare the Miracles of Hope

  • Hope Miracles of His Presence & Prayer (Daniel 6:10)

  • Hope Miracles of His Perspective & Lifestyle (Honor the Process) 

  • Hope Miracles in God's Prosperity & Courage (Give up despair & gain the ability to “See a Long Ways Out)

  • Hope Miracles of God's Principles & Have Marvelous Comrades (Daniel 2:17)

5. Develop Hope Prayer & Adoration

  • (Psalm 34 – Wholeness in His Presence)!

6. Choose Hope in God on a Daily Basis

  • Get God's Vision

  • Ask “The Right Hopeful Questions” for your City & Nation

  • Find God’s Ambassadors who are “Singing the Song of Wisdom”

  • “Hope-to-Heart” Conferences; Local and Regional Gathering equipping people to be a Force of Hope that transforms families, churches, businesses, cities and nations

  • ACTS Model of Prayer – a model of prayer that leads you into Adoration prayer, adoring the Lord for His nature and attributes, Confession and Proclamation prayer, proclaiming who God is in every situation, Thanksgiving prayer, thanking the Lord for all He has done in every area of life, and Supplication prayer, coming before the Lord in supplication for others and for geographical regions.

  • Watch Our Hope Social Media Broadcasts


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