The Grief Room is a joyful, tender, beautiful place versus a somber place. You get to know Jesus more and understand how much He loves you. You must consider Jesus even more in the midst of grief and pain.

In the Grief Room you will see Jesus and His Face of Empathy and then learn how to empathize with others and grow in compassion.

In the Grief Room you are taught what the true definition of grief is according to God, and how to perceive the grief and deal with it.

3 Most Important Things to Learn in the Grief Room

1) You will learn to see your dream in Him go deeper, sweeter and more substantial vs having your dreams be stolen because of the inability to deal with grief

2) You learn how to perceive dank emotions and be able to identify them. You will look at the Face of our God of Comfort and Joy immediately and not get stuck. You will learn long term perspective through the Eyes of Jesus; gaining a “Patriarchal Perspective”.

3) You will learn just how much you need true Marvelous Comrades. Jesus is the True Marvelous Comrade who comes along beside you.